HP deskjet 970 cxi USB Windows XP problem

Discussion in 'HP' started by gerryhandke, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. gerryhandke

    gerryhandke Guest

    Hope this isn't too long-winded - all help appreciated.
    I have been using a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 970cxi printer for a few
    years with an old 486, with which it is fine if a bit slow. Now I've
    got a current model laptop (a Fujitsu-Siemens 1500 mhz, inexpensive but
    it does everything I need otherwise) which only has USB connector
    slots. So I bought the cable, found the computer won't take the old
    software. This seems to be okay as there's a version of the driver in
    Windows. But having installed that I am having problems printing. If
    I try to print from Mircroft Works' Word or Publisher, it does nothing,
    no light blink or anything (I found the light did blink when i
    experiemented with using the XP generic driver, but then it stopped and
    nothing else happned). I've tried the trouble shooter, and all I've
    found sometimes helps is to restart the computer: and this is my key
    clue, at a guess, when the computer has started up again suddenly the
    printing tasks start turning up in the printer, which suggests things
    are almost okay, but what's happening here? why does it need this?
    (The troubleshooter regards this as the problem being solved - but I
    don't think so, because the next time I put the computer on another day
    or later in the day I'm back at square one.) I've tried uninstalling
    the printer software/ deleting the printer and then adding it again,
    but I've found that it doesn't delete everything anyway, so I've been
    doing it manually by finding the hp folder and deleting it (after
    deleting the printer in the usual way). The cable I bought would seem
    to be okay.
    I've tried connecting things up differently, both following the
    manual's advice and not doing so (the latter because it's procedure
    pertains to using the accompanying outmoded cd). I'm not out of ink.
    The printer works fine with the 486 still.
    USB is enabled, with printing support, so it's not that. And the
    port the printer is connected to is usb001. LPT1 is not relevant is
    it? There is no traditional parallel port or lead being used. (This
    printer has a parallel connection which necessitated buying a lead with
    usb at one end and parallel at the printer end.)
    This isn't a case of having to reinstall Windows XP from scratch, is
    it? I mean, to be sure that all the old trace of HP software is gone
    so that the printer is connected before there's any software going in?
    I would prefer to put up with having to restart the computer than do
    that, so long winded and nerve-racking, plus I've put so much software
    and music on the computer in the last week that would be tedious and
    daunting to do again. I suspect this won't be necessary, that there
    must be a way round it.
    I've looked at the HP site and wonder if the driver in Windows was
    faulty or something, or maybe there's just some line in a sys or ini
    file somewhere that can be tweaked. My next step is downloading it's
    driver, but I fear it may be what I've got.
    I would be extremely grateful for a clued-up person's input. If you
    need me to answer any thing before you can know what to say, go ahead.
    I've looked at other people's questions in these groups but their
    problems were different.
    gerryhandke, Mar 31, 2005
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  2. gerryhandke

    Steven Guest

    Hi there,

    You need the correct drivers for windows xp.

    I'm running the same printer on my windows xp computer via USB and it works
    like a gem.

    You can get the drivers here:


    If you can, download the full feature drivers and follow the instructions on
    the site.

    In brief, you unplug the printer, install the drivers, reboot, then plug the
    printer in and it will auto detect and should work nicely for you.

    Good luck.

    Steven, Apr 1, 2005
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  3. gerryhandke

    gerryhandke Guest

    I have put the site driver on now, but things aren't very rational. At
    first it didn't detect the printer, and then stumbling around in the
    dark I got it to accept the printer was there by putting the XP built
    in driver back on, rebooting and then running the site's full driver
    software again, which I stored on CD so I could wipe it all off the
    hard drive if necessary. Now what happens is that the computer will
    print out from, for example, Word or Publisher, but using the 970cxi
    driver, not the 970c series one which is what I got fron the site. The
    970c series one appears to start to print but in fact gives up after a
    couple of lines and ejects the paper as if finished. It might seem
    like I've been a bit irrational myself, but things didn't proceed in
    any sensible way as far as the installation goes, so I just tried to
    salvage it in the way I've described.
    What I can do now is put the 970c series toolbox on, ask it to print
    a text page - without doing this it won't talk to the printer - and
    from then on I use the 970cxi sriver from whatever program I'm printing
    from. I also seem to have to turn the printer on *after* the computer
    is all fully on with Windows running. If I put the printer on first no
    printing can be done.
    If I delete the 970cxi driver now - in as far as my attempts will
    allow this, as there always seems to be traces of it somewhere - will
    the 970c series driver work? i.e. is this abandoned printing from the
    970c series driver to do with driver conflict or something like that?
    I also found that the 970c series driver wouldn't be able to check
    how much ink was left in the cartridge - it couldn't communicate in
    that direction. I remember this function used to work when i was
    running the full software on my old computer.
    Hope someone can help with this, bizarre as it might sound at times.
    gerryhandke, Apr 9, 2005
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