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How do I restore Acer eRecovery to its initial state, asking to make backups

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by micky, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. micky

    micky Guest

    I hope you know something about Acer or something generic that can
    help me.

    How do I restore Acer eRecovery to its initial state, where it asked
    the user to make Back-up DVDs?**

    My friend and I both have Acer Aspire One netbooks, his A150 or maybe
    D150 bought reconditioned and about 4 years old, my D250 bought used
    a month ago and about 2 years old.

    Both have some vesrion of Acer eRecovery Management. I want to back
    up all his files like eRecovery intends.

    Mine used to ask me to make Back-up DVD's*** every time I started the
    computer (until I unchecked an entry^^ in MSCONFIG) and the same
    screen asks if I want to Restore. ^^But his msconfig doesn't have
    that entry. And I can bring up a similar screen on his, but it
    only asks if I want to restore, nothing about Backup.

    His otoh,doesn't ask anything at startup (though maybe it did when he
    first got it) but the Help file for eRecovery says that it is
    possible to check a box on that litle screen regarding backups that
    says "Don't ask me this again?" I think someone did that. I want
    to uncheck it!

    When I use Windows Exploerer to click on a file named something like
    AcerErecoveryUI.exe, I get a small screen similar to the one on my
    computer, asking if I want to restore, but not asking me if I want to
    back up (I'm afraid to click on the other .exe files, or I did and
    they didn't do anything.) .

    How do I get it to ask me to Back-up, so I can back him up? I looked
    through the registry and found a couple one character Words called
    Burndef_Reminder and eRecovery_Enable. that are set fo 1 or 0. I'm
    guessing that if one were changed, it would request the backups. ( I
    haven't yet compared those values in my computer.)

    Sorry for flaws in this post. I'm short of time because my friend
    plans to leave on trip in 4 days.

    Any other ideas?


    extraneeous info.
    ** (Two sets of CDs or DVDs, ,one called a factory default disk and
    the other a drivers and applications disc. With the original hard
    drive, it also has a separate process to get back to the way the
    computer was shipped, although only in one's first choice language.)

    **and I will make backups for myself soon after I install my
    standard suite of programs that I use.
    micky, Mar 13, 2013
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  2. What did Acer indicate when you cantected them ?
    David H. Lipman, Mar 13, 2013
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  3. micky

    micky Guest

    I didn't contact them. He only bought a reconditioned item, and it's
    been four years on that. I figured they'd say, Ask on our Forum.

    Which I plan to do. Last night I read all the related old questions
    and answers on their forum and one or two others. Theirs didn't seem
    to have employees answering the questions, just regular folks. ,
    And web forums are so inconvenient to use, in so many ways, I was
    going to ask on them when I got my morning's work done.

    Do you think I'm too pessimistic about what they would do for him?
    micky, Mar 13, 2013
  4. I think contacting Acer (forum or support) would be the first option.
    David H. Lipman, Mar 13, 2013
  5. micky

    Paul Guest

    The manual makes no mention of how you can reverse it.


    On my Acer laptop, there is a program "Recovery Management.exe" and
    if I run that, I'm offered the option to create a "factory CD". Now,
    I've already created factory DVDs when I got the laptop, so I don't
    understand why it doesn't point out that they've already been burned.
    Normally, that kind of software only allows one copy of DVDs to
    be made (exactly why though, doesn't make sense to me, as the
    Windows software should be protected by SLIC).

    Have a look through the eRecovery program files folder, and see
    what apps hide in there. Program Files/Acer/Acer eRecovery Management.

    I tried running Procmon, and didn't catch the Recovery Management program
    checking with any RegQueryKey operations. It's too bad there wasn't
    an option in Procmon to just snag all registry ops for analysis.
    It would take a few minutes to manually add those one at a time to
    Procmon (from sysinternals.com).

    Paul, Mar 13, 2013
  6. I dunno about Acer's policy with regards to making multiple copies of
    backup discs, but HP prohibits it. Their pcs are enabled to create one
    set and one set only. You want more, you have to go to the company and
    buy them.
    Moe DeLoughan, Mar 13, 2013
  7. micky

    dg1261 Guest

    That's not exactly true. Specifically, it's HP's recovery disc creator app
    that's crippled, not the PC itself. Once it creates a DVD set, it probably
    sets a flag in the registry or might even delete the app so it can't be
    used again. However, IME if/when you do a factory restore, even from the
    on-disk recovery partition, you are once again offered the chance to create
    a set of recovery DVDs. Also, you can always copy the DVDs, so once you've
    created the first set, if you want more you can simply copy the discs. It
    would not surprise me if an Acer worked similarly.

