How to connect 7-in-1 floppydrive/smartcard reader ? (asus a8n32x-sli)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Skybuck, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest


    Right now I am building my dream pc ;)

    I just noticed this cable hanging out of my floppy drive/7-in-1 card
    reader, the plug has 4 holes... how do I connect this cable ???

    Skybuck, Apr 10, 2006
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  2. Skybuck

    DRS Guest

    It could be a Molex power connector. Does it match any of the 4-pin
    connectors from the PSU?
    DRS, Apr 10, 2006
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  3. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    I don't think it looks quite tiny.... even thinner than a floppy drive
    power connector.

    It has the following pins:


    Skybuck, Apr 10, 2006
  4. Skybuck

    Outback Jon Guest

    Sounds like a USB connector for the smartcard reader. Probably connects
    to a USB header on the motherboard. Check the manual....
    Outback Jon, Apr 10, 2006
  5. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    Asus motherboard manual metions nothing about it.

    The cardreader/drive didnt come with a manual.

    I ll try to find a manual later... I think it's a mitshumbi or
    something can't check right now...

    Skybuck, Apr 10, 2006
  6. Skybuck

    Ray Guest

    I have a reader in my Soyo/Intel machine, it's a USB connector. On your
    board it plugs into your headers at the bottom of the board, blue sockets.

    Ray, Apr 10, 2006
  7. Skybuck

    Paul Guest

    If you look in the motherboard manual, they will show you pictures
    of the pinout of a 2x5 USB header. It will look like this:

    USB+5V X X USB+5V
    USB_P5- X X USB_P6-
    USB_P5+ X X USB_P6+
    X NC

    Your 1x4 connector on the cardreader, connects to one of the
    two "columns" of pins shown above, like this.

    USB+5V X X USB+5V <-- +5VDC
    USB_P5- X X USB_P6- <-- DATA-
    USB_P5+ X X USB_P6+ <-- DATA+
    GND X X GND <-- GND
    X NC

    Paul, Apr 11, 2006
  8. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    Thank you very much for this information paul. It seems to make sense.
    I wasn't sure what to do since the USB ports/header on my motherboard
    have 5 + 4 pins and the connector only has 4 holes so to speak.

    Ofcourse I checked the internet for more information because just
    taking somebodie's word on it on a newsgroup with a 4500 euro costing
    computer is a bit too risky for my taste lol ;). So as promised :) I
    searched for some information. I actually searched for my mispelled
    product name which actually is another company... then I added
    cardreader and google came up with a nice suggestion. I checked my
    bill the correct name is:


    This company has different versions of their 5 or 7 or 8 in 1 drive
    etc. I am not yet sure which drive I have... I can't check at the
    moment... it's already build in and can't check the front at the
    moment, but this website with these pictures seem a close resemblance.
    The drive's extra usb cable is very short so I almost couldn't connect
    it to any USB ports.

    Fortunately this motherboard has an extra USB9/10 port located near the
    processor and the cable was just long enough to reach it. Had it been a
    few millimeters or 1 centimeter shorter then it couldn't have reached
    it ! So hopefully mitsumi will increase the length of their cables in
    the future.

    So I think I got lucky but I am not yet sure. The motherboard's manual
    says USB 9/10 is also used/shared with the USB 9 port and wifi for the
    wifi models... I have the delux model. So I haven't tested it yet... I
    don't know what the motherboard's manual means....
    Does this mean USB9 port can't be used ? Or is it shared ? I don't
    know. But soon I'll find out ;)
    Dictionary tells me: Hope this helps.

    Yup it definetly helped me because even the website does not explain
    exactly what to do...

    Well building this PC took quite some time yesterday I already spended
    like 3 to 4 hours on it... ofcourse I had to do other things as well,
    today I spent so time cleaning up all the boxes and plastics and moving
    old pc etc. So the dream pc is still not completely done. Yesterday for
    the first time it booted into the bios... quite cool... actually at the
    same time the doorbell went so I actually missed it the first time !
    What are they odds of that happening ! ;) Well the startup screen flies
    by real fast so I would have missed it the second, third and all the
    other times as well... I did look quite cool like Alife sign etc...
    I ll have a closer look later... I'll also try to pause it with pause

    Fortunately the USB UltraX keyboard is also working in the bios.

    The first time I tried booting I didn't get any screen... I had plugged
    the EZ plug with an extra power connector... This however is not
    necessary as indicated by the motherboard's manual... if a 20 pin + 4
    pin connector is used. It's only necessary for older 20 pin
    motherboards I guess. So that explained why I didn't get any screen. I
    was getting a bit worried that sli was causing the problem or one of
    the cards was dead or something but so far everything seems well.

    However getting screws into the holes to attach the graphics cards and
    the rest too is a bit of a problem... the holes in the metal should
    have been a little bit bigger. So now I ll have to screw them in
    sideways to have a little bit of grip going on.

    Well I have to much stuff to write about I ll save it for another time
    because this is not the right thread hehehe.

    All I can say when I look at the inside of the case is: Holy hi-tech
    batman ! =D

    Also when I turn on the case all the fans are blowing air it makes me
    go: Hole windtunnel batman !

    Holy cables batman !

    Also the case seems to vibrate a bit.

    Holy vibrations batman ! ;)

    Also the case caused a scratch on my expensive good looking wooden
    table... (that's a little goddamn right there... because I was planning
    to put the case on the table... it's quite a big scratch too... like 1
    millimeter deep and 3 to 4 centimeters long or so. But for this
    computer it's worth it and a nice reminder hehe... fortunately it will
    probably disappear under the keyboard... but the prospect of having
    more scratches is definetly not cool. So that's a big minus for the
    case. It should have had nice fluffy thing on the bottom so it doesnt
    cause scratches... For now I am using some newspapers and magazines to
    prevent further scratches. I might replace those with toilet paper for
    each foot... it has 4 foots. Toiletpaper will probably look jaky ! So I
    might have to go search for a better solutions... because the
    toiletpaper could sux balls.

    For the rest the case is looking very cool. I actually like the
    blackness with the silver in the front... it looks like an expensive
    IBM mainframe or the fricking knightrider/kitt hehehe. It also has a
    nice back... a big fan grid and a power grid...

    Oh yeah... when I first started installing the case I almost freaked
    out. The asus motherboard has a different layout/back with different
    connectors which didn't fit in the case. The keyboard/mouse/audio
    jacks/ports/holes etc where located in a different position so it
    didn't fit if you get what I am saying. That was very worrieing.

    The asus motherboard came with a special replacement for it... so I
    thought maybe the back grid stuff can be pulled out I took a close look
    and I thought yeah it can probably be pushed... and fortunately it did
    push out. So I simply replaced it with the grid thingy that came with
    the case... Such a relief... because I would have hated it if I had to
    send the case back... I already spent one whole week because I had to
    change supplier etc.
    So big fewwww there ;)

    Oh yeah there is one more little thing worrieing me... I took a look at
    the back of the cooler which goes onto the cpu. A little dust particle
    landed on it. So I took my little nail and removed it, but it left a
    little scare... so I actually scrapped of a little tiny spot of thermal
    interface material. It was a tiny spot... I am just hoping that the
    thermal interface materiel will get distributed across the chip when I
    pressed the cooler on it. So I am a bit worried that my CPU might burn
    through at that little spot. I think not but it was me little bit
    worried. Though I still decided to run with it... because the spreading
    of the material was much better than I could ever do it myself with
    "artic silver 5" tube.

