How to remove 79.00FE error message?

Discussion in 'HP' started by freelait2000, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. freelait2000

    freelait2000 Guest

    Our HP LaserJet 4000 printer has developed a problem:79.00FE in the LCD
    panel. We have known it is related PostLevel2 language. Some printing
    files have some language which is not support by the present printer.

    I have cold start several times. After it reinitialized and to the
    factory settings for a period of time(minutes, or so), the 79.00FE
    message appears again. I even cannot print a test page from the

    How to remove the problem? i.e. I want to print normal file, not the
    one causes the problem.

    Thanks in advance
    freelait2000, Mar 17, 2005
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  2. Omigosh!

    That error message is incredibly obscure and rare. But believe it or
    not, it just happened to me. It was not listed in my service manual. I
    had to search all over to find it.

    However, in my case it happened on a Laserjet 8000. This printer had
    been shipped halfway across the continent to me and was functioning
    when it left. The seller is experienced in Laserjets of all types, so
    I was surprised that this error slipped past them. On the other hand,
    it would occur only at random times. Sometimes the printer would run
    for several thousand pages before the error suddenly popped up. So
    maybe it was doing it and they just didn't happen to run into it. When
    the error happened the only way to recover was to cycle the power.

    Eventually I found a reference to it on The
    description there is a bit vague, but it appeared to point to a
    problem with the formatter board. Luckily I have another 8000 here
    that has always funtioned fine. Suspecting that my printer had been
    damaged in shipping, I swapped the formatter boards and tried a long
    print job. After 40,000 pages the error never reoccurred. I now have
    another formatter board on the way.

    But having said all that, the description of the error message did
    mention the possibility of software and application problems creating
    this error message. In my case I knew that was not the case, because I
    was printing the same PDF files that I have printed for a long time to
    my other 8000.

    You should go to and read what it says about
    79.00FE Error Message.
    Marek Williams, Mar 23, 2005
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