    The OEMs' "one-chance-only" rationale has never made sense to me. I
    understand they'd like to keep people from making multiple copies and
    passing them out to friends, but if you're the type of person to do that
    there's nothing preventing you from making one set and duplicating it as
    many times as you want.
    dg1261, Mar 13, 2013
  8. micky

    Ken Springer Guest

    Not necessarily for HP. I was recently given an HP desktop, I don't
    remember the model, with Win 7 to be fixed and given to a local social

    To get it to even boot, I had to purchase the official HP recovery
    disks. When I installed the OS using those disks, to my surprise the
    computer asked if I wanted to make a set of disks on the first bootup.
    I did. After that, it didn't ask to do it any more.

    But I wanted to test the recovery disks I made, and after installing
    everything with them, I was being asked again if I wanted to make a set.
    I made another set with no problem.

    Using the HP recovery disks created a recovery partition on the hard
    drive. This also happened when I used the disks I made. When I
    recovered using the recovery partition, I again was asked if I wanted a
    set of disks. This time I declined.

    Conclusion: The information that you created the disks is stored on the
    hard drive of this particular model. Put it back to the way it was when
    it first came out of the box and you get asked again if you want to make
    the disks.

    As you can see from my sig, I use a Mac normally. And I wondered, what
    if? I took both the HP Recovery disks, and the disks I made, and burned
    images of those sets using OS X's Disk Utility. Then I used those
    images and burned new disks. All worked perfectly.

    I can't imagine there isn't a 3rd party burning program that won't do
    the same thing as Disk Utility.


    Mac OS X 10.8.2
    Firefox 19.0
    Thunderbird 17.0.3
    Ken Springer, Mar 13, 2013
  9. micky

    micky Guest

    Well, that might be what's going on.

    I looked in the regiistry for Dwords that were different, but I didn't
    even find Dwords of the same name. I have version 4 and he must have
    3 point something. Also in the folders on the computers, folder
    names are different and their arrangement is different,

    I'm taking my friend to the airport Monday, but he said he's coming
    back tonight to get the computer (I guess in case I can't do Monday.)
    .. I can only spend an hour or two more on it, but there's no special
    reason it will fail in the next two weeks. So when he gets back I'll
    try some more. He's a Mac guy too and he only uses this t hing when
    he travels, because a lightweight macbook cost so much money.

    Thanks Moe, Paul, David, DG, and Ken.
    micky, Mar 14, 2013
  10. micky

    micky Guest

    The DVD creation is supposed to make two sets of CDs or DVDs, ,one
    called a factory default disk andt he other a drivers and applications

    Does "applications" include things I'm about to install, Real Player,
    Agent, Skype, etc.? Does drivers include printer drivers for my
    wireless printer?

    If so, assuming that for my computer, I can only make these discs
    once, should I wait until I've installed the software I'm sure to
    install t he first month?

    That seems risky, but Acer's the one which won't let me make these
    discs more than once.

    BTW, it also has a hidden partition and alt-F10 to take it back to the
    way it was from the factory.
    micky, Mar 14, 2013
  11. I discovered this with my brother's HP desktop last weekend. He
    couldn't find his restore discs, and attempting to make a new set
    resulted in the 'sorry, you are only allowed to create one set of
    discs' message. So we performed a full factory restore from the
    partition, figuring that would enable us to create a new set of discs.
    Nope. Immediately after completing the factory restore, we attempted
    to create recovery discs and once again got the 'sorry, you are only
    allowed to create one set of discs' message.

    HP's support site had indicated that, but I couldn't believe it until
    we tried it ourselves.
    Moe DeLoughan, Mar 14, 2013
  12. micky

    dg1261 Guest

    Really? Wow, that's different. I've worked on many HPs, and my experience
    has always been the same as Ken's--factory restoring from either the HP
    Recovery partition or the Recovery DVDs yields a new chance to create
    recovery media.

    How old is your brother's desktop, and what OS? I'm wondering if this is a
    recent change by HP.
    dg1261, Mar 14, 2013
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