How to import multiple song/artist info to iTunes from self-made CD using database/spreadsheet info

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Paul Soderman, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I have a batch of self-made CD-Rs which I'd like to import to iTunes
    for use on an iPod. I know how to do the import work, but I'd like to
    avoid having to manually input the song/artist info. Since these are
    all compilation CDs with multiple different artist/year of recording
    information, it would not really help me to do a "multiple" input of
    info manually (using the "Get Info" menu/window), as I would not be
    saving any time since I'd have to type in the name of the song and
    then artist and year, from scratch. (ie. even a multiple field like
    "artist" would not be used, since each song has a different artist).

    If the CD had been something that would be found online, this would
    not be a problem, since the iTunes software would search Gracenote or
    whatever internet database and then permit the easy import of the
    music files and the accompanying information. I don't have that
    option, since I made these CDs myself; however, I do have database
    files for the CDs which have tab-delineated fields for the song/artist/
    year etc. Ideally, I'd like to use these files to either have iTunes
    grab the information or use a copy/paste action to have the entire
    information input into iTunes before the CD is imported/ripped. The
    databases I have exist in either FileMaker Pro, Excel or Appleworks

    Hopefully, I've described what I'm looking to do with sufficient
    clarity to get some help. Is there any way I can do this? I'm running
    iTunes 7.2 on a Mac with OS 10.4.9. Much thanks for any help!

    Paul Soderman, Jun 3, 2007
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  2. I suppose that such a script would be what I'm looking to use or
    compile. As I've never written one before, any help that could be
    offered would be much appreciated!
    Paul Soderman, Jun 3, 2007
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  3. Paul Soderman

    Barbarossa Guest


    I strongly recommend that you look into 'Copy-Paste-X':


    Shareware; $30

    I understand your problem, as I have some 83,000 tracks, many
    of which I have had to correct myself.

    Using a clipboard manager like 'Copy-Paste-X' you can "stack"
    multiple "copies" from the Database into the clipboard palette
    and then switch to the "Get Info" of the track and then Click,
    Tab, Click, Tab, ... &c.

    I do this, for instance, when I have a Books-on-CD that can
    run anywhere from 5 to 26 CDs long. The Gracenote CDDB is
    remarkably full of Misinformation, Malinformation, and
    Noninformation and even when the Info is nearly correct it never
    is in the format that I like to use. So, 'Copy-Paste-X' is

    Further it is always best to correct all the info on the CD-R
    BEFORE you rip, as you will be simply correcting words on the
    screen. If you try to correct mp3 or m4a tag info AFTER you rip
    you will be correcting 3 or more levels of metadata, not to
    mention moving files and folders around - it literally takes ten
    times as long, no kidding!
    Barbarossa, Jun 4, 2007
  4. Paul Soderman

    J. Stewart Guest

    I'm also not aware of any pre-canned method but I can tell you that an
    Applescript that can do this is possible to write assuming you know the
    basics. The problems would be the time required for it to run which is
    dependent on the number of tracks/records involved and error checking.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the easiest, I'd rate it as a 3 or 4

    If you'd care to contact me off list we can discuss it in more detail.

    J. Stewart, Jun 4, 2007
  5. I'd be willing to give AppleScript a try. While I haven't yet tried to
    create any scripts, since it is a Mac I suppose that things can't be
    too unduly difficult. I have only 3 fields which need to be imported,
    "Song", "Artist" and "Year", which would be inserted into the
    appropriate boxes on iTunes. In theory, I would think that I would
    essentially be directing the Mac to do a series of cut and paste
    operations from the database/spreadsheet file into the iTunes window
    where "Get Info" would be revealing the track names to be imported
    from the CDR.

    I did take the suggestion offered as to the shareware "CopyPaste";
    however, I was unable to get it to open the spreadsheet file in
    question. I cut and pasted from that file into the CopyPaste program,
    but was unable to figure out how it was supposed to get the data into
    iTunes. If anyone could direct me to a site where I might be able to
    figure out how to create such a script, it'd be appreciated!
    Paul Soderman, Jun 4, 2007
  6. Paul Soderman

    Barbarossa Guest


    'Copy-Paste-X' does not open other files; it is a Multiple
    Clipboard Manager.

    When you open any document you Highlight the Text or Image you
    want and click Commmand+C just as usual.

    The difference is that you can do this 10 or 20 times in a row
    to get all the Info necessary.

    At this very moment I am ripping a 10-CD Book-On-CD with the
    following Info:

    Cornwell, Bernard


    Sharpe 10.5: Sharpe's Fury

    Sharpe and the Siege of Cadiz - Winter 1811

    Read by Steven Crossley

    Winter 1811 - An attack on a French held bridge goes
    disastrously wrong and Sharpe finds himself in Cadiz under French
    siege and culminating at the Battle of Barossa. Sharpe is stuck
    with the task of recovering some incendiary letters by any means.

    Books: Novels - Sharpe

    After doing this I fix the Track names with:

    #10.5 Sharpe's Fury - Track 09-**

    replacing the ** with the Track number (the 09 being the Disk
    number.) I usually keep the Track Info in the first (#1) Palette
    position so I can just hit Command+V to Paste in the usual manner.

    When dealing with individual Track Names and Track Numbers for
    multiple songs on one Album, the iTunes Info Box has both a
    'Next' and a 'Previous' button so you can go up or down as


    It is best and fastest to do this BEFORE you rip (i.e., onto
    the CD Info) but it works the same either way.

    In 'iTunes:'

    If the Album has the same Info for multiple tracks,
    Click/Highlight one of the tracks and then click Command+A to
    select 'All.' Then click Command+I to 'Get Info.'

    If doing one track at a time Click/Highlight the Track and
    click Command+I to 'Get Info.' Then click on the 'Info' Tab.

    You can try this a few times without hurting or changing
    anything. Play around a bit. Do this on a copy of a Track if you

    You will note that when first opened the 'Info' dialog box has
    the first item, 'Artist' highlighted. In my case, I would hold
    the cursor over the 'P' palette in CopyPaste and then click on
    the P next to the copied artist's name: Cornwell, Bernard

    Then click Tab; the Highlight will move to 'Year.' I would then
    click on the P in the Palette next to the copied year: 2006

    Then click Tab, Tab. This will bring you down to: 'Album.'
    I would then click on the P next to: Sharpe 10.5: Sharpe's Fury.

    [If the title seems a little arcane to you, it is an early
    version of a system I tried to keep things in order. Bernard
    Cornwell does NOT write his Sharpe stories in chronological

    And so on until all the info is added.

    If you see that something in one of the copied lines needs
    changing, you may DoubleClick on the line in the Palette and it
    will open in a TextEditor (neat, huh?)

    If you wish to eliminate any copied line in a Palette, ShiftClick
    on the line and it will disappear. You should also play around
    with this, too.

    Remember that the usual clicks - Cut, Copy, Paste work in the
    usual manner with the exception that 'CopyPaste-X' REMEMBERS the
    last 20 or so copies or cuts you made so that you can go back to
    them and use them over and over, and even edit them. Also
    remember that the LAST thing you copy is always at the top of the
    list, and that is what is pasted when you hit Command+V.

    Album art may only be added to the Mp3 or M4a AFTER ripping;
    you cannot add artwork (or anything else) to a CD.
    Barbarossa, Jun 5, 2007
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