How to change BIOS processor cache from write-through to write-back(P2B )?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by jbclem, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. jbclem

    jbclem Guest

    I have a really bad problem with an erratic cursor. When it occurs I loose
    control over the cursor, it moves erractically, all drop down menus become
    corrupted, sometimes the cursor trails leave graphic holes in the foreground
    program(showing through to the background program). The computer also slows
    down tremendously when this is happening. Once it starts the only solution
    is to reboot. It can happen when I go to certain java intensive web sites,
    but not to others(that use java but not as intensively?). It can happen
    immediately after rebooting, depending on what I do, or as right now not for
    hours(if I'm very careful to avoid certain things like the web sites

    The Microsoft Knowledge Base suggests a cause(in Win2000 which I use) for
    this...when the BIOS processor cache is set to write-through instead of
    write-back. I've looked into my BIOS cache(btw, I have the latest german
    asus bios...and until a recent hard drive crash I've had no such problems
    with the exact same Win2000 P3 1000mHz setup) and all I see is that I can
    enable or disable two or three caches. Haven't tried that because I'm
    looking for the write-through adjustment which I haven't found.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this. Is it even possible to chance the
    BIOS processor cache this way on a P2B? I would really appreciate some help
    with this.


    ps...I've reinstalled my mouse drivers with the latest ones. I've
    reinstalled my graphics card driver(s). I've reinstalled Sun Java2 1.41(and
    leave it unchecked in IE5.5). I've run the latest antivirus
    definitions(Norton), I've run Spybot, Ad Aware, HBO Demon. So far the
    knowledge base idea makes the most sense, I just don't know how to implement
    jbclem, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. jbclem

    EC Guest

    Have you tried knocking down the hardware acceleration a click for
    your graphics card? I have a P2B-VT with a 1G PIII that did the same
    thing when I upgraded it from a 650Mz. I dont see the Java being a
    problem unless you have both the older MS virtual machine installed
    with the SUN Java, that could cause a conflict if both processes try
    to start at the same time.

    I run Linux on the P2B-VT and just put a P4C800 Deluxe together a few
    weeks ago running XP, 2.8G/800FSB/2-512 PC3200, love this box, very
    stable @ 3G.

    EC, Jul 10, 2003
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