hp6000 laptop Mouse/Keyboard too sensitive

Discussion in 'HP' started by WaterBoy, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. WaterBoy

    WaterBoy Guest

    is it my new HP 6000, or a setting that needs adjusting?

    when i click the mouse, it seems to double-click often
    and when i type a letter, two [or more] letters are typed

    anyone else experiencing this?

    WaterBoy, Dec 2, 2007
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  2. "mouse" or touchpad? Your "Subject: says "laptop" and indeed my HP
    dv6000s - dv6570 to be exact - is a laptop, but that does not preclude
    the use of a real mouse.

    Anyway, both should have a Control Panel applet (Start -> Control
    Panel -> ...) where you can set more stuff than you ever imagined.
    Same for the repeat (delay and rate) of the keyboard.
    Since you gave very little information and did not mention the
    operating system [1], I'll leave it at that.
    YW. HTH. HAND.

    [1] Your "X-HTTP-UserAgent:" header implies ("Windows NT 5.1") Windows
    XP, but since you say "my new HP 6000", Windows Vista would be more
    logical. Since the navigation for both is quite different, I'll leave it
    at that.
    Frank Slootweg, Dec 3, 2007
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  3. WaterBoy

    WaterBoy Guest

    thanks for the feedback

    i upgraded to Vista, on my almost year old dv6xxx laptop,
    but i believe it behaved similarly under winXP

    i don't use the touchpad, just mouse

    i will try more control panel settings, again

    WaterBoy, Dec 3, 2007
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