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how to get the DVI output working?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Sham B, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Sham B

    Sham B Guest

    Hi all

    I used to run my CRT monitor off the DVI output, because it is much more
    stable than the analog output (which has slight banding). Since upgrading
    to cat 3.10 and downgrading back to 3.7, the DVI out seems to be disabled,
    and I cant enable it. I remember a 'use alternative DVI output' checkbox on
    earlier versions of the drivers/control panel, but can find nothing now...
    any ideas how to get DVI back?

    Thanks in advance

    Sham B, Jan 17, 2004
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  2. Sham B

    Sonic Guest

    right click desktop- properties, display properties-settings-advanced,
    options and check Alternate DVI operational mode. This should be checked as
    default when the drivers were installed

    Sonic, Jan 17, 2004
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  3. Sham B

    Sham B Guest

    Hi Sonic, thanks for the info.
    I tried that but I cant see it on any tab, including the options tab

    On the options tab I see checkboxes for

    Show D3D warning messages
    Enable ATI taskbar icon application
    Show ATI icon on taskbar
    Disable quick resolution features

    I remember the Alternate DVI option being here, but its now gone on my
    machine (Cat3.7, 9500 pro, appears on properties as a 9700 pro because of
    BIOS mod).

    Looking at the displays tab, only the Monitor is enabled (YPbPs, TV, FPD are
    all disabled and unelectable). I guess I need to fool the driver into
    thinking I have a flatscreen display? (FPD)... but I have no idea how to do

    I am running a IIyama 19inch CRT btw, if that helps, and the catalyst driver
    correctly recognizes it as a HM903, but if I stop the driver using DDC
    information (Monitor tab then click on the monitor button to see the monitor
    properties, uncheck use DDC info) I still don't get any joy.

    My problem is definitely drivers. When I moved from cat 3.10 back to 3.7
    (stability/speed issues) the screen went blank and I didn't know what had
    happened until I moved the monitor cable... also, the card works on the DVI
    output fine on win98, where I didn't go to cat 3.10 (I have a dual booter)

    Those interference lines are minor in games, but they are driving me crazy
    because I do a lot of document editing and they look really bad on a white
    screen - headache inducing in fact :(

    Sham B, Jan 18, 2004
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