HP Pavilion Laptop Owners with Bad Power Jacks....

Discussion in 'HP' started by intrepid_dw, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. intrepid_dw

    ikenfixit Guest

    Hey Kansas user! Must be its still plugging away? If it quits call and
    we'll repair.. As far as the media cable, Yes these will work but why
    would HP Invent a bypass cable for the Input unless they maybe
    thought there could be a future failure? Its beyond me as my car does
    not come factory with 2 starters or batterys for that matter.
    (Commonly failed components and Yes I do work on automobiles as
    well). Bigger issue is a Schottkey rectifier in the supply line on
    the Intel based machines. Also the Go150 on the Athlons, And the
    Nvidia chipset on the Athlons, And the Imbedded controller chips on
    All of them for the last 5 years.. Its a big list but very well worth
    talking about. (Weve also seen the media cable connex failing on these
    machines now too).. Give them a few months..Theyll be the biggest
    parts unit sale on E-bay. Good luck all!
    ikenfixit, Nov 27, 2006
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  2. intrepid_dw

    ikenfixit Guest

    Also another thing.. If you have a shop resolder the same jack? It
    will most likely fail again.. (Not being durrogatory but weve seen
    too many of these). Singatron manufactures an upgraded jack and these
    hold up excellent. Much more substantial pin size and just better
    quality period. (They also manned the origional pile, Coincidental)?
    I'd say not.. As the config/size is the same w/upgrade values and
    consumption capabilities..
    ikenfixit, Nov 27, 2006
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  3. intrepid_dw


    Nov 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Upgrade Jack

    You said Singatron has a good upgrade jack. What jack/model # is a good one that you would use?
    mastac741, Nov 27, 2006
  4. intrepid_dw

    xubomber Guest

    Update on my current situation, with a fairly cheap fix that seems to
    work well.

    I have a Pavilion ze5270, power jack failed a bit more than a year
    ago. When I opened it up, the jack itself had cracked in half. I
    didn't want to go through the trouble of replacing it with another
    jack that would just fail the same way a few months down the road, so
    I did the 'pigtail' solution using an inline power jack I got off of
    mouser, and a bit of speaker wire. I actually wound up drilling out
    the tabs from the motherboard, since the original jack's connection
    tabs had snapped off at the level of the motherboard, leaving the
    tabs themselves attached to it. I basically stuck the ends of the new
    wire through the drilled holes and soldered it on the underside. This
    held up well for a good year or so, until now.

    Just a bit ago, the power started flickering off again at semi-random
    intervals, so I opened the notebook up again to see what was going
    on. It turns out that one of my solder joints was rather poorly done,
    and the wire had come loose. In any case, I resoldered it, this time
    hopefully a bit better, and it seems to be working fine.

    I'm still having a bit of trouble finding agood way to secure the new
    pigtail cable to the case rather than relying on the mobo solder
    joints though. I used hot glue last time, but with constant use and
    repeated stress it just cracked off. The speaker wire I used is a bit
    too thick to tie in a knot on the inside. Anyone got any ideas?
    xubomber, Nov 28, 2006
  5. intrepid_dw

    ikenfixit Guest

    Visit a local radio shack.. They sell a 2.5mm center pin panel mount
    jack thats compatable w/the factory adapter and this will nut to the
    case. You'll have to open the hole up a little to install but once
    you get it installed it cant fail unless it gets ripped out of the
    back of the laptop. PN is a 274-1583. It has 3 lead connectors on the
    back and center is positive of course. other 2 can both be connected
    to Neg. (Ones a NC contact and doesnt really matter). Good luck!
    ikenfixit, Nov 28, 2006
  6. intrepid_dw

    xubomber Guest

    Hmm, I considered that the first time around, but the only RadioShack
    within walking distance is a mall outlet and doesn't carry it, and I
    didn't have access to any tools beyond a soldering iron,
    screwdrivers, a pair of needlenose pliers, and a dremel. ATM I don't
    have the drill with me, so my options are rather limited. I've got
    another 3 weeks until I get out for winter break, so I suppose I can
    just wait to get home and work on it then.

    As far as 'opening up the hole' to install goes, do you mean that I
    just need to enlarge the hole, or what exactly? I'm having a bit of
    trouble visualizing how much of the jack will extend through the
    case. Does the threaded end alone extend through the hole, with a nut
    securing it from the outside?
    xubomber, Nov 29, 2006
  7. intrepid_dw

    seanmcmills Guest

    This is exactly what happened to me, TWICE! I know this sounds nuts,
    but would you believe I bought another HP after this happened the
    first time? Ah yes, the triumph of hope over experience...

