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How can I restore the MBR of my HD? I don't have a MBR backup available.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Harry Nikken, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Harry Nikken

    Harry Nikken Guest

    I bought Active-Partition-Recovery v2.1.1 yesterday and tried to use
    it to recover my partially erased laptop HD. But my HD is still down.

    BOOTABLE OS: Windows XP home
    HDD: Toshiba 20 GB, ATA100, IDE containing only 1 Primary NTFS
    -I accidentally formatted the wrong HD using FDISK. -
    -When I was at 25% formatting I discovered my error and stopped the

    -I then purchased PR.EXE. After running PR.EXE:
    -PR.EXE now shows the entire partition and I can preview all
    -FDISK shows the partition correctly again as a 20GB primary NTFS
    active partition.

    But PR.EXE did not manage to make a partition recovery:
    -When I try to boot normally from my HD I still get the message: No
    operating system.
    -Upon starting of PR.EXE it gives: BOOT sector: 'Unknown'
    -When I answer Yes to 'Get filesystem from BOOT sector' I get the
    'Error reading sector # 0 or BOOT sector is invalid'.

    So it looks like my MBR is invalid? If so, I guess I am in trouble: I
    do't have a MBR backup!

    Does anyone have any advice help my HD back to life?

    Regards, Harry.
    Harry Nikken, Dec 14, 2003
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  2. Harry Nikken

    kdogksu Guest

    So it looks like my MBR is invalid? If so, I guess I am in trouble: I
    I don't know much about the formatting process, and I would guess that
    formatting 25% of the disk pretty much did everything in. However,
    you can restore your MBR by booting from the WinXP CDRom and using the
    fixmbr program. (To do this, I think you have to go into recovery
    mode or something similar.) If your system files were damaged in the
    formatting, the system may still not boot or may boot with problems.

    Another option would be to put this drive into another machine (or
    boot from an OS on another drive on the same machine) to see if you
    can recover any of your data from the drive, then completely format
    the drive, reinstall the OS and copy your data back.

    Good luck!
    kdogksu, Dec 15, 2003
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  3. Harry Nikken

    ray Guest

    fdisk /mbr
    ray, Dec 16, 2003
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