HP Scanjet 6100 C stops before scan

Discussion in 'HP' started by Andrew, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    My venerable old beastie would appear to have stopped working :(

    I have successfully in the recent past (i.e somewhere in the last two
    years... that long ... *gulp*) had it working on my Windows 7 x64
    machine using the Vuescan software and driver from http://www.hamrick.com/

    It has sat patiently on its shelf waiting for me to do something, well
    this week I decided to scan some old family photographs, which I have
    had ages and put off doing.

    Basically I fire up the machine and the scanner is detected and shows up
    in windows as an Hp6100 as it should, it is also showing up in

    I click "preview" and the scanner makes its "wake up noise", a kind of
    "blippp"and the lamp comes on...... then I wait and wait, theres
    another initialization like noise, like the scan is about to start and
    "blip" it seems stuck at the start, the lights are on but nobody is
    home. There are no noises there shouldnt be it just seems like it isnt
    doing what its told, the scan doesnt start, the lamp stays at the top of
    the bed. After 15 years with it I'm extremely familiar with all its
    process noises, nothing seems amiss and there is no grinding.

    I'm hoping to goodness there is a simple solution, such as a strip/clean
    a) I'm quite fond of the old girl
    b) I'm skint, so a replacement isn't really on the radar

    No problems in device manager with either the scanner or SCSI card, an
    Adaptec 19160. I have however bought a spare scsi card which I have not
    tried yet.

    Been writing this for about 5-7 mins It has just in the last minute,
    made noises like it wants to start scanning, the light came on and went
    off again.... and I'm still waiting....

    Vuescan seems to think the scan has been done as the instructions have
    been sent when I hit preview/scan, but obviously aside from the noises I
    get and the light coming on, nothing is happening.... eventually there
    is a kind of "bump" noise and the scanner light swiches off, the
    software then behaves like the scan has been done.... but it hasn't.

    It has been undisturbed on its shelf for an age so I doubt the SCSI
    ID/Termination is wonky, at least on the scanner.... whether the SCSI
    card in my PC has gone funny or not I don't know, I guess I can test
    that easily enough by swapping cards and seeing if it persists....

    I have tried Driver uninstalls and reinstalls to no avail, anybody got
    any other ideas... ?

    Andrew, Oct 5, 2013
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  2. Andrew-

    My old scanner has a latch on its under side, to keep the works from
    moving around during transport. Is it possible yours has such a latch,
    and it was inadvertently moved when you picked it up?

    Fred McKenzie, Oct 5, 2013
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I did wonder about that, now you mention it but no the lock button is in
    the "unlocked" position, in fact I was struggling to push the button to
    "lock" the mechanism.... gave up as I didnt want to break either it or
    my thumb lol (I suspect my thumb would give first lol) IIRC last time I
    tried to scan with the mechanism locked it complained bitterly with the
    most god awful grinding noise.

    Thanks for the suggestion

    Andrew, Oct 7, 2013
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Still trying to figure this out

    Built an XP drive to test, is seen but, won't scan, same behaviour as in
    W7, this leads me to think it is something with the scanner.... what I
    am at a loss.

    Bought a different scsi card but it is the wrong connector for the cable
    I have.... I guess I need to get another cable and check....

    Andrew, Oct 31, 2013
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