HP laptop won't boot without HD (was HD Controller issue?)

Discussion in 'HP' started by dontposthere, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. dontposthere

    dontposthere Guest

    Why is it that my laptop won't boot without the HD in place? I've
    never had this problem with any PC - though I have to admit I've never
    tried it with a laptop before.

    The reason being that I'd rather run knoppix off my laptop than try and
    fix the irritating problem I described in HD Controller Issue (previous

    I'm no novice as such - I've been working with the internals of PC's
    for almost a decade. I've disabled it in the BIOS, changed the boot
    sequence etc and yet it still searches for the HD without looking for
    the CD drive.

    Am I overlooking something stupid in the BIOS? Is it a jumper setting
    on the laptop motherboard (do I need to get my soldering iron out?) or
    is this a perminant thing I can do nothing about?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who's got any ideas or experience with
    this problem.
    dontposthere, Jul 13, 2004
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