HP Pavilion 751n (with XP Home edition) not responsive (kinda frozen)

Discussion in 'HP' started by T.T. Lee, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. T.T. Lee

    T.T. Lee Guest

    Hi all:

    My home pc (HP Pavilion 751n) become very non-responsive these days,
    after I installed wireless network (with Buffalo wireless router). Now
    it becomes:

    1. When launching Internet Explorer, sometimes it takes forever to
    show up on the screen, but the computer did not really "crash".. it
    sort of just like "frozen", and then suddenly it will open up a lot of
    IE windows (if I click too many times)

    2. Now even when I install a very simple program (e.g., WS_FTP LE
    version), in the middle of the installation, the title bar of the
    installation windows will say (not responding)...

    3. When I successfully opened up 3-4 IE windows and try to switch back
    and forth between IE windows (using Alt-Tab keys), most times it just
    won't switch to another windows, and when that happen, the quick
    launch bar became frozen (not responsive at all), so does the XP
    "Start" button" (everything just seems to freeze)..

    Does this sounds like a hardware or software (XP?) problem?? Any tips
    for trouble-shooting for this type of situation?? Again, the computer
    did not crash, and it just seems that the hard disk (or CPU?) was
    "working very hard" try to locate some files, but just couldn't find
    it..and then when it finally found it, it would become responsive
    again... I myself should have good trouble shooting knowledge (had
    tried to use hardware burn-in programs and so on for trouble-shooting,
    but no problems found so far)...it's really a pain in the butt.... :(

    T.T. Lee, Aug 6, 2003
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