I really want to know on how to enable my hyperthreading and install my second Cpu

Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by jordanllgg45, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Hi there. I am having some trouble because I have like no idea on how to enable my hyperthreading or install my second cpu. But I already set my ACPI to Multiprocessor in my Device Manager, but that didn't help for me at all. And I only have 1 Cpu graph showing in my Task Manager right now. But what I really want is 2 Cpu graphs to show up in my task manager a lot! I also tried to edit my bootloader, but it didn't work for me at all. My computer is a Dell Dimension 4600 with a Pentium 4 processor. And the gigahertz speed of it is about 2.80. But my Pentium 4 processor is not that new. It is older. So what I am thinking is that it may not support hyperthreading. I actually looked up these Pentium 4 processors on the Intel site, and it said that the 3.06 Gigahertz Pentium 4 processors support hyperthreading technology. It said that right on the box of the processor. And then the 2.80 gigahertz Pentium 4 processor said that there was no hyperthreading technology support on this box. I bet because it is older than the 3.06 gigahertz one. Oh well. But I found out that there are 2 kinds of Pentium 4 processors which are 2.80 gigahertz. And one said it supports hyperthreading technology. And the other Pentium 4 said it did not have hyperthreading technology. But all I am saying is that I hope my computer has hyperthreading technology support. I think that it might have it for sure, but the problem is that I cannot seem to install the second Cpu or to enable my hyperthreading. And my bios is really old and outdated too! It says that my bios is like from 2004. And that's not good at all. And I do not even have a hyperthreading technology option in my bios to enable or disable it. Now that is really bad! I am so upset with this. But I looked up my computer online which was Dell Dimension 4600, and it said it came with hyperthreading technology support. So why can't I get the second Cpu graph to show up in my Task Manager for? Because I only have one 1 cpu graph. And I really want 2 cpu graphs! So please help me out here on this awful situation that I am in, and please guide me through this so that I can enable my hyperthreading and install my second cpu. Because I looked up my computer and it said that is has hyperthreading technology. So I am really sure that is correct. Well anyway, sorry for this long letter, but I am trying to make a point here on what I am saying so that you really understand what is going on here. Because I so upset frustrated about this. So what should I really put into mt bootloader? So just explain to me on what to put into my bootloader so that I can finally see 2 Cpu graphs in my Task Manager. Then I will be much happier, that's for sure. So there you have it. And please write back to me as soon as you possibly can. So this way I will know on how to enable my hyperthrading and also have at least 2 Cpu graphs in my task manager showing up. So don't forget to get back to me as soon as possible. And I will be waiting for my response from you very soon! :mad::(:confused:
    jordanllgg45, Nov 7, 2010
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