    When this happened to my first HP Pavilion, I thought that maybe it
    was just a fluke. I went through the motions of going to two shops to
    see if I could get it fixed. The first was a non-HP certified one, the
    second was. They both said the same thing, something to the tune of
    (keep in mind I don't fix computers for a living) "the power
    connector is connected to the motherboard (?) and you'll need to
    replace that." They said this would cost at least $250 and it
    made sense to buy a new computer instead, especially considering it
    would take significant time to repair.

    So what did I buy? Like a fool I bought another HP Pavilion. The
    salesman said it was the best and all he ever purchased, so I chalked
    it up as a fluke.

    My first Pavilion cost about $2200 at the time. I think I paid $800
    for this one, suddenly less trusting.

    So here is the real kick in the pants. I'VE OWNED THIS COMPUTER JUST
    UNDER FOUR MONTHS! Day after day I see it going the exact same
    direction as my old. Every day I have to gently manipulate the power
    connector to get the computer to charge. Everything has transpired
    exactly as the good person who started this thread has described.

    I thought it was insane that this happened to me twice so it COULDN'T
    be the computer, but after having the first issue I treated my
    connector with such kid gloves it's embarrassing, so I know it has
    nothing to do with the connector being knocked about, unless even the
    lightest moving of the cord and/or connecting reconnecting could cause
    this issue. I actually started asking friends whether there could be
    some wiring issue in my house that was causing this.

    If you are having this problem, you need to go buy a new computer
    soon. The computer will eventually refuse to start up, once the good
    battery is depleted and the lousy connector won't charge it. Let's
    hope you get your files onto another machine (non-HP of course)
    before this happens.

    Today I have to go buy another computer. I will never buy another HP

    Thanks a lot to HP for wasting my time, energy, and a whole lot of my
    money. Luckily I am one who can afford to buy another computer. I
    really feel for the lot of you who bought an HP and don't have the
    money to easily afford another.

    I can't help but wonder if the posts on this website that contest this
    issue arises from manhandling the connector are HP public relations
    folks determined to pass blame. I have extremely careful with my

    What a sad story for many of us!
    seanmcmills, Nov 29, 2006
  8. intrepid_dw

    KansasUser Guest


    I totally understand your post, and more importantly, your
    frustration. HP has destroyed a significant segment of its pc
    customer base with this shoddy power jack. This will ultimately cost
    them a fortune, what with lost business not just for laptops, but
    also for copiers, pc's and other products. Once burned, twice shy.
    Bad management has led to a bad reputation, no question. I used to
    think HP had some of the best computer products in the world. NO

    However, you now have a problem (if you have not already sold your
    HP). Which problem is: what to do with it.

    If you cannot fix or sell it reasonably, then you will take a
    significant hit. That is not really necessary in my view. Take a look
    at some of the solutions identified throughout the board. My favorite
    is to use IKENFIXIT. For somewhere around $160 plus shipping, Ken
    will be able to fix your power jack (so that it lasts). And he does a
    good job. You can also buy a media cable, although I am also hearing
    stories about the media cable jacks failing also with use over time.

    In any case, I wish you well. You are not alone.
    KansasUser, Nov 30, 2006
  9. intrepid_dw

    KansasUser Guest


    In your message, what you said is right. My HP Pavillion ZD7000 just
    keeps on plugging away since you fixed the power jack. It has been
    over a year now and not a hint of a problem. I still like my HP a lot
    with the 17 inch screen and lots of utilities etc. (My only problem
    now is I cannot find my WIN XP cd. Pretty foolish, but I seem to have
    lost it.) If you ever run across an HP Win XP cd, please let me know.
    I might buy it. :D

    If I ever have a problem, I will contact you. But right now, the HP is
    running just fine.

    KansasUser, Nov 30, 2006
  10. intrepid_dw


    Dec 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I'm not alone!

    I just started having this issue about 2 weeks ago, noticing the battery light wasn't on anymore, and then it automatically switched itself off to running solely on the battery. Being logical, I attempted to order a new battery only to end up finding out that it wasnt a new battery issue. Although my former (original) battery from the HP ZV 5000 (purchased Nov 2004) was on a 54% wear level. But, when plugging in the power supply to charge the laptop I was unable to get a charge.

    I took it to CompUSA earlier tonight and they told me they had to replace the motherboard running 149.99 for laptop fee repair, and then whatever the motherboard would cost (estimated 500-1200) ... so then I came home, got online, researched it and found I'm not alone!!

    I wished HP had done a recall on these models, but meanwhile...I wanted to get an idea from you guys who have experienced this where I can find the adapter that was mentioned earlier that worked better than soldering? There is a place in town that MIGHT do it, but currently they are not going by their business hours (the sign said opened till 8...it was 6pm when I arrived and they were closed).