    I also checked AMD's website for recommended thermal interface
    material. It was kinda hard to find it... I finally did find something.
    It doesn't mention "artic silver 5".
    It also warns that using different material can be dangerous for some
    reason. Because of heat or some kind of other reason having to do with
    stickness of the materials used as well as the cpu etc... if I am not
    mistaken. I also read other people's comments that they used artic
    silver 5 or were planning to use it... but ofcourse I am not going to
    take any changes just based on a few comments hehe. In the future
    however I might use artic silver 5 just to see if it lowers the
    temperature... having some confirmation if this is safe to do would be

    Well now I have some free hours to work on my dream PC... so I am going
    to work on it some more... it's almost done I guess.

    I only have to figure out which way to place the IDE CD/DVD drive's
    cable... yeah... because there are a number of possibilities...

    The cable has 2 end plugs... I probably used the wrong end plug. I used
    the middle end plug. I probably need to use the last end plug. I have
    no other IDE devices.

    Another possibility is that I am using to wrong port on the
    motherboard. So far I have tried secondary ide port. Maybe I should use
    the primary ide port.

    Asus also labelled the three cables. One cable is labelled as floppy
    drive cable. The other cable is labelled harddisk cable. The third
    cable is labbeled cd rom cable.

    However I think both cables the harddisk cable and the cd rom cable are
    the same kind of cable, so I fail to see the point of this ???!!!???

    If they hadn't labeled the cables I would have just connected the cd
    rom to the primary port... maybe that's the correct solution so far I
    dont know.

    So let's sum it up.

    The cable has 2 possibilities.
    The motherboard has 2 possibilities.

    So that's 4 possibilities.

    Finally I might have to use the harddisk cable which is unlikely but a
    newby could believe very maybe think this so that would leave 8

    But 4 possibilities is more realistic. This is still unfortunate
    because now I have to pick up the case at least 2 times giving
    probability statistics... the case has become quite heavy with all the
    component in it so this cost lot's of energy I already spent a lot of
    energy yesterday figuring out the video problem.

    The video/monitor wasn't working... it said check cables...

    I have 2 graphics cards... each has 2 dvi connectors. One of the
    manuals.. probably the xfx manual said to connect to the bottom card
    and on the right side if looking at the back of the card. This didn't

    So I had 4 possibilities to check.

    Maybe the monitor didn't support dvi, unlike but still.

    So I also tried the dvi-to-vga cable.

    So that's another 4 possibilities.

    Then I tried the dvi to dvi cable again. Maybe I had to switch the
    cable around.

    so that's another 4 possibilities.

    (I actually switch to vga to connect my old computer lol... everything
    was a total mess at that point lol... but today I moved my computer so
    switching is no longer necessary... right now I am behind my old
    monitor and computer which is really nice :) )

    Nothing worked. So finally I decided to pull out one graphics card...
    maybe sli was not working.

    So then I booted and then it worked. So then I knew it was some kind of
    problem with the graphics card/sli stuff. I couldn't believe that one
    of the graphics cards was dead... that would be unlikely so the only
    card were some static electricy happened when I scratched against the
    back of the metal because I couldn't get these stupid little locks open
    at the back of the pci-e express slot... Those are pretty stupid locks
    hehe... so fortunately I could look at how it worked at the other
    slot... I did that before installing the second card so I was lucky I
    could look at the second slot at the lock.. highly recommended to look
    at locks first because it worked the opposite as I expected it would. I
    thought I had to pull on the lock outwards but the reality is I had to
    push on it just a little bit and then the card would come out real

    So I didn't believe that it was a dead card or anything... I also
    looked into the bios if I had to enable any options or so... this
    didn't seem to be the case.. there is this graphics card selection or
    something but it didn't look to relevant for this problem.

    So finally I figured it out via the motherboard manual... So I
    unplugged the ez plug as described aboved... then I booted... then
    doorbell went and as I walked to the door I noticed in the corner of my
    eye that the video signal was working for the first time lol =D
    By the way it was a prank doorbell... it happened the day before too
    probably by different person that was kid searching for his grandma...
    however this time it kinda seemed like somebody almost planned it ;)
    lol who's knows !? :) Yeah who knnnooowss :)

    Man the boot screen sure looked big on the widescreen... it's kinda
    strange because I set the monitor to one-on-one that means now
    scaling... Maybe the monitor uses/has different settings depending on
    the video signal that could be kinda cool.

    Also I believe the monitor is near perfection. It's designed really
    well and it's pretty stable. The only thing that pisses me off is the
    glitter effect. I haven't had to chance to see if DVI versus VGA makes
    any difference in that but soon I ll report on that =D

    Soon I ll have windows xp 64 bit running I hope though lol. So then
    I'll be able to test some stuff ;) :)

    Yeah one last thing to report about...

    Everything is really stinky. I don't know why it's stinky... Maybe it
    still has the air/smell of the factory where it was produced... or
    maybe it's just the material itself. Or maybe it's a combination of

    There is another concern of me. The airflow over the harddisk is from
    right to left. That's the correct way according to the chieftec website
    and I agree with that. The hottest point of the harddisk is probably
    the power connecter at the left... so it's wise to blow in cool air and
    have it exit it at the left to prevent the hot air from going over any

    However my concern is that this air will now get blow out at the left
    and I would like to place the case at the right. So that could mean
    that the air will get blown into my face and I could inhale it.

    The problem with that is that these PCB's could have little molecules
    coming of of them when their first used etc... and these materials
    could case long cancer etc... so I rather not inhale any air that's
    coming from my case... at least not the first days of usage.

    So at least for the first few days of usage I will place my case at the
    left of the table and have a good venting of my place going on ;)

    Also I have been bitching about the changed look of the UltraX
    keyboard... but now that I have unwrapped it and it's sitting on my
    desk... with all the sticky plastic removed to protect it during
    transport etc.. it still looks quite good. I also already had the
    pleasure to type a bit on it when I was in the manual and I believe
    it's going to be utter sweetness for my fingers =D

    Yes my fingers are in for quite a treat =D

    One last thing to write about is the remaining equipment etc... I might
    have to go find a bigger box to store all the left overs in and the
    manuals and cd's etc. I was kinda hoping to use the asus motherboard
    box to place all the left overs in... because then I know what belong
    to that pc and the box kinda looks cool.. however the elite-pro
    soundcard box looked even cooler and was taller so more room but I
    couldn't use it because I have to keep the carton stuff that was inside
    in case the card dies... so I can sent it back in it's original box
    which is a requirement for RMA ;)

    Though maybe if I can roll everything neatly up it might still fit in
    the asus box...

    Ofcourse I am not yet completely done. I still have two slots at the
    top over which I could use to mount a midi port or extra usb ports or
    maybe some other port... it looks like a vga port I am not exactly sure
    what that is.. maybe it's the midi port or something dont know yet.

    Always I think I was kinda surprised I am not sure... I can't

    I thought that the graphics card would be squeezed together but that's
    not the case.

    There is one slot of room between them... Maybe I was confused with the
    a-bit an8 motherboard which probably had that bad layout... the asus
    motherboard actually has quite a good layout when it comes to sli and
    dual slot graphics cards ;).

