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How to recover from Bluetooth headset pairing problem?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Mickey Segal, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Mickey Segal

    Mickey Segal Guest

    This may not be Tablet PC specific, but something went wrong in pairing a
    Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset to a Motion Computing LS800. I
    was surprised that this happened since the same headset paired to an LS800
    previously with no problem.

    Does anyone know how to recover from such situations, or know of a good
    place to ask about Bluetooth specific issues? It sounds like there is some
    re-setting I need to do but short of re-imaging the hard drive I don't know
    how to do this. The headset people say they don't do computers and the
    computer people are not comfortable with headsets, so it seems that one is
    caught in-between.

    The gory details:

    Using the Add New Connection Wizard I see "Searching for Bluetooth devices"
    followed by "PLT 510 v.G" appearing under "Device Name" for "Bluetooth
    device". After clicking on the device I get a message "Now connecting to
    your Bluetooth device. If an Authentication is required a dialogue appears
    where you need to enter your Pass key (PIN code) for the
    Bluetooth device". However, no Pass key request comes up and soon there is
    a message "Connecting to remote device. Please wait..." followed soon by a
    Dialog saying: "Connection failed".

    Earlier in the process I was asked for a Pass key and the wizard hung after
    offering a driver upgrade and warning not to accept it (I didn't accept it).
    I know how to put the headset into pairing mode and it is fully charged and
    not connected to the charger.
    Mickey Segal, Aug 31, 2006
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  2. Mickey Segal

    Chris H. Guest

    Have you tried using a Restore Point from System Restore? As to the warning
    on the driver, it could just be a case that the particular driver hasn't
    cleared Microsoft's hardware compatibility testing yet. If you know the
    source, and trust it, then try accepting.
    Chris H., Aug 31, 2006
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  3. Mickey Segal

    Mickey Segal Guest

    The driver that Motion uses is from Toshiba. Also, I am no longer offered
    either a driver or an opportunity to put in a Pass key, so I don't seem to
    be offered the opportunity to start again. It would be great if there were
    a way of restoring the Bluetooth situation to its factory state.

    I suppose I could try a Restore point. What does that do to anything
    program installed since the Restore point?
    Mickey Segal, Aug 31, 2006
  4. Mickey Segal

    Mickey Segal Guest

    Chris, you have saved me once again. I realized that I hadn't installed any
    software since the Bluetooth fiasco so I went back to the latest restore
    point before the Bluetooth. With the headset on the computer offered to
    look for drivers for the headset, and I cancelled the dialog not wanting to
    get into the problem I had before. But the pairing then didn't work - I was
    told that "Headset functions not supported in current hardware environment".
    I went back again to the same restore point, and this time first opened up
    the Add New Connection Wizard and went more than 10 meters away and put the
    headset into pairing mode before coming back into the room. I then went
    through the pairing procedure, entered my pass key and was asked again about
    drivers and let the driver be installed from my hard drive. This worked.

    I'm not sure what is the best procedure to follow, but it seems crucial to
    go through the driver process but do it from the hard drive, at least for
    this combination of hardware. I'm still not sure whether I needed to go
    into pairing mode in a different room, but it worked.

    The steps I went through to initialize some programs seem to have been lost,
    even some done before the restore point, but it looks like no great harm was

    Thanks again.
    Mickey Segal, Aug 31, 2006
  5. Mickey Segal

    Chris H. Guest

    Well, I can't really answer for the "some programs" but the Restore Point
    returning the functionality you wanted is good. :cool:
    Chris H., Aug 31, 2006
  6. Mickey Segal

    Mickey Segal Guest

    I have a log of everything I installed and I installed iTunes days before
    the restore point, yet after the restore iTunes went through the same bunch
    of initialization questions as it did the first time I opened it. Cool Edit
    2000 did the same thing. I don't really understand what System Restore
    does, but it clearly more complicated than just going back to a particular
    point. But it fixed the problem and I'm impressed.

    Thanks again, Chris, for your help. I'm glad these situations play out in
    newsgroups so others can find them and be saved as well.
    Mickey Segal, Aug 31, 2006
  7. Mickey Segal

    Chris H. Guest

    That's interesting Mickey (and you're welcome). System Restore monitors
    files NOT under the My Documents section, and changes which occurred in My
    Programs, for instance would be changed to the state they were in at the
    time the Restore Point was created. The idea is SR doesn't touch "our" user
    files (for all users with accounts on the computer), but will change
    "system-wide" type files including, but not limited to, everything stored
    under C:/ EXCEPT My Documents.

    It will also monitor (if the user doesn't disable SR thereon) additional
    partitions on the hard drive. My recommendation when someone downloads
    files is either keep them on a second partition which is UNmonitored by SR,
    or in a folder such as Downloads or Program Updates under the My Documents
    Chris H., Aug 31, 2006
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