i need some help on how to update my motherboard

Discussion in 'Dell' started by jordanllgg45, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Hi there. I would like to know on how to update my motherboard but not replace it so that I can change my ACPI Uniprocessor to ACPI Multiprocessor or even MPS Multiprocessor. So I went into my Device Manager and I then I went into my controllers section. Now here I have different drivers to choose from. I have 2 Intel Drivers that look the same. Then I have a Primary IDE Channel and a Secondary IDE channel. Now I have no idea what these things mean. Do you have any idea on what they mean? I mean you should really know on what I should do here. Do I double click on my Intel controllers and then what do I do next after this? I tried to update it, and there were some different motherboards here to choose from. One is a standard dual controller. Should I install this driver or not? Because maybe this motherboard driver will probably make my motherboard much better and then I bet I can choose more different processors when I double click on my Pentium 4 processor in my Device manager. What I am thinking is that some other processors will show up here because I have upgraded my driver for my motherboard. So that would be cool. But right now currently, I cannot choose from many processors when I click on Update Driver. It says here that I have a Pentium 3 processor. But I do not think that I should not upgrade to a Pentium 3 processor, but that probably won't be very good performance because that is an older processor. But the bottom line is that I really want to upgrade my motherboard to a different driver without having to replace it. And I know that I can do that. I mean computers are just incredible. Aren't they? And my computer is a Dell Dimension 4600 with Pentium 4 with a Dell motherboard. But I have no idea on what model motherboard I have! Do you know where I look for this? But all I am saying to you is that I know that theres is a way to change the motherboard driver and that is so cool. So give me a simple way on how to do this for me, step-by-step so I do not get confused about this. But I do not want to mess up my computer at all. So you should really know about this stuff more then I know. Well anyway, so please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know on how to really do this so that it works and so that it even has never and better processors to choose from like the Xeon, I7, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, etc. Just all these great processors. So let me know much more about this stuff and explain on how I do this process, or just give a simple, easy guide or tutorial with screenshots so I know on how to do this. So once again, thank you very much! :( :confused: :)
    jordanllgg45, Sep 1, 2010
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