How mcuh can the computer change and the old harddrives stilll work?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by micky, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. micky

    micky Guest

    So how do you knock them back? By setting the video to the lowest
    screen resolution and the lowest color quality the current monitor has?

    Or do you have to put in an old monitor and set it to the lowest values
    it has?
    micky, Mar 3, 2014
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  2. micky

    Bob_Villa Guest

    He's saying that's the only time it has failed...he couldn't get it to work!
    When it does work you end up with a generic diver and update to the proper one.
    Bob_Villa, Mar 3, 2014
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  3. micky

    clare Guest

    Nope - remove the video drivers completely from the device manager.
    Then it defaults to plain vanilla VGA..Then pull the hard drive and
    install on new motherboard.

    If the video adapter is a CARD you can just move it to the new
    motherboard and you have a 90% chance it will work - as long as the
    new board has a compatible slot.
    clare, Mar 3, 2014
  4. micky

    clare Guest

    Not what I said, exactly. What I said is when a motherboard with the
    nasty video card fails to the point you cannot boot it to remove the
    drivers, the upgrade is virtually impossible.
    clare, Mar 3, 2014
  5. micky

    micky Guest

    Aaaaahaaah. That last line that I have ignored for years, "To uninstall
    the driver (advanced)" I finally get it.

    For the display adapter and the monitor.
    Aha. Yeah, they're always coming up with new slots.

    This fills in another hole in my understanding and may be very useful
    too. Thanks.
    micky, Mar 3, 2014
  6. micky

    micky Guest

    I got that, but I was intested in when he could get it to work.
    micky, Mar 3, 2014
  7. micky

    Ben Myers Guest

    Not so with XP or with newer Windows. Put in another video card that requires different drivers and Windows simply ignores the drivers of the failed card. Done this numerous times, especially when graphics cards with nVidiachips would burn out. I usually put in an ATI card, which would boot up and run with the Windows generic VGA drivers. Next step would be to installthe drivers needed by the card to run right. Last of all, as a cleanup for extra credit, uninstall the drivers for the old card... Ben
    Ben Myers, Mar 4, 2014
  8. micky

    clare Guest

    This is true of MOST video cards - but there is one brand/model range
    that doesn't play by the rules. Cannot remember the brand at the
    moment. I believe it was Invidia's GeForce line but I can't be
    clare, Mar 4, 2014
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