! I KNEW they existed !!!!

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Robert E. Watts, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Hi Gang !

    Finally got ahold ( well, I don't actually have it here yet ) of a 486
    Packard Bell in the "designer" Art Deco tower case I have been looking for
    for many years.


    Which means the Pentium 60/66MHz version I have been looking for *should*
    also exist, just like I remember seeing them for sale new in various stores.
    I was beginning to doubt that I had really seen them, but now I'm sure I was

    Still offering a reward for a Pentium 60/66MHz Socket 4 version.

    Home of one of the Worlds Most Awesome Packard Bell collections.
    Robert E. Watts, Jul 3, 2009
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  2. Hi "philo" !

    Ah, it seems we have a "difference" in terminology.

    I have always referred ( and I thought others did also ) to the case in the
    eBay auction as the "Art Deco" style of case. The one you are referring to
    as the plain rectangular case.

    I'm wondering if you are referring to the "designer" case as the "Art Deco"
    case ? The one with the "extensions" on the bottom of the case ?

    I was going to add a link to Rays Packard Bell site, but it's either
    temporarily unavailable, or gone. I *think* he used the same terms I do.

    Maybe it will start working:

    In any event, I finally found a "modern" Packard Bell case with 486. Still
    looking for the Socket 4 P60/66MHz version. Now I'm sure they exist.


    Watts Carburetion Service
    WhizzBang Computers
    " collector of Asian transfat plastic trinkets ! "
    Robert E. Watts, Jul 4, 2009
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  3. Robert E. Watts

    Ben Myers Guest

    Actually, Windows 95B and 95C both had USB support, and any computer
    with more than half-baked USB hardware usually would have pretty
    functional USB devices. Some of the really early systems with USB were
    the later Pentium ones, mostly Socket 7, as I recall, and probably with
    the Intel VX or HX chipset... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jul 5, 2009
  4. Robert E. Watts

    ss454_ Guest

    Hi Bob !!

    Congrats on the great find!!!!!! OK......... From one
    collector to another,........... Don't forget, you will need to get a
    PB Synera or Spectria All in One to complete the collection. Will
    that complete it ?? Happy hunting.

    : )

    ss454_, Jul 6, 2009
  5. Hi Bill !

    When the 486 PB arrived at work today ( I have stuff shipped there
    sometimes ), I was discussing your and my collection with someone ( who's
    eyes were glazing over with dis-interest ), and I mentioned that you have
    the Spectria All-in-One, and my "collection" won't be complete without it.

    That and the elusive Pentium 60/66Mhz tower......... sigh.

    Amazingly enough, just today at work, a package was waiting for me from an
    old customer. Inside was a 3X3 Packard Bell 486 machine in perfect
    condition, complete with all original software, (Win 95 !!!! ) books, sales
    receipt, and what can only be described as a "window sticker" describing the
    contents of the computer !!!!!!!!!!

    Christmas in July !

    Can't wait to load Navigator........

    I'll probably use the software I got today on the 486 tower. WooHoo.

    Robert E. Watts, Jul 7, 2009
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