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How I booted TP X series without floppy or CD

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Mark Levitski, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. To let you know, IBM USB memorykeys (64 and 256MB), those labeled as
    "bootable" did boot my X23 (first enable USB booting in BIOS, move "legacy
    floppy" or USB memorykey to top of list in BIOS "Startup" or "Boot"
    settings, etc. - use common sense). I am writing this because previously I
    was unable to boot from such devices from Sandisk ("Cruzer"), etc.
    manufacturers as they dont offer utulity for WindowsXP. Under WInXP without
    such utility, making this device a 'startup" is impossible and Win9x/DOS
    tools won't work in NTFS (WinXP/2000 native file system).

    Welll, IBM included a nice utility that runs under any Windows and made
    their USB memorykey bootable, why? Now I can install WIndows to a blank
    harddisk on spindleless laptops e.g. Thinkpad X series or anything without
    floppy/CD drive or external USB madness. This IBM memory key is an eye
    candy, though costilier than Sandisk... but Sandisk is attrocity, bulky, not
    bootable and made in Asia (every time you buy it, you steal high tech jobs
    away from the West (US, Europe, Canda, etc.)).\

    Mark Levitski, Nov 18, 2003
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