HP Pavilion 540n power supply & front panel pin schematic info

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Postman Delivers, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. I am trying to move a HP Pavilion 540n to a Gateway LPmini Tower (GP6-350)
    I am doing this because the small HP case does not allow enough ambient air
    movement and the gateway is a large case... It will also be a performance
    sleeper of sorts using the Pent 11 Gateway Housing, as I want to create
    another dual boot system, for my next users group meeting...

    I have cutout the restrictive power supply opening for a generic power
    supply. Discovered the bolt pattern was already complete, I only had to
    make a round area for the fan, and a small Dremel cut for the female 120
    volt connector...

    I could not get the system to power up using the Pavilion 540n power supply,
    so went for a larger HP power supply... both fit easily in the resized
    power supply area...

    I also moved the Gateway front panel pins into the HP front panel block and
    for one reason or another can not remember or find my color coded
    drawing... Still looking for a webpage to make certain I have wired the
    Front panel pins correct...
    Front Panel pin-

    * * Now the problems, I believe I moved everything correctly but system
    will not power up, have two questions

    * * Question: I could not get the system to power up using the Pavilion 540n
    power supply, so went for a larger power supply from another HP... It this
    a wiring problem? I am not able to find a comparison of the power lines to
    know if the Pavilion 540n power supply has an odd proprietary wiring

    Pavilion 540n power supply = Bestec ATX-1956D
    HP P/N:*0950-4106*

    Generic Power supply = HIPRO HP-D2537F3R
    HP P/N: 5187-1098

    * * Question: Pinout on the motherboard does have a missing pin, and the
    block has a white insert for that missing pin... Most Blocks I have seen
    are double row, but this one is different and I can not remember how it was
    installed, nor can I find the drawing I made to change the gateway switch
    and LCD lights... Had a number of phone calls on other systems during the
    time I was completing my drawing...

    Might someone be able to post links to give me a visual for the power supply
    wiring and the front panel pin layout for the HP Pavilion 540n...

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, Nov 13, 2007
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  2. * * *

    Updated info:

    Updated info:

    I managed to locate my drawing, and the powerblock is wired correctly, how
    do I find a reliable replacement power supply for this case moved system...

    I certainly want to try and avoid another Bestec quality failure and wonder
    if they are the only supplier for this computer... Small inconvenience with
    the wires come out the side, would also create extra work relocating the
    wire outlet in an original power supply so the case side can be

    Seems I need to use a odd proprietary power supply.... Or rewire a decent
    power supply, but need a layout page... anyone have a power supply
    suggestion or as I would prefer a webpage on how to rewire for a HP 540n
    computer system?

    I will enlarge the cutout in the gateway Case to accommodate the Nic card
    that is part of the motherboard arrangement with the USB ports today...

    Looks good, and fits well in the case... A decent housing upgrade for this
    computer system that was installed in a small form HP case... The
    Gateway Housing can easily accommodate the HP Pentium lV 1.5 system... I
    have several E-machines with Biostar motherboards used as a replaced, so
    will try to move a EM T-2778 in the next few evenings, they use a normal
    power supply but have a different back panel that will present a different

    Maybe a $35 generic Computer case is better in the long run, but then my
    recycling efforts would not be accomplished.... As I have already recycled
    the E-machine with the Biostar motherboard and a decent power supply...

    Funny how the cheap Bestec power supply is also the reason the E-machines
    originally were tossed aside...

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, Nov 14, 2007
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  3. Postman Delivers

    Ben Myers Guest

    "Funny how the cheap Bestec power supply is also the reason the E-machines
    originally were tossed aside." Not funny at all. Downright sick and
    disgusting. Seems like GateMachines and HPaq do not give a damn about the
    damage done to their reputations by their use of the Bestec junk. The lousy
    power supply alone is ample reason to avoid buying Presarios, Pavilions,
    eMachines, and Gateway boxes. I doubt that HPaq has the nerve to foist off the
    Bestec power supplies on corporate customers who buy the business-class Evo
    product line. I forget though, because it's been a while since I handled an
    Evo... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 14, 2007
  4. Postman Delivers

    randalwc Guest

    Yea the bestecs are crap. The missing pin on your other supply (white
    wire) is a -5V. Some better 20 pins will have it (atx 2.0.x spec and
    some atx 12v), most 20+4 or 24 pin power supplys will not. Just get a
    fortron like this one:


    or a similar sparkle (fortron makes sparkle) if you want to be cheap
    or don't like black


    Both of those should have the white -5v pin provided they haven't
    revised it. I have had good luck with fortron as HP/Emachine/Compaq

    Oh yea, fortron underrates their supplies, so your getting a really
    good power supply at 350w, it can probably handle what others 400-450s
    randalwc, Jan 9, 2008
  5. Postman Delivers

    Ben Myers Guest

    Fortron has been around forever. I had a Fortron PSU in my first 386 system,
    several eons ago.

    HiPro is another decent but inexpensive brand OEM'ed by Dell, Lenovo/IBM and
    others. Some name brand computers do not have a properly placed cutout (or do
    not have one at all) for the on-off rocker switch on the back of many power
    supplies. One of the HiPro PSUs with ATX standard dimensions lacks the on-off
    rocker switch, making it an ideal replacement for Dells and others... Ben Myers

    On Wed, 9 Jan 2008 07:34:23 -0800 (PST), wrote:
    Ben Myers, Jan 9, 2008
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