HP Deskjet 694c not feeding

Discussion in 'HP' started by Me, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Me

    Me Guest

    Hi all. My brother has inherited an HP Deskjet 694c. It is recognized by
    Windows XP with the driver installed (even uninstalled and reinstalled the
    driver). I have tried to use it on two XP systems.

    When I go to print, the paper is sucked in for a brief second, just inching
    forward, then it stops, the yellow light on the top right flashes, and I
    will get an error in XP stating that the document failed to print.

    I emailed HP and they suggested the uninstall/reinstall of the driver,
    refresh the port, and remove and reinstall the ink cartridges. All to no

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in adavance.
    Me, Jul 27, 2004
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  2. Me

    Ben Myers Guest

    Try a diagnostic test. Power off the printer. Power it on holding down both
    printer buttons at the same time. This should make the 694c print its own
    built-in test page. Make sure that the paper is properly aligned in the input
    tray. If the test fails, either some foreign material is keeping paper from
    feeding (I removed some material from an HP V40 OfficeJet the other day, and it
    works OK now.) or the paper feed rollers are dried out or worn out. If the
    latter, the simplest thing to do to get the rollers working again is to rub a
    very light coating on the surfaces of the rollers using a clean lint-free cloth.
    Wipe off all excess fluid. That should get the rollers to grip the paper again.
    If not, the printer is history, not worth repairing. Which may explain why your
    brother "inherited" it. Or was it left to him in someone's will? If so, I hope
    he got something else more valuable. These old printers are a dime a dozen, not
    worth repairing with new ones selling for as low as $50... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jul 27, 2004
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