HP dv9420us laptop - How much fan noise?

Discussion in 'HP' started by David D., Jul 8, 2007.

  1. David D.

    David D. Guest

    I am shopping for a laptop as a desktop replacement. My tower fans are so
    noisy that I cannot hold a conversation with someone two rooms away while I
    am at the computer.

    I am not a modder, so I do not want to get into alternative tower cooling.

    I am thinking, instead, of an HP dv9420us laptop as a desktop replacement.
    It has a 17" display, AMD 64 X2 Dual Core TL-64, and nvidea GeForce Go 6120.
    I am looking for a practically silent computer. Can anyone comment on the
    level of fan noise from this computer?

    I also have an HP dv5139us with 15.4" display, AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML-37,
    ATI Radeon Xpress 200 display adaptor. To my ears, it is virtually silent
    (the fan, even when on, is barely a whisper).

    I am concerned that the larger, 17" display models, with newer processors,
    might be noisier. Hence this post.

    I would appreciate your feedback on the relative noise levels of these two
    models. (One cannot assess computer noise levels at a store display, where
    there is a high, environmental ambient decibel level).

    - David
    David D., Jul 8, 2007
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  2. David D.

    wtrplnet Guest

    I have a dv9220us and it is virtually silent. I would have to make an
    effort to even hear the fans. I use it as a desktop replacement too. Very
    happy with it. I looked at alternative cooling assist and didn't find
    anything I liked. I got a couple of 1" high plastic feet at the hardware
    store and used velcro to attach them to the bottom rear to give more
    airflow. It seems to run pretty cool except when I'm burning DVD's.


    wtrplnet, Jul 8, 2007
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  3. David D.

    David D. Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, Alan.

    Your idea of feet for extra cooling is excellent. 1/4" might even do the

    The dv9220us and dv9420us have some differences, but probably have similar
    heat characteristics. I do not know how the 2.2 GHz TL-64 compares with the
    1.6 GHz T5200, heat-wise or fan-wise. Everything else is similar. The
    dv9220us even has some features that the dv9420 doesn't, such as an HDMI
    port, and gigabit ethernet.

    Thanks, Alan.

    If anyone reading this happens to have a dv9420us, kindly reply also.

    - David
    David D., Jul 9, 2007
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