How to get spanning tree port state with SNMP (HP Procurve 2650) ?

Discussion in 'HP' started by anonipub, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. anonipub

    anonipub Guest


    Is there anyone who knows how to get the spanning port state on a HP
    Procurve 2650.

    I'm using 12 switch HP 2650 on my lan with RSTP protocol activated. I'd
    like to know in real time which port on which switch is in
    blocking/forwarding state...

    If someone knows the good OID, it interrests me !

    Is there a good network tool to draw a graphical network layer 2
    topology with spanning tree information ? I've tried LoriotPro but it
    seems to not work with RSTP protocol. Do you know another ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    anonipub, Jul 15, 2005
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  2. anonipub

    Hub Guest

    Finalement, j'ai fini par trouver. Pour ceux que ça intéresse :


    Testé sur Switch HP2650

    1 = disabled (rien n'est connecté au port du switch)
    5 = forwarding (le port fonctionne normalement et laisse passer le
    2 = blocking (le port est bloqué suite à la négociation spanning
    tree pour éviter une boucle)
    Hub, Jul 15, 2005
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