I just low level formatted my iGo2000...

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by bryanross, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. bryanross

    bryanross Guest


    Yup my 'tattoo' has been wiped and I don't have a master CD.

    Obviously the low level format had totally blanked the disk but I can't
    fDisk it coz the BIOS is locking the disk until it gets properly
    tattooed. I hate vendor lock in! Grrrrr!

    Do any of you out there have the following files from your Master CD I
    could download? [For those of you who have had to re-tattoo before
    you'll know the ones I mean]


    You'd really help coz I told my girlfriend, "Yeah, I'll make your ill
    notebook better".
    Instead it's as dead as a Do-Do.
    bryanross, Sep 27, 2005
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  2. bryanross

    metronid Guest

    I am a little confused
    A low level format?

    I only do such a thing if it can at all possible fix a bad sector or block.
    and this is often hopeless in itself 99% of the time.

    A bad low level format will often totally screw the HD
    if done incorrectly.

    Are you sure it was not normal format.

    Maybe I am from Planet X but the bios to the best of my knowledge
    should not stop a fdisk .
    Having the parameters set incorrectly could cause some inconsistancies
    but it should not stop it.

    Tattoo to the best of my knowledge is in the master boot sector and just
    tells the
    Master Cd that it is a PB system and it is ok to continue with restore.

    If you are truly having a problem with Fdisk and you did a low level format
    perhaps you have done something wrong.

    This site
    thanks to Elector tells how to do a tattoo
    but it requires the Master CD.

    You do not have it so an alternative is to use a Windows Cd of the proper
    vintage and
    do an install assuming the Hd is OK

    I would download if possible a copy of partition magic and
    check out the HD and see what is going on

    Perhaps Ben or elector have some more insight on the whole matter
    metronid, Sep 28, 2005
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  3. bryanross

    Super B Guest

    Thanks for your advice Metronid.

    The disk is fine, tested elsewhere and the BIOS is seeing it.

    The tattooing process writes the tattoo string right at the start of
    the disk (track 0). Nothing should disrupt it. It's not part of the MBR
    or PT it just sits there quietly.

    I didn't know that Packard Bell used tattooing until I hit the forums
    and I think this 'Vendor Lock-in' is awful :(

    The low level format was a last ditched effort because I thought the
    disk was knackered - it wouldn't allow MBR writing to the disk.

    If anyone has the files above so I can give this 'tattooing' lark a
    bash I would be most grateful.
    Super B, Sep 28, 2005
  4. bryanross

    Elector Guest

    Assuming that no restore CD is available and that one from a poster
    here cannot be obtained I would say a clean install of the OS (Windows
    version ??) would be the easiest. You can then go to
    http://www.windrivers.com or http://www.drivers.com and get the needed
    sound, video and modem drivers for the system.

    I also know of folks selling Restore CD's on EBay even though I don't
    get there much any more.
    metronid's advice is sound and should be followed.

    I hope I helped?

    Elector, Sep 28, 2005
  5. bryanross

    Super B Guest

    Thanks for replying, both of you.

    Unfortunately the HD remains locked until the BIOS can authenticate it
    as a genuine Packard Bell Fujitsu HD. This is done by the BIOS checking
    track zero for the tattoo.

    As the HD is locked I can't write squat to it therefore the iGo is
    unusable. Even if another HD was put in he notebook I would have the
    same problem as there would be no tattoo on the disk.

    Once the tattoo is applied using the two files I mentioned above I'm in
    business. Until then I can't do anything with it. The only alternative
    is to obtain and flash a non Packard Bell BIOS onto the machine but as
    you can appreciate this is a risky alternative and I haven't been able
    to locate a BIOS that anybody can reliably tell me will work with the
    NEC Premium 5a Mobo and VIA KN133 chipset (spot the geek:) ).

    If you meet anyone on your net travels with tattoo.exe and the DLL I'd
    be over the moon.
    Super B, Sep 28, 2005
  6. bryanross

    metronid Guest

    Since he has made his mind up and how to restore his unit and knows what he
    needs than I will leave it as is.
    I only wish him good luck.
    metronid, Sep 29, 2005
  7. bryanross

    Super B Guest

    Read your suggestion again!

    How on earth am I supposed to write any data to the HD when it's locked
    by the BIOS?

    Erase the first track (sector if you like) of your hard disk and then
    start up DOS partition magic and see what happens!

    Try and install any flavour of whatever you like... you won't get very

    I'm not disregarding any advice I just don't think you understand what
    my posts said or ment.
    Super B, Sep 30, 2005
  8. bryanross

    metronid Guest

    I fully understand what you are saying
    The Hd is locked by the bios

    Because it is not recognizing the HD as a PB
    most unlikely

    Placing tattoo on the HD
    only needed if you have the OEM PB CD for install

    Low level format
    was not a good idea

    I have seen your concern many times and have managed to get
    an OS on the system

    I was willing to help with no strings attached

    I will just go back to Ebay
    Where sell my stuff and get paid

    Going on vacation starting tonight
    Good luck
    metronid, Sep 30, 2005
  9. bryanross

    Super B Guest

    Now it is I that doesn't understnd!

    Sorry for my curt post but I've had little sleep for the past few
    nights because of this problem. My girlfriend needs her laptop working
    for university and I've been frantic trying to get it working. Sorry.

    fDisk won't let me write partitions to the disk so I don't know how to
    get anything onto the PC:(

    It's doing my head in and my girlfriend is none too pleased :(
    Super B, Sep 30, 2005
  10. bryanross

    metronid Guest

    I need to know the following
    What are you using to run fdisk
    What is under #4 under Fdisk

    Is the bios seeing the HD and what are the all the numbers
    Have you gone to fujitjus web site for any disk utilities

    I am leaving for work now
    metronid, Sep 30, 2005
  11. bryanross

    Super B Guest

    You're both going to kill me! But it's okay because I've avoided death
    by girlfriend which I can assure you, is a fate worse than death! :)

    I'm such a noob! I had a look around the BIOS settings, getting details
    to post and I came across..

    "Unprotect boot area" - or something like that. I can't believe I never
    saw it before now. Guess what, fDisk partitioned no problem and I'm
    just trying to grab Ghost now to take an image of the fresh install.

    Thank you very much to both of you for your help because without it I
    don't know if I would have found the BIOS setting.

    Many, many thanks.
    Super B, Oct 2, 2005
  12. bryanross

    metronid Guest

    You are OK
    Just are at a point in your life where you are seeing the wrath of the
    It sometimes confuses men or most times it confounds us.

    It can cloud our thinking.
    As you mature with the wisdom that time provides

    You will learn how to listen to a woman and not hear a word she says.
    You will learn to answer yes dear to whatever the question or statement is
    to circumvent the inevtiable consequences.

    I have had much practice but still I am a novice.

    The sorry part is that while you may forget the whole situation.
    She will remeber this for year to come

    At your funeral she will say that you were a great partner in life except
    the time he fixed my computer.

    They say Elephants have great memories.
    This may be a true statement

    Let me tell you Elephants have a lot to learn from women
    metronid, Oct 3, 2005
  13. bryanross

    Elector Guest

    and let's not forget they have "other" ways of getting their point
    I know mine likes to say that I have time to fool around with her, but
    never to do anything she wants. ha ha

    Elector, Oct 4, 2005
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