    However I had no other free pci slots... So I have no choice but to
    place the X-FI Elite-Pro soundcard in the middle. Fortunately it's a
    lot smaller so there should still be enough room for airflow =D

    I was also kinda surprised when the system powered up... first of all
    because of the noise that s normal I think and because of the airflow
    and just in general hehe but also because the X-Fi Elite Pro has a blue
    led on it which says "X-Fi" it kinda looks like neon lighting... it s
    kinda small so it's not annoying or anything it s just kinda
    surprised... I probably read about it in a review (I am pretty sure
    about that) but I forgot about it ;)

    I think placing neon lights inside a case is kinda dumb you know.. It's
    not like a street or anything. However the funny thing is... corsair
    also has these cool memory modules with lights on them so I would have
    loved to see my 4GB of ram lit up.. just for the kick of it ;)

    Also I am not exactly sure what the best mounting would be... the 4
    sticks should be identical... However it are paired sticks... so they
    came 2 + 2.

    I simply placed the first two sticks on the left side in black and blue
    slot. Then I placed the second two sticks on the right side... again
    black and blue slot.

    I think I did it correct because it seems logical for 4 sticks at
    least. So I hope I did it correctly ;) :)

    Figuring out how to build my system was also quite challenging... what
    should I start with ? what to first place into the case ? :)

    Well I think the best advice would be to start easy... I started with
    mounting two extra fans on the special grid that came with the case for
    the harddisk section.

    Then I placed the motherboard inside the case because I really felt the
    need to figure out how to place all the cables which is pretty
    important because some might be short or whatever... so placing the
    motherboard in it at an early staged felt good but ofcourse is a bit
    risky if you drop things or anything.. so just dont do that... and it
    helps one to understand where everything should go etc... then I simply
    decided to start with the easy things like harddisk, floppy drive and
    cd/dvd combo drive.

    That combo drive or should I say the case was giving troubles. The
    cd/dvd combo drive almost didn't fit... It went in for 75% procent and
    then simply blocked. It seemed the combo drive was a bit to wide for
    the case. Or put it in different words the case was a little bit
    misvormed. The case seemed to have been used by somebody else before me
    as well... there was one metal thing missing which I was supposed to
    break off... the case also had a little very tiny little dot/scratch at
    the front... kinda annoying but ok.
    The fact that somebody might have used my case doesn't bother me at
    all... except for the little scratch ofcourse :)

    When I extracted the case I was a bit worried because it had this lock
    on the side... I was like where the **** are the keys ? because that
    was the only thing that came out...
    So I still had to open the side panels etc and then I found this little
    carton box that contain some extra material like screws and these
    golden little round things/sockets which I quickly figured out are
    supposed to hold up the motherboard from the case to prevent short
    circuits which a salesperson once told me a story about some sucker how
    kept frieing the motherboards hehe. I am really happy with the case
    because it has these great little holes which are just perfect to mount
    these golden thingies/screws in... which hold up the motherboard. There
    are also markers to help you figure out where to screw them in like A,
    B, C, D, E.... A is for ATX format... B, C,D,E probably for other
    formats like micro-ATX/BTX or whatever... There were also 4 golden
    things pre-installed probably to help you understand that these things
    are supposed to go there.

    I had enough of these things to install all 9 pins... etc great
    improvement compared to my 7 years old crappy case from my local store
    which is a totally fucked up case where I even had to consult my dad if
    he had any washer to keep up the motherboard... so I am really happy
    with the new case it's a great improvement. Anyway back to the story...
    the cd/dvd rom didn't fit... I was starting to freak/panic out a bit...
    I was starting to jam it a bit... etc... Finally I decided to pull on
    the metal frame of the case on the inside and this appeared to be the
    solution... I just had to pull the metal frame appeared for like half a
    millimeter or something and then finally the cd/dvd rom drive
    slided/fitted in... what a relief that was ! =D Another happy smile on
    my face ;) =D

    So far everything has gone well/perfect even mounting the smart card
    reader/floppy drive was gone well (thanks to this read ;):))

    So now I ll mention some other complains... the cables of the power
    supply are a bit shorter this is probably because my case is a bit
    longer than normal cases so that it could fit the larget e-atx formats
    as well... the second reason is because the harddisks are now turned 90
    degrees. So the cables have to travel a bit further. Fortunately for me
    I only ordered 2 drives and both can be reached easily with the
    connectors.. However feature harddisk might prove to be a problem or
    maybe not... maybe the extra connectors will still mount properly.

    The sata connectors only fit one way so they are easy to connect. Each
    cable only has 2 pairs of connectors so no figuring out has to be done.

    I do have a complaints about the sata connectors... They are a bit
    longer and stand up straight so to speak. I almost couldn't close the
    case.. fortunately it does fit but it's millimeter work ;) Lucky me ;)

    Also one sata connector was touching the top graphics card's
    heatsink... so I didn't feel comfortable with that so I placed it at
    sata port 4 it seemed... but the bios reported it as port 6... probably
    because of two other ports located higher up... one external sata
    connector and an additional sata connector so it seems... Maybe this is
    a mistake of the bios because I could have sworn that the 4 connectors
    which are near to each other read sata1,sata2,sata3,sata4...

    Yup I just checked... so this might be a bios bug... the bios might
    have swapped sata port 6 with sata port 4... not sure though... I'll
    let asus figure it out or maybe it's auto port assignment I dont
    know... but this could be confusing and dangerous when trying to use
    raid or something... but I dont plan on using it so at least that
    doesnt concern me to much ;)

    I am really statisfied with the number of usb ports and firewire ports
    and sata ports etc... it seems to be more than enough for me and
    probably most people... I wonder what the maximum number of usb ports
    is that anybody has ever used hehe. Maybe some musician or photo/film
    freak or so or combination or so I dont know ;) :)

    As mentioned by some other review two audio connectors are placed under
    the graphics cards... one audio connector is probably to be used for
    connecting the cd/dvd rom drive so that cd's can be played from that
    drive... I dont really plan to do that but it would be a nice
    feature... however my elite-pro soundcard didn't come with such a
    cable... nor did that ben-q 1655 drive ! go figure ! those cheap
    bastards hehehe.

    Fortunately my old soundblaster 16... or was it the live ? came with
    such an audio cable... it's in my old pentium which is now out-of-use
    in my spare/equipment room ;)
    Maybe I'll report it out later or so but for now I am not bothering
    with it. I dont really need it. The other connector is an auxilery
    connector... I am not sure what this is used for... or maybe this is
    the port for the cd/dvd drive... so that means the other port is for
    input or something... All these audio port s can be quite confusing..
    my soundblaster also has 2 audio ports which I dont know what their
    used for... Good thing is that they have a different socket because I
    didn't know where to plug in the extra power so I attempted to connect
    it there... that would have been very bad... the real power connector
    is at the back of the card where it says "power" ;) It was a bit hard
    for me to see when the card was already plugged in so initially I
    missed it ;)

    I am also happy I dont need to use ez-plug/connector because this
    leaves one free power cable to be used for something else... However I
    think I already used this cable to connect to my x-fi soundblaster so
    that worked out pretty good. The soundblaster came with this special
    power connector to use the old power connector. So now I have one free
    sata connector cable/bunch etc.. I think I'll leave the old power
    connector in just in case etc I would to expand in the future... then I
    dont have to search any extension cables.. who knows I might even
    forget about that in the future ;) so better to leave it in.. unless it
    could cause problems feeding the soundblaster with power... I dont
    think that though... power is power right ;)

    Another little worry is the audio front panel connector/header. I
    connected it to my case audio connector which has this special cable
    and feature on the front where mic and headphone can be plugged in... I
    probably dont need those features because my surround sound speakers
    and elite-pro rack and other boxes have those features.

    Well that's another little complain or whatever. First of all the rack
    that came with the soundblaster is HUGE. I wish it was twice as small
    that would be nice.
    Second of all now I have some many audio connections it's fricking
    insane... At this point I dont understand why the soundblaster came
    with this extra rack... I probably forgot lol.. it's probably for extra
    input/output options... Well I'll soon (have to ;)) figure this out
    what this is all about =D.

