HP DV1000 (855GM chipset) mobo charging issues!

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by cyriously, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Apr 27, 2007
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    A friend of my wife's game me an HP DV1000 series to look at because it would not power up. After verifying symptoms, I disassebled it to the motherboard noting a blown capacitor and a burned (melted) ribbon cable attaching the keyboard to the mobo. I replaced the cap. and keyboard, cleaned the board, fans, vents, etc. and reassembled it. The unit powered up and booted. However, I noted the charging indicator on the front edge continuously flashed inicating a low battery. After several days, this new problem remained. After checking the AC to DC adaptor, the DC socket on the mobo and the battery, I have determined the problem exists with the mobo, itself. The suspected battery charged on a similar laptop using the problem laptop's adaptor ruling them out as the problem. For good measure, I have reflowed the DC jack connections, but the problem remains. To further rule out the battery and adaptor I used those of the known good laptop and the problem remained. Unplugging both the battery and DC power from the problem board and then reattaching them momentarily attempts to charge the battery but then reverts back to the flashing low battery indicator. My question to my fellow readers is: "Does anyone know of common components or other things to check in order to restore proper charging on this model?" Testpoints/voltages for the charging circuits and/or a list of the components in this circuit would be very helpful. I realize this is a multilayer board so it is hard for me to visually trace the circuit back to all the involved components. Since the board does "attempt" to charge the battery, I am assuming a fairly simple fix (probably another blown or shorted cap that isn't visibly detected or maybe even a cold solder joint somewhere). Any ideas? Thanks to all who may respond in advance!! :confused:
    cyriously, Apr 27, 2007
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