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How to build a gaming machine with a tight budget?

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Ivan, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    My first attempt to build a gaming PC. The game I want to play
    smoothly include the demanding "Far Cry" and "Doom III". I will
    overclock the system to maximise. I am eyeing on the following

    Motherboard: Abit AN7
    CPU : ATHLON XP 2800+

    Anyone with experience please share. Am I on the right track? Please
    suggest alternatives.

    Ivan, Nov 22, 2004
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  2. Ivan

    Thomas Guest

    My main problem is with the vidcard... Is there no way you can make it a
    9800? The 9600 is really a bit slow... I have the old 9700, which still is a
    fair bit faster...
    (especially O/C'd to 375 :p)

    By the way, that memory, isnt that DDR2 ? For DDR1, the CL3/CL4 is really
    incredible... Even my old PC3000 mem can do PC3200 at CL 2.5...

    Thomas, Nov 22, 2004
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  3. SharkyExtreme.com was very helpful when I was building my system. Here's a
    URL for the "value gaming" system building guide: http://tinyurl.com/5zobc
    (copy and paste). You can adjust their suggestions to suit your price range.

    I think the biggest bottleneck for your system will be the video card. It
    may be worth waiting for the 6600 or X700 series to come out in AGP form.
    While the processor and memory are important, I suggest diverting every
    extra dollar to the video card. I have a [email protected]/330, P4 [email protected], and
    512MB of Corsair [email protected] 3 3 6 (iirc). FarCry played smoothly on my system,
    but at lower resolution and without all the bells and whistles. I haven't
    tried running Doom III, but I suspect the same would be true.

    It looks like you're in Singapore. I don't know what technology prices are
    like there, but online retailers are probably way cheaper. Don't forget to
    buy an OEM copy of XP, if you need it.

    Good luck!
    I of the Storm, Nov 22, 2004
  4. Ivan

    Cuzman Guest

    " I am eyeing on the following components... "

    At Newegg, the total cost of your list comes to $446.27:

    - Abit AN7 Nforce2 Ultra 400 http://snipurl.com/6bh3 $95.00
    - AMD Athlon XP 2800+ http://snipurl.com/atdy $139.00
    - Corsair VS512MB400C3 http://snipurl.com/ate5 $74.27
    - Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 128MB http://snipurl.com/atei $138.00

    How about this for $507.50 instead?

    - Soltek K8AN2E-GR Nforce3 250GB http://snipurl.com/8x4s $89.00
    - AMD Athlon64 2800+ http://snipurl.com/6bf9 $127.00
    - Kingmax 512MB PC3200 CL2.5 http://snipurl.com/8xm5 $66.50
    - XFX GeForce 6600GT 128MB http://snipurl.com/atdg $225.00
    Cuzman, Nov 22, 2004
  5. Ivan

    Steve Wolfe Guest

    My first attempt to build a gaming PC. The game I want to play
    I use an NF7-M with a mobile Athlon 2500+ running at 2.3 GHz (210x11), and
    it plays Doom3 and FarCry just fine - with a 6800GT. If you want to play
    D3 and Far Cry with lots of options turned on, you're going to need a good
    video card, plain and simple. A Radeon 9800 or a GF 6600 at the least.

    Also, running either of those games with 512 megs works - but it does
    introduce some stuttering/lag when loading items. A gig of RAM would be
    better, but they're still very playable with 512.

    Steve Wolfe, Nov 22, 2004
  6. Ivan

    rms Guest

    rms, Nov 23, 2004
  7. Ivan

    Jack Spungo Guest

    Damn, what kind of heatsink and fan do you have? Any tips for me. I've
    overclocked a 2600 barton to 2.083 GHz (2800 barton) and my idle is 52 and
    full load is 60.
    Jack Spungo, Nov 27, 2004
  8. Ivan

    Steve Wolfe Guest

    Damn, what kind of heatsink and fan do you have? Any tips for me. I've
    I'm using a Vantex Aeroflow. I keep meaning to either get a better HSF,
    or do water cooling, but I can never quite bring myself around to doing it.

    Steve Wolfe, Nov 27, 2004
  9. Ivan

    Dave Guest

    For the OP:-

    Check your case ventilation for a start. Take the side off and watch the
    temps. If they drop a lot then the case ventilation is bad. If they go up
    then it is very good.

    The rear mounted fans should be exhaust - they blow out the back of the
    case. Side and front fans are intakes - they suck air into the case.

    Check the case fan grills. If they are punched out of the case metal then
    they are usually very restrictive. Cut them out with a set of tin-snips and
    use cheap chrome wire grills or other open types - you can get some fancy
    plastic ones with LEDs.

    Check your air intake on the bottom of the computer front panel. On cheap
    cases the intake slot can be as small as 1cm x 5cm. Use an exacto/stanley
    knife to open it up as large as possible. I managed to get my intake slot
    to 2.5cm x 16cm and I am considering making a bit wider. Be careful if the
    front panel has USB/audio connector boards blocking the intake slot, it may
    be easier to remove the front bezel and remove the board before enlarging
    the air intake.

    I have an ABit NF7-s v2.0, XP2000+ Tbred B (133.33 x 12.5=1666MHz, 1.6V)
    running at 10.5 x 200=2100MHz, 1.8V. The cooler is an TR2-M1. For light
    use, the CPU runs at roomtemp + 10-11C. During Prime95 torture test it can
    be about roomtemp + 29C. At the moment my case has 1 x 90mm exhaust and 2 x
    80mm front intakes. The front intakes don't add much to the cooling, even
    when the comp is stressed, and I am considering removing them to cut the
    noise. I do have a fan with LEDs mounted in the side panel but that is not
    connected, I only connect that at a LAN otherwise the noise is too loud and
    it does not add to the cooling.

    I have run the CPU at 11 x 200, 1.93-1.95V and during Prime95 torture test
    the CPU runs at about roomtemp + 31-32C.

    It is spring, going into summer and the room temps are usually over 27C at
    the moment so I have to watch the system temps.

    Good luck in sorting it out.

    Dave, Nov 28, 2004
  10. Ivan

    Leon Smith Guest

    But is it stable? If it is, don't sweat it.

    I'm running an Athlon XP 2500 @ 3200 and it regularly reaches 60°c under
    heavy load, but the machine is rock solid so i don't let it bother me. 60°c
    is way below manufacturers temp guidelines.

    You can easily become overly obsessed with temperatures in an NG like this
    Leon Smith, Dec 22, 2004
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