How can you tell the intel chipset installation utility has done its job?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Harrie, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Harrie

    Harrie Guest

    I had a problem installing a Bluetooth dongle on my P4C800 deluxe machine
    and the manufacturer of the dongle recommended I update the chipset drivers.
    I downloaded the intel chipset installation utility and ran it. In the
    readme.txt it says that after running the utility and rebooting the machine
    I should "follow the on-screen instructions".

    But after rebooting I didn't see any on-screen instructions and nothing
    seems to have happened. How does this utility actually work and how can I
    tell it has updated my drivers (or how can I force it to do so)?

    Thanks very much.

    Harrie, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. Harrie

    Ghostrider Guest

    More likely than not, the current Intel drivers were already
    installed and the re-boot indicated that there were no changes
    made to the system. If there is a problem installing a dongle,
    then it might be associated with the device to which it should
    be connected. For example, the dongle could be conflicting with
    a serial port in use or an interrupt, etc. Perhaps a line item
    in the bios needs to be enabled. There is a lot of "fine print"
    that can be involved.
    Ghostrider, Aug 1, 2006
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  3. Harrie

    Paul Guest

    One place to look in Windows, is in Device Manager. In there, you
    can see what hardware is recognized, what drivers are installed,
    and so on. Hardware devices where the drivers did not load properly,
    will be flagged with an error.

    The Bluetooth device could be dependent on USB. Look in Device
    Manager for a USB entry with the word "Enhanced" in it, as that
    indicates USB2 driver is present and accounted for. This page
    shows what a typical Device Manager might look like:

    Paul, Aug 1, 2006
  4. Harrie

    Harrie Guest

    Thanks, guys. I have a Sitecom USB bluetooth dongle. I checked Device
    Manager and it has the Nec enhanced entry. In case there is a conflict
    somewhere, would it make sense to unplug all USB devices and try again? Or
    could there be a conflict with non-USB devices?

    Thanks again

    Harrie, Aug 1, 2006
  5. Harrie

    Paul Guest

    The manual link on this page, makes it look like the product
    is using a Bluetooth stack written by Toshiba.

    This is from the FAQ on the same page:

    "Q During the installation of the Bluetooth software I receive an error.

    A There are 4 different error messages you can receive during the
    installation of the Toshiba Bluetooth software:

    "Installation section in INF file is invalid;"
    U can't manually install the drivers for the USB dongle. To install
    the bluetooth dongle, please run the Setup utility.

    "Installation Image Incorrect;"
    You've used the wrong CDROM to install the Bluetooth dongle. Some
    dongles have been shipped with 2 CDs. Please use the correct CDROM
    for your operating system.

    "The wizard was interrupted before TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack for
    Apache by CSR could be completely installed.;"
    This error is usually caused by missing or faulty chipsetdrivers.
    Please download and install the latest mainboard- or chipset
    drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your mainboard
    or computer.

    "You need to update SD Host driver. Select OK button to start
    Device Manager.;"
    This error is usually caused by missing or faulty chipset drivers.
    Please download and install the latest mainboard- or chipset
    drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your mainboard
    or computer."

    If the installer completed OK, there should be a Bluetooth icon
    added to your tray bar. That would be the thing to click, to
    get started.

    Paul, Aug 1, 2006
  6. Harrie

    Harrie Guest

    The manual link on this page, makes it look like the product
    Thanks, Paul. I did all that, but the installer still hangs midway. Windows
    does recognize the dongle, but immediately indicates there was a problem
    installing it. After that the installer seems to get into an infinite loop.

    Harrie, Aug 2, 2006
  7. Harrie

    GHalleck Guest

    Check the Windows Event Viewer for any indication for the
    reason the installation failed. As someone else mentioned
    earlier in this thread, not everything is compatible with
    GHalleck, Aug 2, 2006
  8. Harrie

    Paul Guest

    One thing that occurs to me, you mentioned a "NEC Enhanced"
    entry. That implies you have a NEC PCI USB card. Is the
    Bluetooth device going into the NEC card ?

    I think this means you have two potential USB controllers.
    A NEC one on a PCI card, and the USB controller in the
    Southbridge. Where are you plugging the dongle ?
    Multiple USB controllers is not normally a problem, but
    it is a difference to be noted here.

    I presume you know about the sensitivity to static electricity
    of the USB ports on ICH5/ICH5R. It could be you have the
    NEC card, to prevent that problem. Thus it is hard for
    me to council you to try plugging the dongle into the
    motherboard USB ports.

    I tried googling "toshiba bluetooth stack" and there is
    mention of the Microsoft bluetooth stack also. Maybe
    not the same set of functionalities, but maybe you can
    at least check and see if the Microsoft stack can "see"
    your new dongle.

    I'm not including these two links to suggest that this
    is your problem. I'm including these to suggest there
    can be more to the problem than just the Toshiba installer.
    The install order could be important (use Toshiba
    installer before plugging in the dongle, to use the Toshiba

    I still think what you see in Device Manager, with or
    without the dongle installed, is important. Keep looking :)

    GHalleck also has a good suggestion, to look in the
    Event Viewer. Maybe if you get lucky, you'll find an
    error message _somewhere_, from the busted installer.

    Paul, Aug 2, 2006
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