I am getting crazy with this! Who can help me??

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Guevara, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Guevara

    Guevara Guest

    Oh man, i am getting crazy with this ...

    Yesterday it seems to be working all right again and now, when
    connected the SATA again and disconnected the harddrive with the ol
    system XP on it, i am now getting with the SATA the same troubles!
    :mad: :mad:

    [b:89426fbebd]DoubleClick on My Computer results in a keep o
    searchin' of Explorer with no success[/b:89426fbebd]
    So no volumes are visible. It's the same as with the IDE, as describe
    before. Defragmentation in Computer Management and doing Copy, Move o
    files can be done in a workaround and i also can open files stored o
    Desktop or one of the partitions, with MS Word, Excel or whatever, s
    this indicates, that the drives are connected properly! Restor
    Points didn't help either. Last night i got it working again with th
    IDE -drives,but now the same problems occure again with the SATA

    [b:89426fbebd]Ethernet driver message[/b:89426fbebd
    There also came a message for installing an ethernet driver (?). I ha
    resolved this by getting XP pointing to my CDROM with the ASUS CD i
    it. However, i still have a major problem now. At most all my files
    could move to the partitions of the SATA in which i had devided it, s
    the IDE-disk's are almost empty now and can be formatted if i want to

    [b:89426fbebd]I have entered the BIOS and tried some changings wit
    the Boot Order[/b:89426fbebd
    With the latest BIOS-update 1009 there is a possibility to set it t
    SATA/SCSI or SCSI/SATA. I left it like before on SATA/SCSI. Firs
    Boot Device can be set to different, like HDD-0, CDROM, FLOPPY and s
    on. Maybe you have a suggestion how it should work properly :(

    [b:89426fbebd]Why are these stupid things occure?[/b:89426fbebd
    It seems to be working perfect: Disconnect the old system hard driv
    and let the other hard drives in the sytem, then connect te SATA, s
    this oSATA and the other " old" two hard drives were visible whic
    gave me the possibility to use the " old" drives with only files an
    drivers on it, for installing XP-drivers on the SATA. This worke
    fine. However, because i couldn't get al the files in one time to th
    SATA, i had to do this (disconnecting-reconnecting) all over again.
    think here is something going wrong and XP is loosing control of it
    .. :crybaby:

    [b:89426fbebd]Question is now, how can i get this all workin
    I still hope one of you at this forum has a splendid idea for getin
    this solved. Because i have very little time it making me sick, onl
    of thinking to do the XP-install all over again :eek:

    CHIEFTEC BX-03B | Fans (Side Panels) 2x PAPST 341
    NGL (92*92*25mm) | Fans (Front/Back Panels) 4x PAPST 8412N/2GM
    (80*80*25mm) (Tacho Fan) | ATX 480W ANTEC BLUE 480 | ASUS A7N8
    DeLuxe PCB Rev. 1.04 (1.09) | AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton FSB 333
    ThermalRight SP97 Socket A AMD Cooler with PAPST Variofan 3412 NGM
    (92*92*25mm) (with Thermal Control) | Arctic Silver 5 | CORSAI
    TWINX1024-3200XLPRO DDR400 | Samsung SpinPoint SP2504C SATA2 | Ham
    46958 SPRING MultiCard Slot M USB Device | ASUS V9280 Ti 4200 with 8
    AGP 128 MB (NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP 8x) | EIZO L778-K 19
    TFT | ALCATEL Speedtouch 510 ADSL Modem | Sitecom Modem Switch 10/10
    MBPS | HP ScanJet 5300C | HP DeskJet 895Cxi | Logitech Laser G5
    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 | Logitech QuickCa
    Guevara, Dec 24, 2005
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