    The last thing I can write about and ask a question about is about the
    power supply... It comes with this 8 pin power connector 4x2 pins... I
    don't know what it's for... my motherboard doesn't have any use for it

    The last thing I can bitch about is the phase shifter it's kinda weakly
    attached when I touch it it easily moves so I have to be carefull not
    to break it off when I attempted to lift the motherboard... lifting the
    motherboard out of the box was kinda handy thanks to the bag... simply
    pick it up via the bag... otherwise it might have been difficult to get
    your fingers under it.

    I also needed to install the power supply to understand if the power
    supply came with a special plug which goes into the power fan header on
    the motherboard... it did ! ;)

    So I had to connect my additional 120 millimeter fan to the

    Why do they call it chassis instead of case ? Oh well ;) Everything is
    a case I guess... but a chassis is the outside case ;) hehe.

    Oh my god I just noticed I have 6 audio plugs at the back of my case...
    lol ofcourse I knew this already... it just to point out I have so many
    audio connections it's fricking crazy LOL.

    Well I have nothing else further to bitch about...

    So I'll just end up with some complements to the asus manual which did
    help me good and warned me to not do certain things... like don't
    connect the firewire to usb or vice versa.

    Actually something just popped into my mind to bitch about a little:

    The color coding of the cables of the chassis do not match the color
    coding of the asus motherboard.

    The motherboard has red firewire headers/ports and blue usb

    The case has a blue usb cable and a black firewire cable and a yellow
    audio cable.

    So a stupid person might connec the blue usb cable to the red firewire
    port which might be dangerous and cause damage ?

    Fortunately I am not a complete idiot lol... and I payed carefull

    Fortunately the case cable's connectors have a label on it saying it's
    USB. Hopefully they didn't label it wrongly.... if they did my
    motherboard would probably have fried about now because I already
    successfully entered the bios ;)

    I dont know who to blame for this hehehehehe. I do like the color
    coding of asus... Firewire sounds hot and therefore should be red...
    and USB ends with a B and should be blue and it also sounds cool and
    kinda reminds me of bluetooth etc... so let it be red and blue for
    firewire and usb... So chieftec should start paying some attention to
    that ;) =D Maybe their bravo series is just a bit old as somebody else
    wrote... but just a bit ;) It still seems pretty modern to me ;) yup.

    Well that's it kids, boys and older busters.

    I already spent one hour writing about this.. Gjeeeezz loissss.

    Well now me really go work some more on it and then I hit the sack ;)

    Tomorrow I should have it all up and running... Oh god sweetness around
    the corner hehehehe.. or will it be noise hell... time will telllll. Or
    mayb even bug hell but I dont expect that ;)

    Skybuck =D

    Wihihihihih. Beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPpppppppppppp Over and Out.

    Oh yeah I just remembered one more thing to bitch about.


    I did not get any video/monitor screen and I heard ONE BEEP.

    So I had to surf the internet to find out what this ment.

    It ment everything is OK.

    This is actually not true because I did not have any video signal...

    So an improvement would be that the asus motherboard or bios... makes a
    few BEEEPS BEEPS BEEPS when the EZ plug is connected when it shouldn't
    have been.

    Maybe the asus motherboard can't detect that... Because I think if it
    was possible they surely would have added such a feature ???

    So maybe only the graphics cards can detect that... So jusssstt
    maybe... Justttt maybe the graphics cards should have a little beeper
    as well lol... But maybe that's over the top ;)

    Something to think about for the next generation or maybe not because
    it won't be an issue then ?

    Skybuck, Apr 11, 2006
  9. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    In short:

    I just spent a few minutes driving my new Dream PC (2006).

    I just kept saying to myself: "Holy fucking batman, batman !"

    This pc is fucking amazing looking at least ;)

    I really felt like I was driving the fucking batmobile lol.

    It's so fucking hi-tech looking, the sound is hi-tech, the
    black/silverish case, the silverish/black monitor widescreen, the
    black/silverish keyboard and even the dark blue/silver mouse. It looks
    very good and cool together and fucking new too.

    I just wanted to share my little batman experience with you, it's
    fucking amazing hehe.

    And this is only the fricking Windows XP 64 bit boot/startup screen, oh
    my god.

    Here is the long story:


    I just pretty much finished up building my (Skybuck's) Dream PC for

    I still have an open case to see what is going on.

    I just burned me a copy of windows xp 64 bit and the benq 1655 drive
    can read it.

    I burned it with default (cue?) settings via track at once and that
    seems to work ok.

    I also tried burning it multiple times with disc at once /96 and disc
    at once/16 and the benq 1655 drive couldn't read those.

    Furthermore the benq drive was working after all, the cd's were just
    bad. And also I had to put the cd/dvd drive in master mode. I forgot
    about that... I also forgot to read the benq's manual... gje...
    probably because it was delivered later...

    Also I forgot to connect the second graphics card with the additional
    power connector... probably because of some card switching etc.

    I tested both cards and both graphics cards seems to work ok.

    For some reason the first few times I tried booting it didn't work.

    But the last time I tried everything was working just fine. I have
    connected both cards with a power connector and I have connected the
    flexible sli bridge with the asus logo on it's head. I dont know if
    that matters... Or maybe something else is going on... I dont know...
    maybe it takes a while before the power supply can deliver the
    necessary power or maybe I still need to connect the ez plug... I just
    dont know.. tomorrow I will test again.

    I am too tired right now to install windows xp 64 bit edition. I want
    to be fit so I dont make any stupid decisions or mistakes ;) :)

    Oh yeah one thing I noticed which I am a bit unhappy about is the noise
    from the graphics cards fans probably.

    Since I tried to shutdown all fans by simply placing my finger on it...
    Yes I was kinda getting tired of all the switching etc... and I thought
    now way am I going to disconnect all these fans again to find out which
    one(s) is the noise maker... and I saw somebody else do it as well by
    simply holding his finger on it and it seem to work... but I touched
    the inside of the case.. not the fan blades because those could break
    off or my finger could get cut off... that would be bad.

    I stopped the cpu fan for a second and that probably wasn't the noise
    I stopped the additional 120 mm fan and that probably wasn't the noise
    I tried to stop the harddisks/case fans but I couldn't stop them
    properly... because I couldn't really put my finger on it... just my
    nail... and one of them slowed down but didn't fully stop. They do make
    a little humming sound when I get close to them but they are probably
    also pretty quiet.

    So that leaves two possibilities: The power fan or the video cards.

    I place my ear near all components. I also held my finger to feel
    airflow. I think the power fan is spinning really slowly so it can't
    possibly be the noise maker.

    So my final conclusion is that the video cards are making a hell of a

    My bet is that the noise will go down as soon as windows xp 64 bit gets
    a hold on these cards.

    So I am just hoping the noise is just at boot time ???!!!???

    Well I wasted two cd-r's trying to burn the windows xp 64 bit edition
    at disc at once/96 and disc at once /16...

    I also tried burning a CD-RW with disc at once/96 and disc at once/16
    but that didn't work as well.

    I really want to run Windows XP 64 bit edition on my new pc... and I
    really dont want to have to boot windows xp 32 bit edition since one of
    those cd's was working ;)

    So I was determined to get a good working XP 64 bit cd.. So finally I
    decided to go with the default settings which was Track At Once... and
    also detect speed settings.

    Nero Burning Rom Software etc first detected the read speed of the
    drive or something and then it started writing etc.

