I want a full-feature full-size ATX H67 MBO

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bill Anderson, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. With lots of slots.

    Any ideas? Everything I've found is itsy bitsy mini-micro.

    Currently I'm running an Asus P5Q Turbo with an Intel Quad 2400 MHz
    processor and four gigabytes of DDR2 SDRAM. Video is ATI Radeon HD 2600
    XT. I have one 1-terabyte SATA drive and three 1.5-terabyte drives
    attached to the board.

    I don't play cutting-edge games and I don't overclock. Never have --
    probably never will.

    What I do is process video. Lots of video -- much of it HD/Blu-Ray

    I had been having lots of problems with one particular new piece of
    software over the past few weeks until I discovered I needed to turn OFF
    its attempts to do hardware H.264 processing. It's now succeeding at
    software H.264 processing -- yay.

    But the application is taking hours to process big high def video files
    and when it runs it maxes out all four cores of my quad processor.
    We're talking 95% to 100% of all four cores -- simultaneously -- for two
    or more hours. And the core temps were pushing 80c until I carefully
    cleaned my Zalman processor fan and installed an additional case fan.
    Now temps are just under 70c when processing is underway.

    So I've been doing a bit of Googling and I've discovered that H67
    motherboards should cut down considerably on the amount of time it takes
    to process H.264 files. And who knows, maybe a new i7 processor will
    run cooler?

    Whatever, I think I want an H67 motherboard. But I want something
    better than anything I've found for sale at Newegg or any other online
    vendor. Everything I see is too small. Apparently the motherboard
    manufacturers think that anybody interested in H67 must have no interest
    in mega-desktops. I want to run a BIG computer.

    A few weeks ago I checked this newsgroup and saw that Paul (he doesn't
    know it but he's my hero) recommended to someone else that he wait until
    June of this year for new motherboards that would support H67 and P67 --
    both in one, allowing for the H67 "gimmick" on motherboards that can be

    But I don't overclock. Is there anything out there now that will give
    me H.264 hardware processing capability on a motherboard with lots of
    ATX slots and other bells and whistles?

    Thanks all.
    Bill Anderson, Apr 4, 2011
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  2. Bill Anderson

    Paul Guest

    Back before the "Sandy Bridge Meltdown", Gigabyte had a full sized board.
    This is the B3 version of that one.



    It has the usual issues with slot placement, so you won't get to
    use all the slots. And one reviewer notes that the heatsink on the
    MOSFETs, got in the way of the power connector. Hope that one is
    sorted by now.


    For video processing, alternatives include GPGPU computing, and one
    person was using a Cell Processor board of some sort. So there are
    other solutions besides software. But the obscurity of those solutions,
    and what programs can use them, is what limits those approaches. You
    stand a better chance, if you use a bunch of different editors, that
    your main processor will always be available for rendering.

    "Leadtek SpursEngine"

    And this article shows how multiple accelerators can be combined. It's
    unfortunate that the processor used for this bench, was so pathetic.
    If it was a 2600K, the balance here would be quite different. So this
    test was "engineered" for marketing purposes.


    Paul, Apr 4, 2011
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  3. Bill Anderson

    Paul Guest

    This is another SpursEngine card. I expect this is an attempt at humor,
    as the card is bigger than your computer case :) It almost appears you'd
    have to leave the side off your computer case.


    "the HPCC1111 is expected to cost US $1,175"


    I wonder if you can even find a benchmark for a thing like that ?

    Paul, Apr 4, 2011
  4. Bill Anderson

    daytripper Guest

    Got bucks?

    Plenty of x58 boards with full complement of fast IO devices plus lots of
    slots out there, stick a Gulftown Extreme and a honkin' CUDA enabled graphics
    card (eg: 5970) on one, add a striped pair of SATA 6Gb SSD drives, should be
    able to bury your rendering issues with your bank account ;-)

    daytripper, Apr 5, 2011
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