HP Pavilion 6535 Display remains black after power up

Discussion in 'HP' started by Art, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Art

    Art Guest

    A friend asked me to fix his HP Pavilion 6535. The display monitor
    remained black when powering the PC up. I followed the instructions
    from HP website to reset the BIOS (ie. on power up after keyboard
    lighst turn on click on F1, wait 5 seconds, then click on F5, wait 5
    seconds, then click on F10). I tried it and it worked. He brought it
    back 1 week later with the same problem. This time I followed the same
    solution with no luck. I tried removing the RTC Battery and cleared
    the CMOS using the J6 jumpers. Still the PC won't reset back to the
    original BIOS configuration. I want to upgrade the CMOS and the
    chipset, but I need to see the display monitor first in order to
    upgrade. Can someone please help me?
    Art, Jan 18, 2004
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  2. Art

    Ben Myers Guest


    Let's get the horse before the cart. First make sure that the motherboard and
    the rest of the system are working. At this point, with nothing displaying on
    the monitor when the system is powered up, there is some diagnosis to be done.

    Are there any beeps when the system is powered up? Are all the memory modules
    seated well in their sockets? Do you hear some clicking noises as the hard
    drive starts spinning and recalibrates itself?

    In short, possibly the motherboard has failed. Or the processor. Or memory.

    One word about BIOS upgrades: caution. What will be accomplished by a BIOS
    upgrade? Does it fix a known problem that you have encountered? Does it add a
    needed feature or two? If there is not a positive answer to these questions,
    why do a BIOS upgrade, which does have some risk involved with the process.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 18, 2004
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  3. Art

    Smudge Guest

    Ben - very interesting, just thought i would make a mention regarding
    the BIOS comment you made. i recently used an Epox board which had a
    problem when running that meant the modem couldn't dial out. Nothing
    was displayed in the support or BIOS notes to indicate that a BIOS
    update would resolve the problem and I was unaware of that resolution
    until Epox support answered a posting to a NG I made on the subject.
    How are we supposed to know whether these things are worth doing if
    they (the manufacturers) cannot be honest about the problems and the
    fixes for them?

    Here am I loking around for undated info regarding a HP Pavilion 7965
    motherboard which i replaced in May 2003 for a customer. Then that
    research suggested a new mobo would cure the pc of hanging at the blue
    HP screen. It did, or something else changed and it cured at the same
    time but now the same problem is back and this is with a board that I
    was told had been updated to cure the original board's problem.

    In looking for others with the same problem, I saw another posting you
    made regarding F1, F10 and am about to try that but how will it work
    for if it fixes? it really isn't good enough for the manufacturer to
    wash their hands in the way that do.

    Always trying to learn, always willing to teach
    Smudge, Jan 30, 2004
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