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how to get coolbits to work with 45.23's?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Joe Schmoe, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    on w/xp home with gainward geforce 3ti 200 @ 200/450

    want to try coolbits instead of the gainward expertool 3.08 i am using
    now.but when i enter coolbits in registry it the tab where i can overclock
    from only shows 100 on each scale for core and memory.

    i heard coolbits doesn't work on whql drivers is this true?

    is there a way i can do it without an outside app running like the
    expertool,nvmax, ect.?

    Joe Schmoe, Nov 18, 2003
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  2. Joe Schmoe

    nobody Guest

    get nvhardpage
    nobody, Nov 18, 2003
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  3. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    sorry but if you read the post i would like to get it done WITHOUT and extra
    app, that is if this is possible.

    so please don't post without reading it isn't a help for me.

    i as the header says wish to find out how users are getting coolbits to work
    plain and simple.
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 18, 2003
  4. Joe Schmoe

    Yeeyoh Guest

    Hi you have to ad a regestry entry named (oddly enough) CoolBits then you
    have to modefy the value of this new entry to 3. the entry is under Hkey
    local machine/software/nvidia corperation/Nvtweak. Thats a dword value by
    the way and I think it's a binery value of 3.
    Good luck, I'm not a big fan of some of those other programs either,
    sometimes they seem like over kill if you just want to change the clock
    settings a little.
    Yeeyoh, Nov 18, 2003
  5. Joe Schmoe

    nobody Guest

    If you'd bothered to look at nvhardpage you'd know that it has a
    provision for enabling coolbits. Does not run in the background
    and also has serveral other useful utils included. As far as
    "please don't post without reading it isn't a help for me" you're
    a dumbass. Any 13 yo can activate coolbits. I invite you to
    kindly go **** yourself. You posted to an open group in the alt
    hierarchy and in case you don't know this makes the post open to
    replies.Ever hear of google you piece of worm shit? Try it
    sometime instead of cluttering up newsgroups with nonsense that's
    easily found by anyone with even a fraction af a common
    nobody, Nov 18, 2003
  6. Joe Schmoe

    Me Guest

    Mmmm, bit harsh but accurate !

    Me, Nov 18, 2003
  7. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    i have done that.
    i get the tab.

    my problem is the tab added only has core and mem clock scaled to 100 when
    in fact i am at 200/450 with expertool.

    so the problem is the SCALE on slider is 0 to 100 only.

    Joe Schmoe, Nov 19, 2003
  8. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    hey 14year old asshole if you were as smart as you profess to be you would
    see the PROBLEM is not ACTIVATING coolbits!

    the core and mem scale only go from 0 to 100 when activated.

    so read the original issue before spouting off to me.
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 19, 2003
  9. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    wrong christ i am only asking simple help on why the coolbits scale is only
    showing 0 to 100 for both memory and core clock.

    not the performance i am looking for when i am by default at 200/450 to
    begin with.

    shouldn't the scale show properly?

    it surely did with my old tnt2 ages ago.
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 19, 2003
  10. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    thank you for being kind enough to answer.

    i appreciate it.

    now i just need to find out why scale is 0 to 100 which i do believe is

    thanx again
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 19, 2003
  11. Joe Schmoe

    nobody Guest

    The original issue is that you are a moron with no business
    messing with mommy's pc.
    nobody, Nov 19, 2003
  12. Joe Schmoe

    Me Guest

    Again, harsh but true.

    I feel a certain bond here ! LOL.
    Me, Nov 19, 2003
  13. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest


    i don't take it personally its just usenets better qualities.
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 19, 2003
  14. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Guest

    i didn't mess with your mothers pc just her pussy and btw she is a fuckin'
    monguliod idiot so i can understand your problems in life
    Joe Schmoe, Nov 21, 2003
  15. Joe Schmoe

    Yeeyoh Guest

    The only thing I can think of is that the 0- to 100 might be a percentage.
    A percentage of what... Max potential speed. If it's the max max of what
    it can do I'd be careful since ussually you'd be able to tune any card way
    above hwat it sould normaly do without some major cooling etc.
    Maybe try deleting the coolbits entry and creating it again, that or, that
    on top of a fresh driver install might give you the ussual results.
    If that fails I tired NastyFileRemover, get rid of all the extra driver
    files, clean driver install, and then the the new CoolBits in NvidiaTweaks
    with a value of three.
    I guess it depends how much you want to get into it. Of course if you
    do the whole NFR thing first you might save yourself some time.
    Good Luck.
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yeeyoh, Nov 27, 2003
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