how to get my ipaq sreen repaired by warranty

Discussion in 'HP' started by Juan Manuel Castellano Sosa, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. On 6th August my ipaq 5455 screen turned white and nothing can be done.
    The ipaq works well but nothing is shown in the display.

    I opened a case with HP and the told me they'll take my ipaq to service
    the following day.
    I'm still waiting for them. I have called them everyday since 6th August
    and I always receive the same response:"We will take it tomorrow"

    I have sent three complaints thru website a 1 by phone and nobody calls
    me. (sometimes i check if my phone is working like a young loved guy does
    waiting for her girldfriend call)

    Last week I explain my problem here but my message dissapeared and I was
    banned from this forum. (I didn't use bad language)

    does ne1 here know how to solve my ipaq screen problem or how to do HP to
    take my little ipaq?

    Please help me!
    Juan Manuel Castellano Sosa, Aug 19, 2003
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