How to use Cannon IP5000 via WLAN via LPD/LPR

Discussion in 'Apple' started by stuie_norris, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. stuie_norris

    stuie_norris Guest

    Hi All,

    I have installed a Wireless LAN that has a USB port for LPD/LPR
    printing and I am trying to get my Cannon IP5000 working.

    I know the IP address and the port name for the USB port on the
    Wireless Router. Using the generic printer driver I can see the
    printer go to active - but nothing comes out.

    Can I use this non-postscript printer to using LPD/LPR?

    When I add the printer via LPD / LPR I cannot select the Cannon Driver
    all thought it is installed. I mean I can add it as a USB printer.

    How do I select the printer driver to use via LPD/LPR?

    I cannot locate a PPD for the Cannont IP5000. Is that what I am
    looking for?

    Anyone got a buble jet printer working using WLAN connection or is this
    only for postscripts.


    stuie_norris, Apr 8, 2006
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