    While it was doing this my PC was connected to the internet and my zone
    alarm pro firewall was on and sometimes blinking a bit... so the point
    is some cpu was used for other stuff... and I think if the usage is too
    heavy it could produce a toaster... but I didn't care because my old
    PIII 450 mhz overclocked to 600 mhz with windows xp 32 bit is pretty
    optimized and running super fast and besides burn proof should fucking
    work and I was burning a CD-RW and I should just fucking work... so I
    didn't care I just went for it... good/cool eh hihihi ;) :)

    Finally a working copy of windows xp 64 bit edition was produced
    :pPPPPPPPP*** ;) :)

    Yes Bill is getting my dick up his ass lol. That's the way it's
    supposed to be. What a beautifull day this was ;) :) Just seeing a copy
    of windows xp 64 bit work on my new PC made my day extra special =D ;)

    Then I exited the boot/startup process because I was getting tired and
    I dont want to make any mistakes ;)

    So as promised tomorrow I install windows xp 64 bit YEAH.

    And then I can give my new pc some more driving testssssssszzzzzzzz oh

    And the whole point of this story, the motivation of this story is to
    share the following experience with you/the world.

    While I was booting windows xp 64 bit edition I felt like I was driving
    the fucking batmobile =D AWESOME.

    Yeah baby... I am now officially a pimped up motherfucking batmobile
    driving batman. hehehe. Yeah. Woeh !

    More goodness tomorrow hmmmm hm.

    Well time for some more complaints/improvements:

    First about the monitor:

    I wish they added a nice blanket/hanky to wipe of any dust. So far I
    used my cloths or a dust thingy... but that was dangerous because I
    wipe tables with it... if there was a little sharp thingy in it I could
    have damaged my monitor.

    So I think I will look/buy for a special hanky to clean my monitor.
    Using water is not recommended by the manual ?!? So how the hell am I
    supposed to clean it ??!?

    Furthermore I looked at the bios colors... the glitter is probably
    still there... I am pretty sure of it ?! Tomorrow I will get a better
    look/change at it.

    The reviewer is correct as well the power button of the monitor
    sometimes does not respond... Probably because the monitor is still
    shutting down or something but it's kinda fucky to hit it twice or
    three times but ok.

    Also I noticed some options in the menu are now disabled while going to
    DVI signal...

    The bios menu kinda looked strange... It was completely fullscreen ?!?!
    huh ?

    I checked the bios menu and the setting was one on one...

    So either something very strange is going on... or asus/whatever bios
    manufacturer is using an insane high resolution ???? HUH ???

    Oh well I'll figure it out soon enough I think, I hope so though...
    Most answer my curiosities and questions hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    OH YEAH.


    motherboard and it's layout.

    Imagine this:

    I have two huge dual slot graphics cards in my case.

    Asus decided to place some fireware and usb ports at the bottom.

    I also figured out what the extra stuff most likely is:

    The vga thingy is actually the COM1 port which takes up a slot if you
    want to use it.


    So the cable can't reach the COM1 port/header at the bottom.

    Same goes for the GAME/MIDI port.

    Same goes for the Extra FIREWIRE ports etc.

    My dead farther must be watching over me... !!!

    Because the funny thing is that I actually ordered a different case..
    because the original case I wanted could not be delivered.

    The different case actually has firewire port and two usb ports at the
    front of the case for easy access... and fortunately enough these
    cables ARE long enough to be attached etc.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you, my dead daddy for watching over me
    LOL =D=D=

    Yeah baby, this case turned out to be a very very very good thing woeh
    yeah. BIG BIG thank you ;) :)

    MAN I should be pissed at asus man.

    You guys take this advice:


    Because if you fucking TESTED IT you couldn't have possibility missed
    that fucking problem !!!

    YEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

    Oh yeah here is another report on the "should I use primare ide, or
    should I used secondary ide port ?"

    It doesn't matter I think. The bios simply detected the drive no matter
    how it was connected.

    One last report:

    "Does it matter if I use the supplied cables by asus ? which have three
    connectors... ? Should I used a cable with only 2 connectors if I only
    have one drive to connect ?"

    Again the answer strangly enough is:

    It probably doesn't matter... I used an old 2 connector cable to
    connect because at that point I didn't know the cd's were bad. The
    drive worked though... I simply used a windows 98 startup disk which
    had generic cd rom drivers... and I smartly enough tried to read other
    cd's and those were readable.

    Later I switched back to the asus cable... to check out if it still
    worked... and yup it worked just fine. I attached it to the end
    connector, I dont know if that matters... probably not... I am not sure
    but I think the middle connector could work as well... it will probably
    show up in the bios... as long as the drive is detected and present in
    the bios that should be an indication that the drive is working...

    Ofcourse you should still check the cable select/master/slave
    thingy/jumper at the back of the drive.

    One last thing to seriously complain about:

    The manuals these days are utter crap, except for the asus motherboard
    manual... At least that's a pretty decent manual.

    The rest is utter crap.

    For example Creative Lab's Elite X-Fi manual is utter crap. They didn't
    even bother to use proper pictures which look the same as the card.

    Another example... The BenQ manual doesn't explain when you should
    place the drive in master or slave mode ! At least I don't think it
    does... It just shows how to place it in slave mode but it doesn't
    explain when that's necessary. Tut tut tut ;) :)


    Another example:

    The creative x-fi elite pro manual doesn't explain what all the extra
    connectors on the card are ?!?!?!

    The explain some of them... but definetly not all of them ?!?!?!?!

    WTF ?!?!?!

    You explain some of them ? But fail to explain the rest ? WTF ?!?!?!

    Are you guys at creative labs crazy over there ? Gje ?! >D

    Here is my advice to you guys:

    Maybe you should try the following:

    Step 1:

    First find an utter clueless motherfucker like your mommy.

    Step 2:

    Have the bitch install the sound card.

    Step 3:

    Tell her to be a very curious little motha fucking bitch.

    Tell her she should understand exactly what every little fucking thing

    And if she doesn't understand she should ask questions.

    Step 4:

    Then you guys give her the answers and she writes it down.

    Step 5:

    The motherfucking bitch, writes the motherfucking manual.

    So that it becomes a motherfucking manual, written by a motherfucking
    newby, for motherfucking newbies.

    Seee everybody happy.

    Give it a try and see what you end up with lol ;) :)

    Microsoft calls that:

    "The mommy test"

    Actually they have moved on to:

    "The grandma test" ;)

    Bunch of grandmafuckers hahahaha.


    Even the motherfucking asus cables look like the came directly out of
    the fucking batcave !!

    Everything just looks fucking cool. It's fucking insane. It's fucking

    The ide cables have this nice glancy/shine over them as well.

    Like a wet greace look... Like the shiney armor of the knight rider or
    airwolf or the batmobile... actually it looks even better than that !

    It has silver glancy letters as well which say: ASUS :) and in tiny
    and they have labels as well.. I already mentioned that though ;)

    The also have a little whole plugged so you can't place it wrong...
    unless you really stupid and press hard :) damaging the pins tut tut
    tut. Plugging this hole is nothing new ofcourse... I have seen 15 year
    old cables which had this whole plugged as well..

    Still way to go asus I like/love it ! ;) :)


    One more little tip:

    I used a little bit of sticky plastic tape to stick the 120 millimeter
    cable to the back of the case... to prevent it from getting in the way.

    I'll leave the rest of the cables just hanging... because they not
    really in the way...

