How do I add new single SATA drive as non-boot drive?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Zappattazz, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Zappattazz

    Zappattazz Guest

    I've just completed a new PC build using a 875P NEO-FIS2R. I've
    installed my existing ATA100 100gb boot drive with WinXP home on IDE1
    connector. I've installed my existing DVD drive on IDE2 connector set
    as master and my existing CD drive on IDE2 as slave.

    How do I setup a new single SATA drive connected to SATA connector
    ser1? I want this to be used as a second drive for data (games!) but
    NOT setup as RAID.
    Zappattazz, Jun 16, 2005
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  2. Zappattazz

    Mark Guest

    You will still need to add the sata raid drivers...then hook it
    won't have to setup a raid..just go to disk management in Admin tools and
    format and partition.
    Mark, Jun 16, 2005
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  3. Zappattazz

    Zappattazz Guest

    When I booted for the xth time, after the WinXP reactivation sequence
    and video card/monitor reconfiguration from VGA256 mode, Admin/Disk
    Management displayed only the ATA100 boot drive (C:). I then ran
    LiveUpdate, which already was installed on my boot drive since the
    previous PC used a MSI mainboard. It found the 10/2004 BIOS update
    which I installed and rebooted. I ran LiveUpdate again and downloaded
    and installed GigaBit Internet, ICH5R driver, and SoundMax driver and
    rebooted again. Still the same result -- SATA wasn't recognized. I
    decided to get smart and actually read the manual! I thought I
    understood I could change the BIOS setting "P-ATA only" to "P-ATA +
    S-ATA". Once I did that and rebooted, the SATA drive was visible (it
    was partitioned into 2 equal parts -- with data on one partition!!!). I
    thought my local PC shop was selling me new OEM drive but I guess not!!
    No biggy -- downloaded the manufacturer's drive utility from the
    website and formatted/partitioned the drive.

    It was then that I realized that even with both the ATA100 boot drive
    AND the SATA drive visible, the DVD and CD were no longer present.

    Any detailed instructions from anyone with a similar setup is greatly
    Zappattazz, Jun 16, 2005
  4. Zappattazz

    Bob Guest

    Look in the BIOS to find out what drive is being treated by the BIOS
    as the boot drive.

    Also use MBR Wizard to discover whether the new drive is Active. If
    so, make it inactive. But even then the Phoenix Award BIOS may
    consider it the boot drive.


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    --John Stuart Mill, "On Liberty"
    Bob, Jun 16, 2005
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