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How the mighty have fallen

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Phil Weldon, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Phil Weldon

    Phil Weldon Guest

    Sad to see how few posts a.c.h.o gets these days. I certainly haven't
    done my part lately. I haven't even set up my desktop since I moved
    18 months ago - and a fairly decent lthree-year-old laptop (T7300/3 GB/
    500 GB/nVidia 8600M GT/1680 x 1050) isn't a lot of overclocking fun
    (maybe 20% for the display adapter).

    I see a few familiar names still posting. I'm about to move again and
    get still another ISP (my present, ATT, has about the worst customer
    service I've encountered - took nearly four hours on the phone [also
    ATT] to get my service back after ATT canceled my line because MY NEXT
    DOOR NEIGHBOR signed up for ATTs Uverse!

    I spent my computer money for the next couple of iterations on a
    telescope - it's got lots of processors (eight) and I use it in
    conjunction with my laptop. An my next computer upgrade will have to
    fight it out with a deep sky digital astrophotographic camera (about
    the price of a hot overclocking system.) Perhaps I can squeeze out an
    interim upgrade (overclocked, of course) to improve image processing -
    and maybe improve Starcraft II performance B^) Any suggestions for
    upgrades on a 775 socket nVidia motherboard?

    At present my desktop/overclocking bench is still an nVidia
    motherboard with an nVidia 8800 GTS 512 MB and an Intel Duo 1.6 GHz
    cpu overclocked by 60% running a very high memory bus - if I remember
    correctly AND it still works B^)

    I hope a.c.h.o. and its great people are still around when I next
    upgrade. I think I still have all a.c.h.o. posts back into the '90s
    - but on the not-yet-set-up desktop. I don't have a Usenet provider
    at the moment; once I do, I'll go through the painful task of
    integrating the last 18 months of posts with my archives.
    Phil Weldon, Sep 9, 2010
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  2. Phil Weldon

    Bob F Guest

    news.eternal-september.org is a fine free server for text messages.
    Bob F, Sep 9, 2010
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  3. Phil Weldon

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Hi Phil,

    Good to see you! I know what you mean, I still subscribe to a.c.h.o but
    hardly read it. My desktop is remarkably similar to yours but hardly gets
    turned on now. I use a T60 ThinkPad (T7400 2.13GHz, 4MB L2 C2D CPU, 3GB RAM,
    500GB 7,200rpm HDD with a 15" 'FlexView' IPS 1400 x 1050 screen) for my
    day-to-day computer needs. It's more than adequate, the only game I play
    regularly is Diablo 2 and that's 10 years old.

    I think that we've lived through the era where overclocking was needed to
    get extra performance and now are at the stage where CPUs can do waaaay more
    than the average Joe would ever require of them.

    I'll always remember getting my Celeron 600 to run stably at 900. That was
    my best overclock and was a kick-arse machine for the money.

    Be well,

    "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a
    monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also
    into you." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    ~misfit~, Sep 27, 2010
  4. Phil Weldon

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I seriously doubt that anyone got a P4 to run at 8 GHz for more than a few
    seconds, even if they used liquid Nitrogen cooling. I remember watching a
    Tom's Hardware video of a P4 at > 5 GHz using liquid nitrogen and a
    much-modified motherboard VRM stage and I think that was about the peak.

    Yeah, I'm with you on the >50% being a good overclock (on air). I almost
    forgot, my first C2D, an E4500, that was supposed to run at 2.2GHz ran just
    fine at 3.4GHz with a 6 x 8mm heatpipe cooler (Thermaltake mini-typhoon)
    with a 90mm fan on it. However it was about then that I realised I was just
    overclocking for the sake of it. The CPU did everything that I wanted it to
    do quickly enough at stock speed. Of course there were some fast quads
    available at the time too. As I saw it that was about the time that O/Cing
    became a hobby rather than a legitimate need for speed.

    Hence the comparative silence in this group these days. Phil's subject about
    says it all.

    (I dismantled my Tualatin Celeron 1.1 @ 1.46 GHz [133 FSB, stock vcore /
    HSF] system this week as part of a big clear-out. That was a kick-arse
    system for it's time too, it'd beat the pants off any P4 under 2 GHz

    "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a
    monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also
    into you." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    ~misfit~, Oct 5, 2010
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