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hp zd8000 laptop monitor replacement advice?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Collon, May 19, 2008.

  1. Collon

    Collon Guest

    Not even 2 years old yet, but I got the infamous green vertical line running
    down my 17" lcd from top to bottom on my hp zd8000 notebook. From what I've
    read on the Net, I should expect at least 10 more lines within the next 3

    1) Can't I just completely remove this lcd screen so I can buy a separate
    monitor to use this laptop as a desktop? Or does my current lcd have to stay

    2) Other than HP, where can I buy a 17" replacement screen on the Net. I'm
    having a heck of a time finding one just for my hp zd8000.

    Thanks for any help or other advice!!!!!
    Collon, May 19, 2008
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  2. Collon

    Collon Guest

    btw...HP wants $700 to fix it and they said I could not take the top off . .
    ..I guess meaning that I'm stuck with this lcd running and sucking up sources
    even if I connect another monitor to it :( unless you guys have another
    workaround for me.
    Collon, May 19, 2008
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  3. Collon

    RobertVA Guest

    Unfortunately out of warranty LCD replacement for notebook/laptop
    computers has long been approximately as expensive as replacing the
    entire system.
    RobertVA, May 19, 2008
  4. Collon

    Paul Guest

    Start with the HPParts store.


    I always have a little trouble with that. Right now, the
    Australian option worked.

    I searched for a ZD8000 (and made a random choice from a number of
    sub-models listed), and got the Part Store to list all the
    components in that particular machine. These are the items listed as
    panel options for that particular one.

    374722-001 Part is orderable, please call 1300 301 099 for availability.
    17.0-inch WXGA+ TFT WVA display panel - Features the glossy bright
    view (BV) technology - With 1490 x 900 resolution (up to 16.7M colors internal)
    (Pavilion) 1,058.16 <--- Australian dollars

    374723-001 Part is in stock.
    17.0-inch WSXGA+ TFT WVA display panel - With 1490 x 900 resolution
    (up to 16.7M colors internal) (Pavilion) 1,195.38

    Now, using those part numbers, I did a search on the web.

    http://www.priorityelectronics.com/hp/374722-001.htm ( Price: $384.99 )

    If you want to fix it yourself, you'd have to be very careful you
    were ordering exactly the right thing. With the dollar amounts
    involved, it would be easy to be screwed out of a small fortune.

    As for what is involved with removing the panel, the panel might have
    several cables running to it. Perhaps a unidirectional LVDS data cable,
    carrying the data to draw the image. There might be a separate cable, with
    a control signal for backlight intensity. And something to carry power to the
    panel area (could be 12V or so). I can't think of a reason right off hand,
    why the panel would have to be there. (There may be other I/O in the
    panel - for example, in another HP manual, they show antenna wires run
    up there for WiFi.)

    Perhaps you could query a repair shop that handles laptops, about
    how much it would cost to remove the lid. They can deal with the
    fun of getting the hinge apart and so on.

    On some of the web sites, you have to search high and low, to find
    a maintenance manual. I downloaded this within the last couple of
    days, for a DV4000. This will at least give you an idea how complicated
    disassembly is. I'm too lazy to search for the ZD8000 one :)
    Try around PDF page 74 for example.


    Paul, May 19, 2008
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