How to manage color? (FrameMaker 5.5, OSX/9.2.2, Tek740 Printer)

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Marc Heusser, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Marc Heusser

    Marc Heusser Guest

    I am new to color management and need some help:
    Here's the problem:
    I assign Pantone Colors (eg Pantone 273 CVC) in FrameMaker 5.5 to
    objects, and they come out rather different (from Pantone samples on
    paper) on my Tektronix Phaser 740 Plus printer (now Xerox).

    I tried different settings in the Print dialog (no color correction,
    Europress, sRGB) to no avail.

    I try to copy a deep blue (highly saturated CM, no black in it/no YK)
    that was produced on an Epson 1270 Photo Printer (inkjet).
    The color comes out with too much black K in it.
    What am I doing wrong?

    What worries me most is that I tried to change CM values in FrameMaker,
    and it did not make any difference (eg from 100% C, 94% M to 100% C, 89%

    I'd need instructions on what to install (and where to get it), settings
    FrameMaker runs in Classic (9.2.2) under OS X (10.2.6)

    I cannot find ColorSync under the control panels in OS 9.
    Also I currently seem not to have installed an ICC color profile for the

    The application is business stationery, flyers and business cards.

    Help in setting up ColorSync or any other hints most appreciated!



    Marc Heusser - Zurich, Switzerland
    Coaching - Consulting - Counselling - Psychotherapy
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    Marc Heusser, Aug 8, 2003
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  2. Non-PostScript Inkjet printers usually expect RGB data, even though
    they use CMYK inks.
    If you send CMYK data to an inkjet printer, the CMYK values will be
    converted to RGB before printing. This conversion occurs in the
    printer, and you have no way of controlling it. The only way I know
    for circumventing this behavior is to reverse-engineer the printer
    driver in order to write your own custom driver.
    In summary, don't expect to get a good match between a CMYK file
    on a PostScript printer and the same file on an inkjet printer.
    That's strange, because ColorSync is automatically installed
    with OS 9. Maybe you should try installing it from your CD.
    I'm using FrameMaker 7 with exactly the same OS as you, and
    ColorSync is definitely available.

    You are not alone having problems with color management. Maybe
    it would be a good idea to visit Adobe's Color Management user
    forum, since the problem you are encountering is not specific to
    <[email protected]>

    I would also recommend the recently published "Real World Color
    Management", by Bruce Fraser et al. (ISBN 0-201-77340-6). It's
    a really thorough, practical introduction to this complex subject.

    Nicolas Rudaz, Aug 9, 2003
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  3. Marc Heusser

    Tim Murray Guest

    There is some more information at my Web site, Look in the left column about half way down
    for "working with color".
    Tim Murray, Aug 10, 2003
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