    Please offer some advice! Thank you!!
    girlinmd, Dec 3, 2006
  11. intrepid_dw

    rhawk137 Guest

    Ken- you seem to be so knowledgable so this question is mainly for

    I have an HP zv5260us that has the blackout problem.
    When I tilt the screen a certain angle, I can faintly see the windows
    xp logo, so I know the computer is loading properly.
    I did alot of searching online and it all signs point towards a bad
    motherboard or possibly power cord/supply.
    This makes sense becuase my power supply only works when I bend the
    power cord a certain way. I used to this was the main problem but I
    got a NEW power cord and nothing changed. I think maybe its whats
    inside the laptop itself.

    I could really use some insight- I would like to fix it myself. Im a
    college student and I only take classes online and distance learning.
    My laptop is truly my lively hood and Im terrified of losing it or
    having to pay what i cant afford to pay.

    Thank you so very much in advance!!! I greatly appreciate any
    advice!!! :)
    rhawk137, Dec 26, 2006
  12. intrepid_dw

    Hertz_Donut Guest

    The condition you are describing is that of a bad inverter, and the
    backlight is not working. It appears that your use of a damaged connector
    has allowed a short circuit, and that has most likely caused significant
    damage throughout the systems of the laptop.

    You would be well advised to do two things:

    1. Stop using the unit immediately.

    2. *DO NOT* attempt to repair the unit yourself. Get the unit to a
    reputable repair facility immediately.

    Hertz_Donut, Dec 26, 2006
  13. intrepid_dw

    ikenfixit Guest

    Which CPU/GPU Chipset? Makes a difference and sorry for the long
    delays on no-post-back.. )(Place is a zoo)(.. Talk soon.. Hope yours
    is an inverter as you can swap this out yourself.. Ken
    ikenfixit, Jan 2, 2007
  14. intrepid_dw

    Doug Dornbos Guest

    mine has the AMD Athlon. I have had my jack resoldered 3 times with
    minimum life after each solder. right now I am using it strictly as a
    desktop trying to milk a little more life out of it.

    also, my computer did not tolerate being taken apart so many times and
    developed a couple of problems along the way most notably the touch pas
    no longer works so I am using an external mouse.

    Doug Dornbos, Jan 2, 2007
  15. intrepid_dw

    rhawk137 Guest

    Which CPU/GPU Chipset? Makes a difference and sorry for the long
    delays on no-post-back.. )(Place is a zoo)(.. Talk soon.. Hope yours
    is an inverter as you can swap this out yourself.. Ken

    It is a HP Pavilion zv5260us with a 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon 64
    Thank you for your help!
    rhawk137, Jan 3, 2007
  16. intrepid_dw

    rhawk137 Guest

    can anyone give me an idea as to how i can change the inverter HP
    zv5000 laptop?
    Thanks in advance
    rhawk137, Jan 6, 2007
  17. intrepid_dw

    ikenfixit Guest

    Take out the battery number one.. Be sure its unplugged number 2..
    Pull the lower cosmetic covers of the bezel if you are looking at the
    screen 3.. Take out the 2 lower screws beneath said cosmetic covers 4
    "BEING" careful.. pull the bezel apart or towards you on the
    lower portion of the screen assy, Then you will see the inverter.. Its
    a small circuit board, 5 wire lead on the left, Two wire output on the
    right.. Take the 2 screws out, unplug the plugs and replace? Yus -yike
    -yat... If you need more help just yell..
    ikenfixit, Jan 10, 2007
  18. intrepid_dw

    gattingm Guest

    I have a 6 month old pavillion zv5000 that has failed twice now. I am
    super careful due to problems I had with a previous compaq laptop. It
    is without a doubt a design flaw. My laptop is used daily but with
    extreme care. I am pissed! I really dont want it repaired again only
    to crap out after another few months. I want a refund! I bought it
    from Office Depot and also bought the extended full warranty...I
    wonder if I can get thm to refund my money and if so what other brand
    to you guys reccomend?

    Me too, I have a HP Pavilion that I bought from Office Depot, and the
    Power jack is broken, I also bought the 2 year purchase protection, I
    hope they fix it!
    gattingm, Jan 10, 2007
  19. intrepid_dw

    mrsmegawatt Guest

    I am unfortunate enough to own an HP zv5000. I could go through a long
    story but to keep it short, I've had the power jack pin repaired twice
    and it's broken once again. I ordered an expansion base as directed by
    HP and it didn't work because I had to power it through the laptops
    power jack.

    I'm seeing that people either fix it themselves, have it fixed or
    order the all in one media cable? Does this cable bypass the power
    connector? Can someone please explain? I hate HP!

    mrsmegawatt, Jan 18, 2007
  20. intrepid_dw

    mrsmegawatt Guest

    Well how do you use this cable? Can someone please explain how it
    bypasses the power jack?

    mrsmegawatt, Jan 22, 2007
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