HP Power Jack Problem, I Fix it for You

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Carl97, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Carl97

    Carl97 Guest

    Many HP Laptops from several batches have a defect in production, it is down
    to poor solder welds on the motherboard at the manufacturing stage,
    Many of the problems happen after the warranty runs out. I don't want to
    imply anything but I have seen similar problems with HP in the past where
    I alone came across dozens of HP Printers failing at near enough the same
    time to arouse suspicion.
    Some other models are just worn by constant movement of the user and cable
    It is a serious bit of work to repair as near enough every component and
    screw needs
    to be removed, with the HP it usually takes me around 2 hours to
    disassemble, repair and re-assemble.
    I charge between £80 - £100 for this repair. Most cases your Laptop will be
    delivered the next working day
    Depending on Postal conditions.
    Carl97, Jul 14, 2006
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