HP Pavilion ze4400 keeps turning off as if the power has been cut

Discussion in 'HP' started by Joe, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    It's a laptop and it's about 6 years old. It still works great but the
    big problem is that at least once a week - without warning - it will
    just shut down abruptly as it's been unplugged with no battery
    installed. The battery is old but it still can will work for up to
    15-20 min on it's own so it's not an external power issue. Anyone have
    any ideas?
    Joe, Oct 15, 2007
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  2. Joe

    Ben Myers Guest

    Heat? Lack of ventilation of the CPU, because the vents for the cooling fans
    are clogged? ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 15, 2007
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  3. Joe

    Joe Guest

    the vents seem to be working fine. I guess I can set a fan up to blow
    on it and see if that makes a difference, thanks.
    Joe, Oct 16, 2007
  4. It's possible that the thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink has
    dried up, thus creating an overheating issue.
    An older battery trying to charge itself can also create a significant
    heat point, also creating a shutdown issue.

    Time to open the shell and see what you got going on.


    Not the exact model, but it should suffice to troubleshoot your PC.
    Rev.GGWillikers, Oct 17, 2007
  5. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Well, I know one thing - I've got a big problem with the AC connection
    to the motherboard. If I move the cord at all the computer will lose
    power and swtich to battery. Could that be a source of overheating?
    Normally I just keep it sitting on my desk and use an external
    keyboard and mouse to control it so it hardly ever moves and uses
    continuous AC power.
    Joe, Oct 19, 2007
  6. Joe

    Ben Myers Guest

    Broken laptop AC power connectors are a plague in the computer industry. Really,
    your best option is to either replace the laptop motherboard (expensive) or find
    a specialist who repairs laptop AC power connectors. HPaq computers are well
    known for this problem... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 19, 2007
  7. I use my local TV repair guy for Dc connector repairs. He loves
    soldering that stuff. The adapters are easy enough to find on ebay.
    Rev.GGWillikers, Oct 20, 2007
  8. Joe

    Joe Guest

    can you direct me to the ebay adapters on ebay, I'm not sure what I
    should be looking for thanks
    Joe, Oct 22, 2007
  9. Rev.GGWillikers, Oct 22, 2007
  10. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Joe, Oct 31, 2007
  11. Joe

    Joe Guest

    for the record blowing a fan on it seemed to have solved teh problem
    Joe, Nov 17, 2007
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