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HP DTC 16RX terminalserver and V120

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Robert Rutten, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. L.S.

    In our server farm, we use the HP DTC 16RX terminal server to access the
    console ports of our SUN and HP machines. This terminal server has a UTP
    connection for console port. To use this console servers with, for example,
    a Ultra 5 I'm using a UTP->25p converter. In this connector, only 5 pins are
    used. This works fine.

    Our new servers, the V120, have a UTP connector for serial port. I'm looking
    for the correct pin settings for a patchcable, so that I can connect the HP
    terminal server to the serial port of the V120's serial port.

    In the manual, SUN refers to a roll-over cable if you use a Cisco terminal
    server. But a roll-over cable doesn't work with our HP terminal server.

    I've been doing some research on the console port of a Ultra 5 and come up
    with the following:

    The U5 get the following signals on it's console port (using a UTP->25P

    P2: TXD_A
    P3: RXD_A
    P7: GND
    P8: DCD_A
    P22: NC (not used by the U5)

    These are the only pins that are used on the converter. I've opened the
    converter and traced the pins to the RJ45 connector:

    25P - RJ45
    P2 -> P1
    P3 -> P3
    P7 -> P6
    P8 -> P5
    P22 -> P4

    The cat5 cable from the terminal server to the sun U5 is a straight cable.
    So the signals on the converter are the same as on the pins of the terminal
    server. So, now I know what signals are comming from the terminal server.
    Using the sun V120 manual, I've come up with the following:

    Terminal - V120
    P1 - P3 (TXD)
    P3 - P6 (RXD)
    P6 - P4 and P5 (GND)
    P5 - P7 (DSR)
    P4 - not used.

    at1105.link says: Modems: The V100 and V120 have no DCD line on their serial
    ports, but they map DSR to DCD on at least port B. So I'm thinking of NOT
    using P7.

    Is this the correct way to connect these two components?

    Kind regards,
    Robert Rutten
    Robert Rutten, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Robert Rutten

    Greg Andrews Guest

    It sounds like Celeste's info is worded a bit confusingly. The V100
    and V120 have a single pin on their RJ45 connector that the manual
    labels "DSR/DCD".

    It's labeled that way because that pin is connected electrically to
    both the DSR input and the DCD input to the serial port chip (UART).
    When an attached device drives that pin on, Solaris will think both
    the DSR and DCD signals turned on together. When the device drives
    the pin off, Solaris will think both DSR and DCD turned off.

    So you can treat that pin on the V100/V120 as either DSR or DCD,
    whichever you like.

    My advice is to not perform RJ45-to-DB25 conversions in your cable.
    That's unnecessary unless you're forced to use ordinary RS232
    cables between the terminal server and computer. If you're not
    forced to use ordinary cables, make a custom cable that crosses
    over the RS232 signals between the two connectors.

    If you post the pinout of the terminal server's RJ45 connector,
    then folks on this group (such as myself) could give you a cable
    wiring that could connect the terminal server directly to the

    Greg Andrews, Sep 6, 2003
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  3. Well, that's the problem. It looks like we're the only company using these
    terminal servers. We don't have any documentation on the things. They have
    been ordered 5 jears ago. And I can't find ANYTHING on the Internet nor on
    the site's of HP and Compaq.

    That is why I tryed reverse engineering on the Ultra5 serial connection. By
    looking at the signals served to the U5, I tryed to lookup the pin output
    from the terminal server. That's what I've tred to discribe.

    So what I think the pinout of the terminal server should be is:

    Kind regards,
    Robert Rutten, Sep 8, 2003
  4. After some testing I've found the right way to 'cross' the cables in a Cat5,
    RJ45 -> RJ45 cable:

    1 -> NC
    2 -> NC
    3 -> 1
    4 -> 6
    5 -> 6
    6 -> 3
    7 -> 5
    8 -> NC

    I've tested it, and it works.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Kind regards,
    Robert Rutten, Sep 8, 2003
  5. Robert Rutten

    Rick Jones Guest

    You might be able to find other folks using those devices in

    The DTC's (in general) were most commonly (iirc) used with the S800
    systems, which means primarly MPE/XL and MPE/iX - those folks
    "hang-out" in comp.sys.hp.mpe.

    The DTC started-out as the "avesta" console/terminal server for those
    systems, back in the 1987ish timeframe. It did get various upgrades
    over the years; from what I can tell, the last of them entered their
    "last five years of support" back in 1998 and just came out of it in

    There may also be some discussion of the DTCs in the HP ITRC Forums,
    which I believe you can find following support links from www.hp.com.
    A google search on "dtc 16 pin out" also finds a number of hits.

    Going to http://docs.hp.com/ and using "dtc 16 pin" as a search term
    also finds a number of hits, some of which may be of use when trying
    to find the pin-outs on the RJ45's.


    rick jones
    Rick Jones, Sep 8, 2003
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