    One last thing:

    The power/supply/box came with some plastic which just looked like some
    transport fillings but these plastics actually have a purpose other
    than that... because I read the manual... it mentions something like
    "smart tidy cables" or something... well that probably ment a special

    But these plastic things can be used to tighten cables together..
    especially those white banding things... I have seen these things
    before and they gave me lot's of anger !!! because I couldn't get them
    loose ?! god damn you you bastards ! So I had to cut them open and even
    that was very very very difficult to do if I remember correctly... had
    to get my sciccors between it etc... so since that day I hate those
    motherfucking things... I actually considered using them to tighten
    some unused cables to the top of the case on/near the cd drive.. but
    that would make funny/metal sound when transporting the case... like
    something came loose or so... I dont want no stupid funny sounds like
    my case is damaged or anything lol.. and I dont want that anger again
    hehe. So I decided to simply let them hang like a pair of balls :D
    hehehehehehe. For future expansion.

    So you guys (of the power supply) can go **** yourself with your stupid
    plastic "mister-I am-so-fucking-neato-binders" !!! NO NO NO NO NO
    MISTER !! ;)



    A another nice story... to fill up the void in usenet space =D

    Did you miss me while I was gone lol ? Bullshit I wasn't really gone...
    only just a few hours hehehehehe. Well maybe a day or two days max.


    Skybuck, Apr 12, 2006
  10. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest


    I am now computering behind my new pc.

    Quite frankly I am speechless.

    Even playing the old quake3 arena demo is an amazing experience...

    I am very impressed with the X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard and the surround
    sound speakers and I have only given them a 1% test run and I am
    already impressed !

    The system is also super super super super super powerfull.

    Right now I am simply formatting my second 500 GB harddisk...

    I can simply play games, I can run nvidia's demos like Nalu and Mad Mod
    Mike and the system doesn't even break a sweat hehe.

    I am also downloading battlefield 2 demo so I can go play that soon.

    Now back to how I get it all working:

    Let's see I have to dig in my brain where I left off hmmm let's see.

    Well let's just start with the main complaint at beginning of this day.

    The system was incredabily noisy... and still is somewhat (maybe it
    will be less when case is closed but I dont think so...)

    Anyway the noise is now reduced like many times.

    Here is what is going on and what happens:

    1. The graphics cards make a lot of noise during boot time and in the

    I had a little bit of trouble installing the drivers for my two 7900
    graphic cards.

    The Nvidia drivers simply do not support it yet. At least not for 64
    bit windows.

    Also the xfx drivers on the disk don't support it.

    Fortunately XFX has new drivers 83.91 on their website... their 83.90
    on cd dont work for 64 bit.

    So thank god XFX had up-to-date drivers or maybe it s a hack I don't
    know but I am very glad with them because as soon as I installed those
    drivers they noise went down 4 times or so...

    The next big noise maker are the two papst 92 mm fans which are cooling
    the harddisks...

    I connected them to the cpu_fan2 and north bridge fan headers. They
    made a hell lot of noise and I didn't install any "cool and quiet"
    drivers yet... maybe those only for the processor.

    Also I didn't setup the bios properly I guess.

    So what I did was I connected both 92 millimeter fans to the special
    extension cable that came with the seasonic power supply.

    This is a very nice feature. The power supply reduces the voltage so
    the fans are now nearly quiet.

    So the noise is reduced quite a lot but it could still be better.

    I think the 120 millimeter fan is still producing a pretty load humming

    Also the fan of the cpu is probably causing some sound.

    Now that the fans for the harddisks are spinning lower the harddisks
    have also become a little bit warm... but nothing alarming.

    I also ran the system without the 120 mm fan and without the 92 mm
    fans... that doesn't seem smart to me...

    The harddisks went up in temperature after 20 minutes or so... and I
    started to get worried a little bit. So far it seems my hunch that they
    need a littttle bit of airflow seems correct.
    Though the harddisks haven't been used a lot yet... unless you think
    formatting is intensive... but I don't think it is. The thruth is I am
    still a little bit worried because the power supply might not be too
    intelligent... or maybe it is intelligent... it has some temperature
    readings according to the manual. Maybe later I ll change them back to
    connect to the motherboard. Because now I have enabled "q-fan control"
    in the bios.

    That reminds me I have a new little problem.

    The bios report 4 GB installed but it says only 2 GB can be used ?

    That's strange... I'll have to look into that later. For now I am quiet
    happy and statisfied... but ofcourse I want what I payed for lol.

    Anyway formatting 500 GB takes pretty long... like 2 hours or so. I
    wonder if it's really necessary... windows also offers quick format but
    I don't know if that's safe with an unformatted harddisks so I decided
    to play it safe and simply format it completely just this once ;)

    I also managed to install a little firewire port... Because the case
    already has a large firewire port but no small firewire port...

    So the cable of the firewire extension module was long enough... but
    just barely ;)

    I also tried installing the game/midi port with extra usb ports... I
    already have enough usb ports so I dont need those... but maybe I could
    need the game/midi port... However my audio equipment has so many
    modern inputs, it makes me wonder if old midi port is still used hehe

    Anyway it was possible to even connect the midi/game port... but I
    didn't feel comfortable with it... It would have to go around the
    graphics cards and then under them and then the cables would teach the
    heatsinks and heatpipes of the motherboard and the graphics cards... So
    that doesn't seem smart/safe to me. So I decided to leave the midi port

    Also the com port extension module has a way too short cable... It's
    impossible to connect with two dual slot graphics cards ;)

    Well com port is quite old... both my mouses are usb anyway.

    So I dont really need a com port any more.

    A big SIGH is with CD driver discs. I can understand why they still
    deliver those cd's with the products... it's mostly for people who
    don't have internet or are too lazy to download up-to-date drivers.

    For me I had little choice anyway... most of the drivers on the CD
    probably don't support xp 64 bit... or have bugs and are out of date

    So I spent quite some time downloading all the new drivers and
    installing them one by one.

    I am really statisfied with that. It went very well I must say.

    The last driver I installed was the x-fi elite pro driver.

    I simply first wanted to install all system drivers like chipset
    drivers etc. I also lost my pations with the noise from the graphics
    cards so I was desperate to install those drivers but the cd's drivers
    didn't work as mentioned above.

    Ofcourse the very first thing I did after windows xp 64 bit installed
    was to download all the new critical security patches.

    Actually before that I get a little bit frustrated because I wanted to
    transfer files from my old PC to my new PC via the new gigabit network
    card in the old pc etc...

    The network card is the 3COM 3C2000T and didn't come with any drivers.
    Also 3Com's support is terrible... their software is shitty...

    All I wanted was a fucking windows xp 32 bit driver... and here I was
    downloading cd's getting all kinds of crap installed... they asking me
    for personal information etc, etc, etc, etc. I am still fucking pissed
    as those pissers... because the card is still not working. Somewhere it
    says like it needs PCI 2.2 or 66 mhz or something so I dont know if my
    old pc and the new card will ever work together.

    So I wanted to do everything via the safe local area network... but I
    get really pissed and said to myself... nope, **** it... I am just
    going to connect the internet directly to my new pc lol.....

    Yesss.. that was a wise decision because that made everything a whole
    lot easier and smooooooth =D

    No need to transfer everything double etc... Bless thez internet eh ;)
    Lovely >D

    Oh yeah.. that reminds me... I still have to search for a BenQ driver
    for my windows xp... the drive is working but installing a
    new/specialized driver etc seems wise.

    The bad thing is probably that the cd's that came with the products
    have all kinds of other additional software.

    It would be nice if I could download the latests versions of those
    software products as well... but that doesn't seem really possible.

