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Hum in speakers SB Live Platinum (not 5.1)

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by gilles, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. gilles

    gilles Guest

    Trying to connect my Live to my stereo system (Harmon-Kardon amp -
    good quality), I always get a HUMMMM. The sound goes through but I
    have to listen to that hum. Using the headphone sound is clear.
    I have updated driver. Am using 1/8 inch outlet to the two 1/4 in
    (name???) connectors on amplifier. When I use this setup with a small
    stereo system I don't get the hum. I am really confused.

    Thanks in advance.

    gilles, Oct 20, 2004
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  2. gilles

    Lenny Guest

    HUMMMMs are often indicative of a grounding problem - or possibly lack of
    the same, or bad cables/connectors. Make sure your sound system and your PC
    are both attached to the same GROUNDED power outlet. Also make sure you have
    decent quality shielded cables, and that they don't run parallel to power
    cables and such, as this can in some (in my experience rare, but better safe
    than sorry) cases cause interference through induction.

    I assume other sound sources attached to the same inputs on your amplifier
    do not hum as well? If you haven't done this, do that also, just to rule out
    your amp having a busted set of inputs.
    For once, this is not a driver issue! :D
    Lenny, Oct 20, 2004
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  3. gilles

    gilles Guest

    It is a good idea that it may be ground related. I went and plugged
    the computer in the same power bar as the amplifier... and continued
    to get the same hum. But you must be right. When I hold the connector
    in my hand and touch it I start a small hum, just from my body's
    magnetism ! ! ! Could the power bar not be grounded? How could I test
    all that? Guess I need an electrician-electronician.

    gilles, Oct 21, 2004
  4. gilles

    gilles Guest

    I found the problem. It was likely ground related. I found out that
    the problem was with the cable that was connected to the amplifier to
    use FM stations. It works now well with computer OR cable but not both
    together. That's OK with me.

    gilles, Oct 22, 2004
  5. gilles

    Jim Guest

    Yes a ground problem, get a yard of turf and a piece of copper wire and run
    the copper wire from your computer to the turf.
    If this does not work, try turning the line in, or other sliders bars down
    until until the hiss goes. click on the speaker icon and adjust all sliders,
    I suspect you will have to go to options in volume control, properties,
    Jim, Nov 27, 2004
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