HP Pavilion 7955 and Windows 2000, Win2K, sound driver, LAN drivers (updated)

Discussion in 'HP' started by John M., Aug 21, 2003.

  1. John M.

    John M. Guest

    For everyone struggling to install Windows 2000 (retail version)
    on an HP Pavilion 7955 you will have trouble with on-board sound driver
    and on-board Ethernet LAN drivers. Here is a post I made a year ago on
    the subject, and I've added a section on the sound driver:
    I had to crash this box several times, and tried a dozen
    drivers before finding the right one. This is exactly what
    I did to get Windows 2000 working on an HP Pavilion 7955:

    0) Load Win2K from CD
    1) Get W2Ksp3.exe (Micro$oft's service pack #3) and burn to CD on
    another computer, move it to my Pavilion and run it all the way through.
    2) Download from Intel the W2K LAN drivers for motherboard D845HV,
    and burn it to a CD and move it to my Pavilion
    3) Run the self-extracting LAN driver file to create C:\Intel_32
    4) Open control panel, choose "Add/Remove Hardware"
    Select "Ethernet Controller" choose "finish" to start hardware install
    Choose "Specify Path", and browse to C:\Intel_32, click OK,
    Then windows announces its found a driver that matches your hardware,
    just click OK to let it install it, and exit.
    5) Then back to control panel, click "Network & Dialup connections" and you
    will now see a LAN icon, right-click, choose properties, choose TCP/IP,
    and setup your TCP parameters.
    6) Just FYI (not need by above method) the particular driver that
    worked was the intel file "neti557x.inf"
    7) For sound, I tried a dozen drivers recommended by others on this group.
    This is what finally worked for my particular HP Pavilion 7955.
    Go to the Creative site http://www.soundblaster.com/ and download
    the drivers for the "SoundBlaster 16 PCI" sound card. That's it!

    The motherboard in the Pavilion is clearly marked "P4B-LA" in one inch high
    letters, an Asus motherboard. When I e-mailed Asus, they said "That's an OEM
    motherboard, see HP..." which was no help of course.

    Thanks again to all that helped me!!! I hope this helps someone.
    John M., Aug 21, 2003
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