HP 2133 netbook, worth repairing? (XPOST from hp.misc)

Discussion in 'HP' started by arne thormodsen, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. (I just found this group, maybe it's better than hp.misc for this sort of

    I rececently picked up a very dead HP 2133 netbook.

    A little research on the web seems to indicate that these had a pretty high
    early failure rate on the motherboards at initial release (must of cost us a
    bit for warrantees). The one I have seems to have failed in the
    "characteristic" way, the power switch works and the battery charges, but
    that's the end of it. I took it apart and pulled out the mobo and took a
    look (BTW, the folks that build these must have better eyes than me, and
    really tiny fingers or good tools. It took +2.5 reading glasses and jewelry
    tools for me to get it apart rather clumsily). There's nothing obviously
    wrong like charred traces or broken connectors.

    A little more digging around and I found replacement motherboards on Ebay
    from around $140 up.

    So is it worth trying the replacement? I'm worried on a couple of accounts.
    One is that the mobos are graymarket pulls from returned units and so
    suspect. The other is that even a new mobo may still have the same
    reliability problems as the originals.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    arne thormodsen, Jan 17, 2010
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