    I don't plan on using that anyway any time soon because I have lot's
    and lot's of stuff to do. Like re-install/re-download all kinds of
    handy tools and software which I am used too... and ofcourse
    configuring windows xp 64 bit a bit more to get more performance...
    which is kinda funny because this system is not breaking a sweat what
    so ever ;) but still... having all the shit running in the background
    is going to kill the performance sooner or later just as it happened
    with xp 32 bit ;)

    Well what more can I say let's see.

    Creative should have placed a warning somewhere like so:

    "Before disconnecting/connection (reconnecting) the ad-link make sure
    the speaker system is off or on standby"

    Orange Led = ON
    Red Led = OFF

    I saw the orange led and thought it was on standbye... but it was
    actually on !

    And when I plugged in the first green plug into the slot numbered with
    a 1 I could hear the speakers go crazy a bit... like electricity was
    leaking into it or something.

    I didn't sound too safe... so it's better to turn the spearker set
    off/on standby ;)

    Oh yeah one more thing to write about:

    AMD's Cool and Quiet seems kinda weird/strange... I am not sure if the
    system is now really more quiet... maybe it is or maybe it's not...

    But the weird thing is I can hear some kind of fan/noise frequently
    spin up and then spin down again... The sound is like a 1x speed cd-rim
    is spinning up and then spinning down... so it seems strange to me.

    I don't think this cool and quiet is really necessary... or maybe it
    is.. I am not yet sure... Maybe cool and quiet cools the cpu a little
    bit extra for longer life... I don't know about that.

    I still have an open case so I can hear every little sound and this
    spinning up and spinning down does sound kinda cool but also strange...
    I definetly need to test that some more in on/off state to figure out
    if it's a good thing or a bad thing noise-wise :)

    Now on-to-the-monitor as promised.

    Well the glitter effect is still very visibible.

    Furthermore VGA/DVI doesn't matter that much I think, but I am not sure
    because the graphics cards are now super cards so I can't compare it to
    the old cards... the image quality is the same though at least in
    windows. The only difference is that I can now go to full 1900x1200
    which I have on right now... that's kinda nice. Because first it was
    only 1900x1024 or something like that.

    Also the 64 bit HP drivers for the monitor seem better than the 32 bit
    drivers from the CD because when I installed those drivers in 32 bit
    xp... they didn't show up.

    I am going to do a test right now as I type... I will pivot my monitor
    which is quite a unique feature for this widescreen monitor to see if
    it finally works... because in 32 bit xp it didn't work... maybe it
    needs special software...

    Well first I copy&paste this text just in case anything weird happens


    Well I just pivoted the monitor... and nothing happened. So I had to
    turn my head 90 degrees to be able to read and use it etc.

    So I don't understand how to get the pivot/vertical thing working...

    I'll have to check into that some more... Maybe it needs special
    driver/software or maybe I need to enable some windows xp option or
    something ?

    The manual probably didn't explain it properly otherwise I would known
    by now...

    Or maybe I need to explore the cd some more... or their website...
    however I don't think any other software is there anymore.. oh well.

    Quake 3 played pretty well...

    I also noticed a "sync option" in game options...

    So quake 3 does have a sync option.

    I think the motion blue is now a tiny little bit less... but still

    The graphics did definetly improve a little bit.

    I also set com_maxfps to 500 just to see what the frame rate would be
    at everything high and at resolution 1600x1200 since quake 3 demo
    doesn't support 1900x1200.

    The frame rate was I think 400 fps second since it was flickering a
    bit... between 399 and 400 or something...

    I do have a slight headache probably of too little sleeping.. but they
    humming sound is also annoying me at the moment. (The case is on a
    wooden table...)

    Maybe the wooden table increases the noise that's also very believable.

    Well I have no energy to close the case anymore or to try anything

    So I'll leave that for tomorrow.

    Well the format is still not complete it still has like 33% to go or
    so... I can't tell because the format program of windows xp has no
    information expect a green bar...

    Oh well.

    It was kinda cool to see the green lights of the big rack lit up as
    soon as x-fi elite pro drivers were installed.

    Windows xp 64 bit does not detect x-fi elite pro soundcard so you won't
    have any sound via the card... you really need the drivers to have
    sound ;) :)

    Or you would need to use the audio drivers/onboard audio... I haven't
    even tried those yet...

    Maybe I'll try those as well to compare against the x-fi.

    All-in-all it's a pretty impressive dream pc.

    I think the sound is going to impress me the most as well as the
    graphics and the performance of cpu actually just everything lol.

    I already love dual core...

    There is zero lag and zero stutter what's so ever. I can simply work
    with browsers or whatever and have tasks running in the background.

    Totally wicked ! As expected ofcourse ;) :) =D

    Well time for me to sign off.

    Actually I noticed a little bug in my own udp file transfer software...
    the tabs are invisible... yeah I used this software to transfer a file
    across my little network.

    I have file sharing disabled because they warn it's unsafe and I don't
    trust it and it's gamble technology sometimes it works... sometimes it
    doesn't ;) At least that was my experience with it.

    At least with my own udp file transfer I know exactly what's going
    on... I can see the local interfaces/ip address... and ofcourse check
    the sub net masks on both computers via windows to check if they
    match... and the only other thing needed is a working ip/udp stack...
    so no tcp/netbios/or any other crap needed ;)

    What did surprise is that windows xp 64 bit actually claims that the 10
    megabit lan connection is bad or almost unusuable.. or something.

    It does this because in reality it's a 1000 megabit connection which
    can also work as 100 or 10 megabit...

    But I don't see any need for windows xp 64 bit to start dissing the 10
    megabit connection.

    10 megabit is just fine to transfer files.

    Transferring the demo with my own software just took under 2 minutes.

    The demo was 50 megabyte... So that's not a lot.

    So I rather have a faster lan connection in the future... so I will
    have to look into some more about this problem I am having on my old pc
    with the new nic as mentioned above...

    Most demos nowadays are 1 gigabyte or so... ofcourse I can simply
    download them from the net... and I will have to do that anyway since
    they not on my old pc anymore...

    Though I still have some iso's which I would like to transfer like...
    civilization 3 conquest... hmm hmm hmm... oh goodness... jummy... just
    thinking about playing that game on my new ultra pc is fucking great =D

    Yup... next weekend I will kick some major ass as usual... but this
    time it will just be "ultra" ass kicking that's all. With a little luck
    and a good strategy... and many cities I might even be able to take on
    3 or 4 players all against me at the same time hehehehe awesome.

    Well I am gonna take it slow...

    Actually when I was busy building my system ofcourse I did everything
    slow.. and when there was I problem I simply started singing:
    "Step by step, Oh baby" :):):) lol.

    Well time for a midnight snack... Gotta wait until the ntfs formatting
    is done.

    Ofcourse I could simply go play battlefield 2 demo right now...

    But I rather not risk it... Who knows the graphics might crash... or
    the game might crash and take the system down.

    I don't think that will happen... but let's face it... it's untested.. it could happen... hehe.

    As long as I am not sure... I am not taking any chances...

    But so far the system seems ultra stable. Since I did run the nvidia

    Actually the first time I ran the Nalu demo it was kinda strange...

    I literally was shocked.

    Because it was only running like 2 frames per second or so..

    I was like: "WTF ?!?!?!"

    "I have like two gtx 7900 512 mb graphics cards working in SLI mode..."

    "Are you going to tell me my cards are slower than a single 6800 card

    "Oh man no fucking way ?!"

    But then after 10 or 20 seconds or so the demo run flawlessly at high
    frame rates.

