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I-pen (a mouse pen): useful on Tablet section of Premium Vista?Compare to Digitizerresults

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Joe di Piazza, May 25, 2007.

  1. Heresy abrewing?
    Answer just some is fine -- by putting answer after the number or by opening
    a line.
    1. But i-Pen, which can be used on non-Tablets to create handwritten email,
    annotated webpages, & 9?% successful HWR: how well will it do on the Tablet
    section of Premium Vista on non-Tablet notebooks?
    i-Pen and other mouse-pens must be usable there because I have used my mouse
    alone to do some crude all-caps writing.
    2. A pen mouse, which is just guiding a cursor at 800-1000 dpi, would allow
    good cursive writing, yes?
    3. Any reason it cannot be used, even tho www.zyonshop.com mentions XP, not
    Vista, for system requirements.
    4. A question arises: how many dpi does the electronic digitizer on a
    special screen yield?
    5. How much difference does this make in successful HWR, or is dpi not the
    sufficient condition for greater success; for the strength of the algorithms
    are a necessary condition, too?
    6. In other words, a mouse pen with 800-1000 dpi with better HWR algorithms
    than the Tablet digitizer algorithms might success just as well or better or
    closs to the latter or "good enough".

    7. Would there be a conflict as to whose HWR algorithms -- Microsoft's or
    the mouse-pen's -- is to be used?
    8.If so, how is this contention settled?8. If Ms's algorithms are given the
    nod and are superior, why would not the results be the same, even if the
    screen is not the digitizer screen nor the touch screen but a plastic/glass
    9. But the 800-1000 dpi would be a limitation?
    10. But how much?
    11.Does the Digitizer yield 10,000 dpi?

    I could use the i-pen or another (100 dpi) nouse pen on a great machine
    buyable at Walmart's now at $895 [another heresy]: 12.Toshiba A105 S4547
    Intel Duo Core (how many UMPCs have duo core now or Tablets?) , 5.4 Trubrite
    (12. good in sunlight?), 1024 mb ram (?), 160 Gb storage, 6 lbs, RW CD&DVD,
    Windows Home Premiun (13.ok?).

    What say ye?
    Joe seeking a deal but decent quality too.

    14. Why would MS put Tablet OS features on a regular notebook otherwise?
    Joe di Piazza, May 25, 2007
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