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How many hours does your battery last after one year you've got Inspiron?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by 7palmtree, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. 7palmtree

    7palmtree Guest

    I've got my Inspiron 5150 thirteen months ago. I just measured
    how many hours and mins my battery last per one full charge,
    The result turned out to be appx 2.5 hours. The battery life
    was about 3 hours when brand new, and Dell claimed, was up to
    4 hours.

    I made a critical mistake as a result of my ignorance. I
    didn't know I could run the laptop using directly main power
    via the AC adapter. So throughout the one-year heavy use
    mostly on my desk, I had the battery kept inside the laptop.
    However, I was aware however the battery life would be
    shortened if it got continously charged. I always unpluged the
    AC adapter when fully charged and pluged it back when the
    battery ran out.

    According to the below Dell's KB, the type of the battery I
    have gets max 500 charges. Well, knowing no too much I can do
    at this point, I would appreciate you tell me "How many hours
    your battery lasts after one year you've got Inspiron?"

    Dell's KB about battery lives:

    I did a couple of tests while working on non-system-intensive
    apps. My battery lasted about 2.5 hrs before the battery meter
    hit 3% and went stand-by. Mine was always set 15% before the
    alarm popped up.

    Another question is about dust-control actually.:) Taking out
    the battery opens a big door on my Inspiron. Is there any way,
    I can minimize the dust being sucked into the Inspiron? I will
    use the laptop mostly using main eletricity power without the
    battery since it is too heady for me to carry around...

    Appreciate your insights.

    7palmtree, Nov 12, 2004
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  2. 7palmtree

    Tiny Tim Guest


    Your link is very broken up in my newsreader. Try this one -

    The original battery in my 6 year old Inspiron 7000 still lasts 2 to 2.5

    The original battery in my 3.5 year old Inspiron 8000 lasts about 25
    minutes. When new it was over 2 hours .

    Both machines have been connected to the mains virtually 24*7 with the
    batteries in the laptops. It seems the i8000 fries its batteries so I guess
    there is bugger all in the way of intelligence with its charging circuits.
    I'm delighted that the i7000 is still going strong but the i8000 is just a
    pile of poo.
    Tiny Tim, Nov 12, 2004
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  3. 7palmtree

    Quaoar Guest

    Lithium Ion batteries only last about 18 months +/- unless special care
    is taken to slow down the normal chemical processes of deterioration.
    The deterioration is not very temperature dependent, although
    refrigeration is reported to slow down the process...if anyone is
    anal-retentive enough to want to do that. Since the process is not very
    temperature dependent, leaving the battery in the computer has little or
    no effect, either, unless it gets extremely hot, and most battery
    compartments are located away from the major sources of heat. No, the
    lithium battery is not constructed of poo.

    Quaoar, Nov 12, 2004
  4. 7palmtree

    Tiny Tim Guest

    It seems odd to me, then, that the LiIon batteries in my four year old
    camcorder and 2.7 year old phone still give me ~90% of the staying power
    that they had when new. Of course, they are not attached to the mains 24*7
    but the i8000 should still be better designed for charging. If I use XP's
    performance monitor I can see that charging kicks in and out every few
    minutes, which is stupid. If charging didn't resume until the battery fell
    to 90% or 95% then I'm sure the battery would last a good deal longer.
    Tiny Tim, Nov 12, 2004
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