    I guess the system had to load or cache some textures or so.

    That was kinda a funny experience.

    If the graphics would have remained running at 2 fps I would have not
    been happy... no sir bob ! lol.

    I was amazed at the Mad Mod Mike demo.. it ran absolutely super fast
    and no freezes/lags or stutter what so ever.

    I don't know if these demos work with sli or not... euhm I think I can
    enable that in windows/drivers somewhere so it shows if it's working in
    sli and what it's doing or something... the drivers actually asked if I
    wanted to do that but I said no... I dont want strange things on my
    screen... most of the time anyway... later I ll figure it out... for
    now everything runs blazingly fast so there is no need really.

    However I do have something to complain about.

    The demo's only ran in 1024x786... and that's pretty tiny on a
    widescreen 1900x1200 which is running in native resolution with
    one-on-one pixels if you know what mean ;)

    Lol... I know what most people must be thinking... "Are you crazy ?
    1024x786 is more than enough I heard somebody already say lol"

    But trust me:

    As soon as you go widescreen with 1900x1200 you will never ever, never
    ever, never ever want to go back to 1024x786...

    That seems so tiny now... it's almost ridicilous, seriously !

    Ofcourse maybe these demos have a configuration somewhere to up the
    resolution but it would have been nice if this could be done
    "in-demo"... without having to leave the demo etc.

    Furthermore the Nalu demo was quite boring... it was amazing but also a
    bit boring at the same time...

    And the Mad Mod Mike is pretty cool.. but once you seen it a couple of
    times you pretty much done with it...

    So no need to go buy a big pc just for those two demos if you know what
    I am saying.

    I also really like the ultrax keyboard it's delicious to type on...

    It's also very quiet...

    Like two or three times as quite as a "normal/old style" keyboard.

    So if you have any noisy typing neighbours lol... simply give them an
    ultrax keyboard and the noise will go down a bit ;) =D =D =D

    The background of windows xp 64 bit also looks really nice on my

    It's blue and silverish.. yeah... everything is blue at the moment and
    as I programmer I know why... I read about that once... I actually made
    a blue gui in 1998 myself ;)

    So I was waaaaay ahead of microsoft at the time lol.

    The reason is pyschological... blue is... how do you say

    Black for example is the color of death.

    The rest of the colors I dont know anymore... Red is probably danger...

    And white is virtue...

    Man.. the formatting is still not done. DOH.

    I kinda like writing this stuff... it's surprisingly addictive... maybe
    it's because of the new ultrax keyboard.

    I just like typing to much on it !.


    I must force myself to end this post... STOP IT STOP IT STOP

    Some day I will write a complete and full but short summation report...
    with everything I bought and payed for etc... down to every little
    detail. And also performances and experiences... but all that is going
    to take so much time... man... I could take as long as maybe 3 months
    or maybe even 6 months before I am done evaluating this dream pc ;) !

    Oh well we'll see when I release the report... If I ever release...;)

    I ll try to do it much faster... within a few weeks or so... but don't
    hold me too it because I can't garantuee it what so ever.

    There is just soooo much to do and test and play and try out etc, etc,
    etc,etc, etc.

    One thing is for sure.... You can definetly expect more little
    reports.. just like this post... everytime I experience something
    new... be it good or be it bad =D

    Ok that's a nice ending hehehe.

    Skybuck ;) !!!!! =D
    Skybuck, Apr 13, 2006
  11. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    This is what I wrote:

    All I wanted was a fucking windows xp 32 bit driver... and here I was
    downloading cd's getting all kinds of crap installed... they asking me
    for personal information etc, etc, etc, etc. I am still fucking pissed
    as those pissers... because the card is still not working. Somewhere it

    says like it needs PCI 2.2 or 66 mhz or something so I dont know if my
    old pc and the new card will ever work together.

    Well I finally have that network card working in my old computer as

    I think the problem was simply that the card wasn't fitted right.

    This is a case/motherboard problem.

    I simply took the case/motherboard apart and fucked around with it... I
    was quite pissed at it.

    I decided to calm down and safe my old computer from a violent death.
    Yeah I was pissed at those assholes for selling me such a bad/junky
    case in the past...
    the case doesn't even have holes in the right place to hold up the
    motherboard so I had to use a wacky solution man !

    I was thinking about buying a new case for the old computer... but I
    thought it wasn't worth... I especially do not intend to buy anything
    at the fucking local store... that's for sure ;) Since this old
    computer has been of service for many years I decided it could run a
    few more years/months whenever I need it... good thing too.

    So I made sure the network card was fitted properly... and gently
    shutted the case and gently pushed it back to prevent the card from
    jumping out. (The motherboard is actually an asus p3v4x... so maybe you
    asus guys know what I am talking about when I say "pci card jumping out
    of their slots" hehe... but to be fair it's a bit of a case problem too
    :) Well at least the new computer doesn't have anything of those
    problems.. The new computer is just awesome and everything just fits
    correctly... except for the holes where the screws go for the cards...
    these are little bit tight and offset a millimeter... However the first
    card fitted perfectly... probably because the metal warmed up over
    night. The soundblaster fits pretty well as well.. the last graphics
    card's hole also fits a bit better but screw this a bit skewed.

    Yeah I have more complaint to report... it's about the chieftec case...
    The holders/fillings/metal things that fill up empty pci slots can
    easily come off if somebody accidently pushes them off at the back...
    thus it might shortcircuit the motherboard. Fortunately for me I had
    some extra spare parts/metal sealing things from older computers... So
    I simply attached one of those with a screw to fill the empte pci
    slot/hole nicely ;) =D Lucky me :D

    Actually I also noticed I used a wrong screw in the past for the old
    case... the curves on the screw were to close... I noticed that before
    a year ago or so when I built in my 120 GB drive... so while building
    my new pc I payed close attention to this little detail and made sure
    all screws were the correct ones. One can notice it if the screw simply
    doesn't attach properly or simply slides through a hole...

    Hmm let's see... yeah so maybe replacing that bad screw with a good
    screw for my old case made the old case a littttle bit better it
    probably doesn't matter much maybe only 0.00001 procent hehe. I also
    fucked around with the pci slots metal frame to try and push it down a
    little... maybe that helped a bit too.

    Anyway so far the gigabit connection is working ok. I also discovered
    which service is necessary to get more speed on the new PC... look for
    another thread about that ;)

    Skybuck, Apr 14, 2006
  12. Skybuck

    Chris C Guest

    Hi, take more, or maybe less, of those pills man, you need to chill out....
    Chris C, Apr 14, 2006
  13. Skybuck

    JimL Guest

    Please tone down your language.

    Some very young children, christians and others are offended by your
    fowl language.
    JimL, Apr 14, 2006

  14. I have turned 2.0 with mny BIOS. 2.1 can do my Board but 2.2 is
    Internet ISP, dear new Usenet User.

    Or try some other groups related to networking hardwqare-stuff :-.))

    Even that, Version 2 is also working in my PC. 2.0 or 2, what's the

    Using more than a PCI-NIC for serious Internetting, is nothing at all.
    The some hundred kb from the ISP can be managed easy, even with ISA.
    Not to mention ISDN and such, which needs no NIC at all.

    Be Happy!"

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Mandic
    Daniel Mandic, Apr 14, 2006
  15. Skybuck

    Craig Sutton Guest

    I think what he really needs is A CLUE. He spent all that money on his
    system he should of got the expert to assemble it rather than now having to
    spend hours fiddling around.
    Craig Sutton, Apr 15, 2006
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