How to take apart Solo 9300 battery

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Ed Kirstein, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Ed Kirstein

    Ed Kirstein Guest

    I want to get into the battery on my Solo 9300 to replace them. Does anyone
    know how to open the battery case without doing damage to the case. Any
    advice on battery replacement.
    Ed Kirstein, Aug 2, 2003
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  2. Ed Kirstein

    Quaoar Guest


    Quaoar, Aug 2, 2003
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  3. Ed Kirstein

    Ed Kirstein Guest

    Hey guys, I'm a little beyond that. I have the battery off the computer,
    I'm trying to find out the secret to opening the battery module to get
    inside it.

    Ed Kirstein, Aug 3, 2003
  4. You mean you want to open the battery, see what is inside?! I have no idea
    how you can do that. If it's plain curiosity, maybe breaking with a hammer
    would do the job. It looks quite solid. Be careful though, batteries use
    acids to operate and these can be quite harmful. Unless you really know what
    you are doing (and have some expertise with such things), it's better to
    leave it as it is. If you want to repair it, it's easier and safer to get a
    new one.

    Friendly, Kostas.
    Constantine XV, Aug 3, 2003
  5. Ed Kirstein

    Ed Kirstein Guest

    That's seems like a pretty good price ($125 from Gateway). I did get into
    the module. Turns out you have to peel off the label and then cut a thin
    plastic grid off. The batteries are glued in but pryed out easily. Trouble
    is, that a couple of small circuit boards came out with the batteries and I
    mean-with chips on them. So I don't think theirs much chance of connecting
    new batteries in the module. I guess now I'll wait on getting a new pak,
    since I don't really use the laptop much anymore, cause of my new desktop.
    Hard to justify spending the money. I think its a crime that these battery
    paks seem to just last through your warranty period, 3 years,
    and then cost so much to replace. Oh well. I guess my cordless drill will
    be the next expensive battery I'll have to replace.

    Ed Kirstein, Aug 5, 2003
  6. Ed Kirstein

    aft Guest

    I wonder if the Standard Idiot test was made for these people!!
    Not an insult, just an observation.

    The initial post was quite clear, but as always the true information has
    been diluted.
    However, there is an element of truth in don't mess if you don't know what
    you are doing.

    There are tabs that hold the battery togeather all the way around its
    perimeter, not easy to open though.

    aft, Aug 8, 2003
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