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i cant get my dvi output to work!! pls help...

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by nizzle, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. nizzle

    nizzle Guest

    i just bought a fancy new Samsung 960bf flat panel...using the dvi/analog
    connector it works just fine ... but i want that digital connection.

    i just bought a new video card cuz my asus ti4200 appears to have a dead
    dvi socket...i cant get any signal from that card using the dvi to dvi
    connection...once again though, using the dvi/analog connector works just

    so i bought an EVGA 6600 GT (AGP)...started out ok as i used the analog/dvi
    connector to install the new card. then turned off the computer and
    connected the dvi to dvi connector...started her up and there is a totally
    "gibbled" picture...all kinds of colors and lines...and then the screen
    goes blank/black. so i restarted using the analog connection and the same
    thing happenned...the gibbled picture again.

    so now i've reinstalled my old ti4200 again, i'm connected using the
    analog/dvi connection, and all is well (but in analog-land...me sad).

    any ideas? i've tested the dvi cable with my new monitor on another system
    and the dvi connection worked fine...i'm using latest nvidia display
    drivers, i've updated to the latest nforce 2 unified chipset drivers...is
    this card's dvi output at fault ... yag!
    nizzle, Feb 26, 2006
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  2. nizzle

    nizzle Guest
    flat panel...<

    problem solved ... took the easy (?) way out
    & exchanged the 6600gt...i
    took a chance and went for another
    6600gt...and voila, the dvi to dvi
    connection works like a charm!

    apparently dvi sockets are not very reliable.
    so some good advice would
    be ... if you are upgrading your video card
    to a dvi enabled card, but
    are still using a vga/analog connection, get
    someone to check that a dvi
    to dvi connection will work (so when you
    upgrade your monitor you'll not
    have any surprises).

    nizzle, Feb 26, 2006
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