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Discussion in 'Laptops' started by x11nt4, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. x11nt4

    x11nt4 Guest

    I am posting this after having issues with this and have found a
    solution. Being as I only have this on 1 IBM it is hard for me to say
    it will work for all, however, here it is...

    I SERIES 1400 2611-412

    Flash utility creates a bootable floppy. Contained within the floppy
    is a program called "IFLASH.EXE". You will have to boot using a real
    DOS boot floppy or Windows created boot floppy or copy command.com to
    the IBM made boot floppy to access dos command prompt.

    Now type IFLASH.EXE BIOSIMAGEFILENAME.BIN i.e "iflash.exe

    It will load from the floppy for a while. Let it sit and do it's thing
    untill it goes back to the command prompt. Now your bios is flashed to
    the latest one. To check this reboot and enter BIOS and verify the
    bios version.

    The IFLASH program is silent so be sure not to mistake it for a system
    crash or lockup and restart in the middle of it's flash as this will
    ruin the bios. Once it returns to the command prompt, it should be
    safe to restart the pc. I hope this helps others with this problem!
    x11nt4, Jun 26, 2006
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