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I for one am glad ATI sold us all out to AMD

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Dr Richard Cranium, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. history. Read this to the tune of "anotherone bites the dust"
    listen to this audio whilst reading this !! enjoy

    3Dfx still lives !

    my PC's from way back a long time ago to present:


    I was so totally introduced to high end graphics cards by 3Dfx.

    I was skeptical and did not purchase the voodoo 1. gag me with a spoon.

    I jumped in with both feet and went with the voodoo2 so I could play Need for speed and
    Tomb Raider with high quality graphics ! gawd what a relevelation ! and SLI !!

    I stuck with 3Dfx until the very final light in their building was turned off.

    I still have my voodoo 2 SLI's, my 3000, my 3500's, my 5500. I sure tried to find the
    6000 !!! That was just to late.
    I followed 3Dfx over to NVIDIA. I dropped NVIDIA at the GF3 stage because I was tired of
    all the video card crashes.
    gawd nvidia sucks.

    So I started purchasing ATI for the stability and quickly migrated to ATI's High end

    Now I read that NVIDIA is going back to the method 3Dfx puts their graphics together.

    I suspect AMD will kill the ATI high end graphics. AMD will use the ATI chipsets (i know
    you most likely read this part already - this is just my imho. I agree AMD wants the ATI
    mobile market and something else Intel doesn't have.)
    So then AMD will have no reason to keep up the ATI NVIDIA feud, as I betchya to the max no
    more x1xxx cards antmore. heh, unless you can put them in an onboard chipset huh. more

    Time for someone else to step up to the bar. oops there is no one.

    Anyway NVIDIA/3Dfx most likely will get my next $500.00 for their high end card.

    the depth of field that 3Dfx can render on a video monitor still haunts my happy dreams.

    let me be the first to Welcome back 3Dfx ! my red carpet is rolled out !

    Hey I am going to cross post this 'cause soon I'll just be over on the NVIDIA side again.
    3Dfx that is.

    Sorry ATI - I mean Sorry AMD - you don't get my $500.00 anymore. I can't imagine an
    onboard chipset video card anything for my games.

    ** no fate **



    Aliase female hume rogue lvl 52 PVE solo

    Zebby female NE Huntress lvl 51 / Aja nightstalker cat lvl 51 (bite,prowl) PVE solo

    Iacta alea est

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    Dr Richard Cranium, Sep 26, 2006
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