How to boot from a CD under Mavericks

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Juan I. Cahis, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Dear friends:

    Since the old days of Snow Leopard, I have never tried again to boot my
    MacBookPro from a CD. I didn't had any problem at that time, but now, I
    cannot do it again. Simply, when I press the "alt" key when I start my
    computer, it presents me all the alternatives to boot from the hard disk,
    but any from my USB connected external CD player/recorder.

    Any hint?
    Juan I. Cahis, Jan 30, 2014
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  2. Juan I. Cahis

    Guest Guest

    either hold the option/alt key to choose from any bootable volume, or
    hold down the c key to boot from cd (or dvd).

    also keep in mind that the cd/dvd disc must be bootable for it to work.

    it's also possible that the external cd/dvd drive does not allow
    booting. that is very rare with any recent drive and almost certainly
    not the case, but it's not impossible.
    Guest, Jan 30, 2014
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  3. Given that Mavericks wasn't distributed on DL-DVD, where did you get the
    media? Did you burn it with DiskMaker or one of those tools?
    Michael Vilain, Jan 30, 2014
  4. Dear friends:

    I will try to borrow another external drive.
    Juan I. Cahis, Jan 30, 2014
  5. Dear Jolly & friends:

    It is the same DVD of a Paragon Partition Manager I used in the Snow
    Leopard times. And the media is good, because I booted it in a Windows PC
    without any problem.

    Also I tried to boot a Vista Recovery DVD in my Mac, only to check if it
    could boot, with the same negative results.

    It seems that Mavericks installation changed something there.
    Juan I. Cahis, Jan 30, 2014
  6. Juan I. Cahis

    Király Guest

    Isn't that a Windows-only program? Have you actually booted this DVD in
    this or any other Mac before?
    You can't boot a Windows DVD by using Startup Manager. You need Boot
    Camp for that.
    Király, Jan 30, 2014
  7. Juan I. Cahis

    Guest Guest

    i doubt that's the cause unless the drive is *really* old (like 15-20
    years old) and even then, it wasn't a major issue. it was rare *then*,
    nevermind now.

    from another post, you say it's windows software.

    that's why.
    Guest, Jan 30, 2014
  8. Juan I. Cahis

    Guest Guest

    who said he was booting mavericks?

    turns out it was windows software.
    Guest, Jan 30, 2014
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